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A-Rod -- Smitten Slugger Calls Madge "Soulmate"

7/10/2008 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So now Alex Rodriguez is "in love" with Madonna – or so he told a friend six whole months ago.

Us reports that A-Rod was texting someone at dinner, and "kept smiling, acting as if he was a little kid," says a friend. And then, the bombshell: "He told me it was Madonna. I was shocked." And not just that –- soon after, he was saying, "She's my f***ing soulmate, dude."

Meanwhile, Cynthia Rodriguez tells the New York Post that she's still in love with Alex but that the marriage is over.

Angie Hospital Gets Pap-Proofed

That shot you think you're seeing of Angelina Jolie preparing to pop out the twins? C'est faux!

That's because the hospital in Nice where Angie is staying has coated the windows of her room with "special insulating material" that the cameras can't see through – or so they say. "It is impossible to see into Mr. Brad Pitt and Mrs. Angelina Jolie's room," says a rep (yes, it sounds better in French.)

Any pics you're seeing are "either posed fakes" or other patients.

Tony -- Bigger Whipping Boy than Tom?

Tony Romo is doing something even more PW'd than serenading Jess Simpson with "Don't Stop Believing" or carrying her bags -– he's listening to her songs.

Romo was asked by People what his three top iPod picks were at a golf tourney yesterday, and after mentioning Journey and "Sweet Child of Mine," he blushed, smiled, and admitted: "Something by Jessica Simpson." Of course, he didn't know the name of a song.

No word on whether Tony will be needing a cup this coming season.

Party Favors: Houston Will Officially Be the Center of the Universe ... Ethan Bags the Nanny, For Reals ... Courteney Cox Scrubs In After "Dirt"

The universe may implode from the collective power drain from electric blow dryers going nuts on August 29, when Rock the Bayou arrives in Houston: Bret Michaels, Sammy Hagar. ... Ethan Hawke has married the nanny who used to work for him and Uma Thurman, Ryan Shawhughes, after getting her knocked up, reports People. ... EW reports that Courteney Cox will be joining the cast of "Scrubs" for a three-ep arc. She will play the new Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart.


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Hey, TMZ, I recognize that pic of Angie & Brad from Cannes when they had dinner with Brian Grazer & others. You know, when Angelina wore a strapless Nicole Miller cathedral print number? People who don't know probably think that's Angelina & Brad photographed through the hospital window. Too few people know that media, especially media like you, choose any photo they want as long as it jibes with the media's agenda.

Mmm, who should I believe - the doctors & hospital spokesperson or TMZ? TMZ, of course - NOT. France h as very strict privacy laws - even more so about medical matters. The doctor faces firing if he gave out information like the time of birth. Unless he had the Jolie-Pitts' permission - and why would they do that? That's contrary to all their actions of refusing to confirm Angelina's pregnancy until the Independent Spirit Awards & refusing to confirm the twins until Jack Black spilled the beans. So now, they'll give us the date? (BTW, it was Dustin Hoffman who said Angie was due August 19 - Brad & Angie never said a thing.)

2299 days ago


Say, how many of us have donated over $5,150,000 to New Orleans? How many of us volunteered to demolish & build houses on our own dime with Project Make It Right, Global Action, Habitat for Humanity, Oprah & olthers? How many of us have clout & used it to again shine a light on New Orleans' forgotten Katrina survivors? How many of us have helped the children of Katrina? How many of us vacationed in New Orleans to help its economy recover? How many of us bought a house there & paid taxes?

We're not rich but we're not poor. My husband & I donated $1000 right after Katrina and $2000 more through Project Make It Right. We vacationed there last year (best ever!) and will vacation there for the next eight years - we're too old to help buid houses.

I think the people who raise questions about the Jolie-Pitts' commitment to New Orleans should first show that *they* have helped.

As for why they chose France as birthplace for their twins, I don't know.; But I bet it has to do with France's strict privacy laws that keep the paparazzzi in check, the strict medical privacy laws that discourage employees from betraying their Hippocratic oath for money - like Britney's & others' cases, the proximity to Cannes where they worked in May (?), having friends in the neighborhood like Bono, The Edge & De Niro, etc.

The New Orleanians are cool & give the Jolie-Pitt family a chance to somewhat live "normally." But it would be total chaos if the paparazzi descended like a plague of locusts there to cover the birth.

2298 days ago


Doubt that Madonna is causing A Rod's marriage problems, this couple was going downhill for a while, I don't understand why his wife would have another baby when things were not so great.Cynthia is very attractive and seems to be a good mom, she will have no trouble moving on with her looks.
Madonna is still hot, she is interesting and a brilliant businesswoman.

2298 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Ahh! I KNEW I had seen that picture of Brad and Angelina before! I thought it was a still from Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the beginning, when they are in Bogota, the next morning and Brad is by the window and they are drinking coffee...but it was definitely a picture I knew I'd seen of them somewhere ELSE and not in the hospital! I wasn't saying I BELIEVED that was really them in the hospital room...I was telling TMZ and as a Jolie-Pitt fan, even I do not want to see fotos of them in the hospital or of her delivering the twins. As a fan of theirs, I want them to have this privacy for a special moment in their lives. When they are settled and ready, they will make the fotos available and I can wait for that. That is what I was saying.

2298 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Okay everyone, I want to start a revolution...go to the story "John's got a host of a problem" and read my posts #21 and #23 and join me...please...let's take contol of TMZ!!!

2298 days ago
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