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Wino's Way to Rehab -- Mo', Mo', Mo'

7/9/2008 6:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse took twelve steps -- all the way to her local pub for a little recovery.

Always keep a bottle near, right, Wino?


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She is uggly but in this picture looks "nice":)

2263 days ago

Lenn K.    

Lungs are in bad shape, drinking like a fish, only 20 something and probably still doing crack. The deathpool is in a countdown mode.

2263 days ago

it takes a molester    

What color is she..............................well there you go!

2263 days ago

Dawn Day    

She's a female Keith Richards in the making.

2263 days ago


Poor thing, she really needs help.

2263 days ago

who cares    

shes on the mega death watch list

2263 days ago


I see we have a "Dallas" imposter.....................I am flattered!

2263 days ago


Oh brother, I agree with Lenn K. Can't anyone in her family get her committed?

Dallas, don't be flattered, it can get out of hand, ask Lenn K. Hi guys!

2263 days ago

joe the dic giver    

don't worry everyone, she will be dead soon so we won't have to see any more crap about her. just like, oh what was her name??? oh thats right, Anna Nicole Smith. yeah, remember how she was on here every freaking day? now you never hear anything about her thank god!

2263 days ago


The rate she's going, she's lucky if she lives to 30

2263 days ago


Some people are such a waste of life, and the world would be a better place if this woman just vanished.

2263 days ago

Michelle in Clwtr    

Shame on the people that serve her

2263 days ago

pop eye    

This chick just doesn't get it. But most addicts don't until it is to late. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis at the age of only 32, from my alcohol and drug intake, and was lucky to get a liver transplant. And I wasn't a slum-bum. I was an upper middle class professional woman who kept my extraordinarily heavy boozing and drug use private. People seem to think that severe, life threatening complications from using drugs and alcohol can only creep up on you in later years. Not true. Alcohol is, by far, the worst drug out there. It is the one and only drug that's withdrawals will kill you. And they do a lot more often than you think. I have a close friend how works in the coroners office. She says they have so many people who die of alcohol withdrawal, it is absolutely astounding. Heart attacks, seizures, etc. You just don't know it because their family doesn't like to list that as a cause of death in the obits. Ever wonder how that seeming healthy guy of 42 all of a sudden died? Guess. Ever want to know how that 30 year old perfectly looking healthy woman died? Guess. Get over it Amy, you will not live much longer unless you completely put it all down, including cigarettes. Trust.

2263 days ago


At least she's not hitting anyone..

Actually, she looks like she works there.

2263 days ago


Amy wants to die, it's that simple. Too much fame, too soon, too fast. She's way over her head with all the paps, etc. What's really curious is the lack of urgency to get help for her from her family. They are all so polite about it all, so very British. Weird.
She won't make it to Christmas.

2263 days ago
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