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Jurors to Dane Cook: You're S**t Outta Luck

7/11/2008 8:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dane Cook is on the market for a place to live ... a place that allows dogs that crap all over the place.
Dane Cook
The verdict is in -- Bev Hills jurors have ruled Dane's beast, Beast, did indeed crap all over the place and his landlord can now officially evict him.

Jurors ruled the dog did the deed, and it constituted a nuisance.

And how's this: Cook, who was there for the whole four day trial, did not show up for the reading of the verdict. He must have read the s**t on the wall. The jury split 11-1, against Dane.


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Does it stike anyone else as odd that he's named after a breed of dog, his dog has got him evicted, and his movie roles are lower than a dog's belly?

2296 days ago


In response to Karenthedouchebag's comment, you basically say that anyone who is a Dane fan is an idiot. Funny, considering you made reference to one of his jokes ( turning around in his driveway). I am a huge Dane fan and show me someone who cleans up after their dog every single time. SuFi!!!!!

2296 days ago

Juror #1    

I was on the jury as juror #1 and after very heated and emotional deliberations, we found Dane Cook violated not only the West Hollywood Law for nuisance but the State law for nuisance as well. Credible witnesses testified that they seen Dane's dog, Beast take poops while not being supervised. Beast was also VIDEO TAPED pooping while unsupervised. When Dane was sitting on the witness stand and asked where was he at during that time of Beast pooping on the video tape. He said that he was out of town and that his girlfriend was watching Beast. Dane was ask if he always picked up after Beast. Dane pause for a second then answered yes. So then we had Dane's word against few witnesees and a video tape. Dane even had a neighbor testify in his defense. Regardless, No one believed Dane when he said that he always picked up after Beast. And most jurors said that it was still Dane's responsibility for Beast while he was in his girlfriends supervision. It didn't look good for Dane but several jurors including myself argued against the evidense, looking for any minor technicallity that would make the majority see the case differently. Differently in favor of Dane... The deliberations became very heated. You had juror saying Dane should be thrown out on his ass... You had jurors saying that eviction was too harsh... That's when it was decided to write a few notes to the judge for some clarification on the West Hollywood nuisance law and state nuisance law. To make a long story short. We found that Dane at least one time didn't pick up after Beast and that's basically all it takes to be considered a nuisance under West Hollywood law and based on the policy of The La Fontaine apts whom pursuded the case, a tenant is being a nuisance can be servered a 3 day notice to quit. So this is what put Dane out....

2294 days ago


First of all, if you all don't like him so much then why are you spending your time talking about him? Second, Dane has worked very hard to get where he is at right now which is hardly anything I am sure any of you haters out there have accomplished. Third, Do you even know what PETA is about? Since when does not picking up your dogs poop from OUTSIDE considered animal cruelty?

2278 days ago
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