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Amy Winehouse: It's All Rehab's Fault!

7/12/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another video has surfaced that British tab, The Sun has obtained, which shows Amy Winehouse allegedly snorting a substance in a DJ booth.

Crazy is as crazy does.


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Oh sweet jesus, why do they let her leave the house? Mr. Winehouse needs to talk to Britney's daddy and see about that whole conservatorship deal. And whatever medication Britney is taking now, Amy Winehouse needs some of that. Seriously, this girl is going to die before she is 30. There is a casket out there with her name on it if somebody doesn't help her.

2292 days ago

Black Teef    

"Like watching a terd drying in the sun"...I'm definitely putting that in my verbal quiver of arrows!

2292 days ago

The Great Kate    

She's not snorting anything. She's talking to that guy.

2292 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Amy Winehouse will outlive us all. Not only that, but they will probably put up a
bronze statue of her where she was born.
If I were her, I would invest in one of those devices that is supposedly able to detect cameras. She
always seems to get caught on video tape doing questionable things. Maybe it is part of her "image".

2292 days ago


is it news when your not suprised by the actions of a dirty fishy skanky sucked up crackball NO!

2292 days ago

pam m.    

I agree with a couple of ppl before me, the pic looks like she is bent over talking to the male, now i did see the pic with her with that darn coke stuck in her lt. side nose lol, but yea its wrong in th pubic eye, but has any one else notice how the Brits are so different withtheir celebs? amy sick in hospital,dad tells media the whole truth nothing but the truth, now if it was an american celeb. their REP. would slide past the story so far, i'm just saying.......go amy, i'm pulling for you, i don't want to hear of your death. plz stop hurting your self and realize what you have......

2292 days ago

captain obvious    

19. She's not snorting anything. She's talking to that guy.

Posted at 11:29PM on Jul 12th 2008 by KatieKatieBoBatie
Oh Sure! And I suppose that's just headache powder, right?
She's hopeless!!

2292 days ago


why are white junkie celebrities made to be so damn glamourous when they are just as disgusting as black junkie celebrities.. ??. this young woman is dead already its all a matter of time.. am fed up of reading about her nonsense and seeing her ugly skank ass on screen..yes, she is a prodigious talent but no.. the media should leave her to die slowly as she is killing herself and when her ugly junkie husband comes out here will do one of two things..: he will leave her skank junkie ass and move on if she cant kick her nasty habit, or he will join her and they will be the sid and nancy of the 21st century..there are a lot of deserving talented people out there who need the breaks... give this sad sack the sack and move on ....

2291 days ago


she is a liar, she is making a scene choosing cd y it's fake she only need a place to snort and a friend give her his body to do it.........very sad

2291 days ago

Bill Cosby    

Well there definitely some snorting happening in that vid. It's just hard to say if any was done by Wino. Looks like the male certainly did it. I'm pretty sure. Harder to tell with Amy. Doesn't look like she was able to bend down to a surface to snort the product. Also, did you see all the flashes going off? Why would someone famous do drugs when they know there are a million cameras going off around them?

2291 days ago


She mumbles her way through a cd she she smokes like a chimmney does drugs like a crack addict on the street and still she breathes....amazing...tick tock Amy your snorting time up your nose.

2291 days ago

no name    

I don't see it. I think it just looks like she's talking to the DJ about a CD. Why must we all assume the worst?

2291 days ago


Amy Winehouse is a waste of space, who should crawl back under her rock ( if she hasn't smoked it) and take all her druggie friends with her.

2291 days ago

Me Me Me    

To peolpe like "Julie" & "Captain Obvious" - You're extraordinarily ignorant and clueless.

2291 days ago
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