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Lynne Spears: From One Problem Child to the Next

7/10/2008 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking tan and unrested, Lynne Spears arrived at LAX after spending time in Kentwood with her unwed teen mother of a daughter Jamie Lynn.

The 53-year-old returned to L.A. to tend to her 26-year-old little bundle of conservatorship joy. At least her son Bryan hasn't gone off the deep end or gotten pregnant!


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omg Jamie Lynn wore that shirt on Zoey 101

2265 days ago

pattie in cali    

not a nice person, she needs to stay out of the sun, leather, thats what it reminds me of. mom of the year, wowwwwwww NOT!

2265 days ago


People who know Lynne don't like her, she's a conceited bitch and highly overrates herself. So it is true she doesn't have any friends. There are some who kiss her ass because she got rich and she may think they are here friends, but ... it's not happening.

2265 days ago


That's because Bryan isn't part of the Hollyweird scene. He lives in the real world. God bless him.

2265 days ago


If she is 53 and Britney is 26 - that means she was 17 when she had her first baby. Like mother like daughter.

Posted at 6:17PM on Jul 10th 2008 by BBB

Um you are here to degrade this family but can't do simple math, while your on summer break from elementary study up on that subject...(MATH)

2265 days ago


People kill me...her unwed you tell me what celebrity is married..uhhh...Angelina oh no...ummmm...halle...uh no! Well how about please dont knock one if you dont put
them all on blast! Brittany and Jaime are human.....i think it is Perez that is weird...ugly...and he sure needs to drink a fourty of slim fast! Was sup with Fashion police...his hair my GOD...I will pray for him!

2265 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

78. People who know Lynne don't like her, she's a conceited bitch and highly overrates herself. So it is true she doesn't have any friends. There are some who kiss her ass because she got rich and she may think they are here friends, but ... it's not happening.

Posted at 12:02PM on Jul 11th 2008 by KRC

Would you mind supplying some evidence to substantiate these accusations? Or do you just prefer to take the cowardly way out and anonymously sling trash behind someones back?

2265 days ago

neck slasher    

I've been reading these comments and really I don't understand how any of you actually truely believe that you can sit here insulting this women. First, you people have not made any intellgent comment out of the over 80 there are here. Second, insulting someone in a none constructive manner doesn't do anything but make you look like you have a personality defect yourself. Look, sure she has made mistakes. Hey, by the looks of it, she still is making mistakes just on the way she is treating her skin. It's a damn shame because she really should learn to love herself for what she is instead of playng a deadly game of melonoma roulette. Not only that, but she is passing down a horrible example for her children, grand children, but again, that is no reason to insult her so publically. She obviously has issues of her own and she needs to settle them within herself. People like her need all the support and compassion they can get, they don't need to be disrespected and left in that bitter hell that they now dwell in... Sure, she didn't properly educate her children and left Britney looking like a moron in that feirenheit 9/11 flick, but who knows maybe she really believes imperialist prejudice is a good thing. That aside, she made some major mistake and Jamie Lynn I believe has seen them and has been able to see how they have effected her older sister and so on. I think Jamie is a very mature girl because for staters she saw what happened to her sister when she was left in the world to defend herself with no understanding of the real world, sorry to say, thanks to mom and dad that quite literally are doing too little too late. I truely believe that Jamie will be a very amazing mother and that her loving and compassionate heart is the real reason lil' Brit is getting past all the crap she had to go through in order to be the women she was always meant to be and was at times. God, it's not like Brit is a dummy, she knows how to present herself, she just doesn't necessarily believe you people can see her is my guess. I'm sure inside she is laughing at how blind you people are. In a way it's very poetic that the youngest is leading the eldest whom maybe might even set the final example for old granny spears. In the end it was the parents that really needed growing up, that's my take on this whole drama. And brit is just so adorable, did I mention that yet?

2265 days ago

neck slasher    


I''m sure she's a really nice lady and I'm sure her ex husband is a great guy too. I bet they really do have those great parental moments and everything, honest. Well, that's when they're not chasing Brit's money around or whatever else it is she finds valuable that they might be able to get a piece of.

2265 days ago

Make It Right!!    

The Point about John has a Host of Problems WAS: It was a crusade to shake you people up here on TMZ and to really try to stir the pot between TMZ and John would have been great fun and we probably would have made the news...but'd all would just rather sit here and numbingly, mindlessly blog on and on about celebs on sites that NO ONE except the other posters will ever read...and for what? Nothing comes from it! So, you get to call some people names like "Tramp Stamp" and "Skankalina" but what does it truly accomplish in anyone lives...even your own? Sorry, I have always been a woman of action. I can't stand day in and day out just sitting here whining and bitching about all this when we could have actually DONE something to make an impact ON THEM FOR A CHANGE instead of them dictating to US what is and what isn't entertainment. And it was supposed to be for FUN! Dang...what is wrong with you people NOT WANTING TO HAvE SoME FUN AnD PUNK SOME OF THESE CELEBRITIES AnD parTICULARYLY TMZ??? Afraid they won't let you post anymore? Would that really be the end of the world? Well, maybe your utterly lame. No wonder TMZ is so successful...the world has just gotten to be even more dumb than the staff at TMZ. That's why they make the big dough and you don't. That's why they get to write the stories and headlines and you don't. I was suggesting a way to maybe change that but nope, you are all happy just being mindless sheep...pity. Some of you I really like...and you know who you are! :)

2265 days ago

Stop Blaming the Paps For Everything Brit Does    

39. If she is 53 and Britney is 26 - that means she was 17 when she had her first baby. Like mother like daughter.

Posted at 6:17PM on Jul 10th 2008 by BBB


Hey, BBB -- you're abacus is short a few beads. The difference between 26 and 53 is 27, not 17.

P.S. Bryan was her first child, not Britney.

2265 days ago



2264 days ago


Just let the family heal themselfs and butt out.

2263 days ago


All of us (me included) are not showing the world how great we are or what wonderful, perfect lives we have, not not even you who read and comment on this same trash as I and the others do, but most of us are not blind or we couldn't see the computer screen and keyboard, so we can all see that Lynne Spears is getting older and uglier every day day and that it is showing horrendously. I have never met Lynne Spears but I have seen her in person around Kentwood because my family lives close by. She is thought by people who live there to be conceited and she is not well liked. That's just the way it is. Maybe those who have met her are misjudging her and underneath she is a nice person. But she doesn't give that impression. And to paraphrase an old story oncre told about Eleanor Roosevelt, we may be stupid and have boring lives to be sitting here reading and writing this stuff, but we can change if we want to try hard enough, and well, Lynne Spears is will always be damned ugly because she's too far gone for plastic surgery to help much.

2263 days ago


#81 -- Whatever trash is slung here, is not slung behind anybody's back. This is a very public place to sling trash. And I am sure a lot of us would not mind using our real names to bash Lynne Spears (who is very ugly) or anyone else, except that we would run the risk of sick minded perverts starting to stalk us and perhaps even harm us. I don't notice you used a real name either. Is that cowardice or like the rest of us, just protecting ourselves from sickos? Or, are you one of the sickos? Regardless, we're all here together bashing other folks and like I said, it's very public.

2263 days ago
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