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Audrina's $10,000 Pyramids?!

7/10/2008 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not only has Audrina Patridge become incredibly famous for doing nothing, now "The Hills" star is charging $5,000 an hour to do nothing ... and getting it!!
Audrina Patridge: Click to view has unearthed a contract that shows Audrina will make $10k for two hours worth of "work" at a nightclub in San Diego -- and by "work" we mean she has to show up and stand there.

The contract also demands that Audrina gets, "a secure VIP area with complimentary beer, mixed drinks and bottle service (two bottles) and at least one security guard at all times." There's more in the contract -- just read it.


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she should take the money. its not her fault. its the people that are paying her. they are the stupid ones. also, the people who will actually go there to see her.... oh it must be such a cool place if she's there. I think I'll go just to see her.. maybe I can become fake friends with her and get a boob job, & a reality t.v. show. that will mean that i made it. i must be talented if someone is willing to pay me money to stand at a bar & pretend to have a good time. where's Britney? oh how i miss the real drama :)

2262 days ago


Who would even know who she is? Really?

2262 days ago


This is one of the uglier sides of the neo gilded age--a few idiots get richer for doing nothing and we get poorer consensually. I know that I'll pay to drink with Lauren Conrad and that Jenner kid. Hell! I'll pay top dollar for Kate Hudson's eco-friendly hair care products. She's such brilliant chemist, that girl. Mama must be so proud. I might think twice about a Dana Lohan nuclear reactor, but 'til then if it's got a name I'll buy it !!!!!!!!!!!

2262 days ago


It's celebrity news sites & corporations such as yours that continue to make these worthless people famous. You would die to be the first to leak Audrina's nude photos, then want to continue reporting on her (almost) daily & sicking your photogs on her wherever she may be spotted, then you want to turn around and dog her for being famous for doing absolutely nothing. Hello???? I love your site when it comes to reading about "real" stars and/or famous peole...but I could care less about Audrina, Heidi & Spencer or Kim Kardashian's nasty fat ass. And I think you guys spend waaaaaay too much airing nothing but T & A.....why don't you spend more time focusing on REAL celebrities doing "REAL" things which is what you originally sold yourselves to the public as've obviously spent way too much time interviewing Joe Francis because all you have to do is go to the homepage and it looks like an immediate shot out of "Girls Gone Wild".

2262 days ago


She sure hasn't aged much since the Partridge family was on TV. That Danny Bonnadouche fellow has aged

2262 days ago


So what if she gets that kind of money, who in their rignt mind would turn that down?

2262 days ago


No wonder these "celebs" feel that they are so special. Any club that would pay anyone to show up just means that 1) their club has to bait the hook in order for club-goers to come because even the club feels that they aren't that "special" without it; and 2) management is stupid enough to waste their money.

Now tell me, which one is dumber? The "celeb" who's smart enough to pocket the money, yet still believes that they are part of the elite, chosen ones or the club owners who are smart enough to use the "celebs'" 15 minutes of fame to boost their body count because their facility really has nothing else to offer?

2262 days ago


this skank is FUGLY, enough said

2262 days ago

i hate hollywood    

DUDE, THis chick makes me hate america, and im american.....just another talentless hollywood twit getting paid for her face..../sigh

2262 days ago


Stupid low life teenagers who do nothing but sit on their ass all day and watch MTV have made this worthless no good un- talented skank famous for doing what. NOTHING. Teenagers these days should get off their asses and get a job instead od sit at home and watch MTV all freakin day. What a sad world we live in. 5 years from now this Horse face skank will be working at In - Out Burger.

2262 days ago


I'd rather have a hot dog and a PBR anyday then have to stand anywhere near that talentless ugly excuse for an actress.

2262 days ago


Umm......pretty sweet deal, but did she finish high school?..........she has the handwriting of a 4th grader!

2262 days ago


I Luv the hills cast if they wanna pay her thousands of dollars to stand around and look cute then so be it.

2262 days ago


>>>>>>"So what if she gets that kind of money, who in their rignt mind would turn that down?"
Who in their RIGHT mind would PAY to party with this skank? That is scary.

2262 days ago


and, um, she is who, exactly?

2262 days ago
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