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Hollywood DUI Suspect Charged With Felony

7/11/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather AugerThe woman who allegedly hit someone outside STK restaurant in West Hollywood has been charged with felony hit and run.

The L.A. County D.A. has charged Heather Auger with leaving the scene of an accident, DUI causing injury and driving with a .08 blood-alcohol level causing injury. All three are felonies.

The woman she allegedly hit - Lucy Crawford - a make-up artist in her mid 20's who's worked with Heath Ledger, Winona Ryder and Pam Anderson -- is still really messed up.


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wayne adam ford    

do you like
serial killers ?

2297 days ago



2297 days ago


What the F*ck? Why in the world would anyone have ANY symapthy for the drunkard that plowed her car into a pedestrian? You guys are lame! YES her life is screwd up. That is what happens when you CHOSE to drink and then drive a car. She sucks Didn't Mc Steamy's wife kill a kid and get nothing? Why do you have to be white and famous to get off? Stupid is as stupid does.

2297 days ago


Problems are peer pressure to "get wasted" all the way into middle age, and LA isn't an eastern city with cabs, buses, etc easily available. Also, LA people don't want to admit they cant drive.

2297 days ago


Hey TMZ,
If you would focus your cameras on something other than raunchy Celeb's, maybe more of Californias Hit & Run drivers would get caught...

2297 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I remember driving drunk 2 or 3 times in my early twenties, but by the grace of God, or by sheer dumb luck, I never got caught or was in any type of accident.

Of course, this was only a few times and had I driven drunk habitually, something surely would have happened. I think my experience is common for someone in their twenties, but unless you're an alcoholic or addicted to drugs, most people grow up and realize that driving impaired is a very stupid thing to do.

I don't know if Heather Auger had the incredible bad luck to hit someone the very first time she drove impaired, or she's just a moron who never gave it any thought at all. Even if she doesn't get any jail time, she'll be deeply hurt financially, and since it was all over the internet, her reputation is ruined for life.

I hope the victim, Natalie Crawford, makes a full recovery.

2297 days ago

Barbara Ann    

Well open mouth...insert the staff at TMZ I apologize for the final post I had written wherein I doubted the authenticity of the footage viewed on this hit and run.

When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong...Kudos to all and I hope the victim returns to 100% full health quickly.

2296 days ago


If you go out and are driving, you shoudln't drink AT ALL. What if she was .7 or .6?? It is a fine line for technacalities. You are still impaired either way. .8 is the borderline number. It is .10 in Deleware and Colorado. So she would have not been drunk if it happened there.
Again. my point is not to justify, but to show that it is a fine line with these numbers and if you decide to have one or two drinks at a party or restaurant, get someone else to drive.

2296 days ago


Are you kidding me? The punk that stopped her claims it was his girlfriend that was hit and the whole time he is down the road talking smack with the driver! Then he says its ok let me give you a hug as his girl is still laying in the road. What a LOSER White Trash Punk

2296 days ago

let's be real    

who has sympathy for this girl???

are you guys not realizing that if the paps weren't there to go after this trash bag, it's very possible that she would not have even been caught. She fully intended to just keep going like nothing had happened.

not only that, but she didn't just nick the girl, she crushed the woman's pelvis and she is still not okay.

come on now be real for a second.

2296 days ago

let's be real    

people, the point really isn't that she was driving drunk.


what did she think she ran over? a cow? a 5 foot speed bump?

was the victim already laid in the street when she drove past? I don't think so.

this Heather girl's alc level was high, but she wasn't stumble around black out drunk.

she knew that whatever she did, she was too intoxicated to avoid consequences and tried to keep going to save her own ass.

the girl is a criminal and you are all lucky it wasn't YOU standing in the way of her car.

2296 days ago


In the court docs it said the victim's name is Natalie Crawford, not Lucy. Regarless, this piece of S%&* heather needs to go to jail! a broken pelvis is terrible! Hopefully they throw the book at Heather.

2296 days ago


Simply put, she needs to deal with her decision to drink & drive, suck it up and do what she needs to do like every other person. The thing that really gets me is these celebs have money to spare and can hire a driver even for the night so why don’t they? Why do they risk everything for a drunken euphoria and hurt others and themselves? Shoot if I had that $$ I would hire a driver and drink more.... get home safe & sound or at least make that effort in advance. Apparently having money doesn’t necessarily include having brains.
I see some people say leave her alone, why? Why should we not express how we feel when this person hit & ran, injured some one, thank god she didn’t kill this woman. I think when you say such things you might think if that were some one you loved or y ourself under her car you would certainly feel differently. We are all accountable. PLUS you know youd be crying right to the closest attorneys office and suing the wallet out her back pocket!!

2296 days ago


TMZ, the court papers say the driver was under the influence of alcohol and "A DRUG". Do you know what drug she was taking??

2296 days ago


Barbara I suggest you learn what a 'hit and run' is. Drunky was stopped a block away from the scene of the impact by the victim's boyfriend. Drunky had NO idea why boyfriend was so angry and yelling at her to get out of the car. Drunky denied hitting anyone and even when damage to her car was noted, continued to deny any involvement, going so far as to claim if she had hit someone, she most certainly would have stopped. What Drunky did, was classic hit and run, but fortunately, she was unable to run very far because of the witnesses who stopped her. Believe me, had she managed to get away, she would have kept on going. By the time the police had caught up with her, she would DENY DENY DENY. Also she would have sobered up and there would be no evidence of exactly how intoxicated she was.

I don't feel sorry for Drunky. She was drinking, driving and HAD DRUGS IN HER SYSTEM. How many more moronic things does she need to do before you drunky sympathizers take notice that this is a person who CHOSE to put herself and the public at risk. She wasn't born yesterday. She not only knew the law (don't you have to answer that question on the driver's test that asks what level of inebriation is considered intoxicated?) and most importantly, for ALL of her life, she has been lectured through school and the media about the murderous dangers of drinking, drugging and driving. She chose to IGNORE all that sound advise and learning. She decided to take the chance that she wouldn't be pulled over, that she would hurt or kill herself and that she wouldn't hurt or kill anyone else. It was a risky chance and she lost. And you know who else lost? The poor woman who was MOWED down without warning and LEFT in the street to die, while Drunky sped off on her merry way, completely oblivious to the carnage in her wake. Oh yeah, now that's a very sympathetic picture. We should leave poor Drunky alone, after all the woman she MOWED down didn't die, but that was because of the concern of helpful members of society who aided her and made sure she received medical treatment.

2296 days ago
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