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Brolin Busted

Shreveport Happens

7/12/2008 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actors Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright and five other crew members of the Oliver Stone directed film, "W." were popped by cops outside Stray Cats bar earlier this morning in Shreveport, LA.

Apparently a crew member of the movie was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. That's when police say Brolin, Wright and the others interfered. According to the Shreveport Times, the actors allegedly put up such a fuss that the police at the nightclub had to call for backup.

Brolin and Wright were both arrested during the melee.

Calls to their reps have not been returned.


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They should have gone to New Orleans instead

2301 days ago


TIGER, you are no better than the ones you talk about! I hope you don't have some horrible disaster strike you or your loved ones for such cruel statements! God Bless You!

2301 days ago


He's hot. Cops, in general, suck. "Serve and Protect"? Yeah, right....

2301 days ago

deja' vu all over again!    

oaky here we go again, TNZ.

more pandering to the mental midgets who automatically give a free pass to the cops and assume all celebs are guilty. Have any of you ever been to Shreveport? It's officially known as the armpit of Louisiana. Located on the Gulf Coast, it' extreme poverty and stagnant fishing industry led it to sell out to casino developers to save itself from abject poverty, but now you just have white trash with money mixed in with white trash who are even more broke. The cops are the epitomy of southern-justice corrupt with a collective IQ of 10. Like Jas if a pacifist like James Brolan and a bunch of actors are such menacing thugs that "back up' was actually needed. C'mon! Think this through a bit people. These coppers have just over-reacted and crapped on a golden goose that puts money into their sorry-ass economy - ie. a movie- instead of just sucking people dry like the casinos. These good 'ol boy cops need to be reigned in hard.

yes, people with money or in the public eye are easy targets for corrupt cops precisely becasue they know too many people in the public have the initial reaction of lving to see the "rich people get theirs". Wow, don't fall for that lest the cops knock on your door some night. absolute power corrupts absolutely. we the people need to once again stand up and reign in over zealous law enforcement.

2301 days ago


#34 is absolulty right! Shreveport is KNOWN as the armpit of
Louisiana, We were transfered there for 8 month training and then
Katrina hit and we got stuck there for another year. I was in a
Subway store and a S'port cop actually told me that to look for homes
in the Bossier area. As soon as we were given the ok to put in for
transfer we couldnt hire a mover fast enough to get us back to
Austin. The school systems are horrible, my kids were a year ahead of
them and blew away the Iowa tests. And yes, it does stink.. drive down
I20 from Dallas and you can SMELL it when you cross into Louisiana,
its horrible. Shreveport itself has a very high crime rate and if not
for the Bossier Police the Shreveport trash would come creep into
their town. The only nice area is the boardwalk on the Bossier side.
All you people posting here about how WONDERFUL it is are crazy, at
least be honest. Theres nothing wonderful about it.

2301 days ago


I've been to Shreveport. It is not a lovely place. Hell of a lot nicer than Covington, though. WTH to King a? Was that English? LSU grad?

But, all this for Josh Brolin? The man hasn't seen a razor, shower or box office hit since the Goonies. The thought that the police had to call for back up in a city hailed the 'most dangerous small town' in America is laughable.

Easy money, folks. Josh Brolin and pals will pay their fines and Shreve will continue to bring in the film community. Tax breaks are a nice incentive.

2301 days ago


#34 is a moron..first of all Shreveport is NOT on the Gulf is in the far North of Louisiana and is about as far from the Gulf for fishing as you can get...take a nice long look at a map dumb@---

2301 days ago


Brolin is a jerk.

2301 days ago


At least when Bush was arrested, he didn't resist. he also didn't name drop or try to get out of it!

2301 days ago


Hairy_Yambag, my brother just graduated from LSU with two degrees and is going to graduate school in London. He be readin' juz fine. moron.

And #31, King, where did you go to school? The slums of the other LA? Its BATON ROUGE. 'nother moron.

2301 days ago


Josh Brolin is a good actor. He was recently in No Country For Old Men to refute your Goonies statement. However he is a hothead and an alcoholic. He has a long suffering wife Diane Lane, who he beat on shortly after they were married. She even went to the Oscars by herself when she was nominated. He's never grown up and at this point he probably never will.

2301 days ago

edmund kemper    

actors putting up a fuss in a bar fight, is like
passing off the jessica simpson as a singer.....

2300 days ago


#34, Shreveport is NOT on the Gulf Coast. It is in North Louisiana only about 10 miles from the Texas state line. Get your facts straight. No, it's not the perfect place to live, but is far from the "armpit of Louisiana". There are much worse places. #35, as for the public school system I agree, that's why my daughter is in private school. There are several excellent private schools here. Everywhere in the US has it's good and bad. Don't judge all of us as a group.

2300 days ago

"taking yall's money and lovin it"    

...Being from Shreveport, Louisiana myself, and owning a small business that the "movie people" take advantage of, I am constantly amazed that some of "these" people simply forget that "when in as the Romans do" I am currently writing a book about the escapades of the "movie types" that have descended upon our sleepy little town. Starting with Ashton and the filming of the "Guardian" and ending.....well they say we have at least 5 years more business comming......I'm sure it will appears in bookstores some day or....hmmm....perhaps on the big screen? ( I want someone fabulous to play ME) Anyway, as long they keep comming and giving us all this entertainment.....and revenue......I have absolutely no problems with our new guests. Remeber , we always say here...."lezzez le bon temps roulez"!

2300 days ago


WOW! So many comments from people who don't know what they are talking about. Shreveport-Gulf Coast?? Somebody needs map reading skills. Dirty city??? Been to Detroit, New York City, Houston, Los Angles lately? For anyone in the movie industry to talk about anything being corrupt is so funny. Need I say more???? Look at all of them with the mulitple marriages, stints in rehabs etc. We are supposed to want to be like them? Cesspool from Katrina? Why don't the pull out a map and see....hmmmm Katrina hit in South Louisiana, New Orleans a kind of town much like Hollywood, Los Angles etc. No they haven't cleaned it up yet, but they were the "Big Easy", and because lots of those wonderful, marvelous entertainers help them stay lazy, Do you moron's know that Rita ripped across the southern part of the state less than a month later and the other cities didn't sit arround an wait for a bail out, they had just as much destruction but they cleaned up and moved on. You have to look at what the population was in NO, 3rd and 4th generations of welfare. Bottom line is Brolin and crew are second rate actors that filmed in a 4th rate movie. The movie will flop, nobody is interested in has been Oliver Stone and his nonentertainment movies. Wonder if it will be Bush's fault the movie flopped or Shreveport Police? BTW I work in Patterson Towers where the production office is/was for "W" will be so glad to see it and the pompus asses that were in the movie leave. Then we can do what all good armpits do to get rid of the "stink" wash it out and go on. Bottom line is when when the Actors/Actresses/Producers and what ever else goes inot making fanatasy realize they are not above the law, they are just entertainers they have a job, entertain much like jaintiors have a job to clean. Do you want to hear the cleaning lady's view on politics? No?? Then why would you want to hear the entertainer's view on politics? Ever city has problems, but gee when you are in a public place causing a disturbance and are asked to leave, well you are tresspassing and breaking the law so be prepared for the consequences.

2300 days ago
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