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Brolin Busted

Shreveport Happens

7/12/2008 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actors Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright and five other crew members of the Oliver Stone directed film, "W." were popped by cops outside Stray Cats bar earlier this morning in Shreveport, LA.

Apparently a crew member of the movie was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. That's when police say Brolin, Wright and the others interfered. According to the Shreveport Times, the actors allegedly put up such a fuss that the police at the nightclub had to call for backup.

Brolin and Wright were both arrested during the melee.

Calls to their reps have not been returned.


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This is to # 33. Shreveport is not on any coast. Dont know where you got that info but you are soooooooooo wrong. Its near lakes and the Red River but no coast. Try to get your facts straight before you speak. Its where Terry Bradshaw is from and Brooks from Brooks and Dun is from Bossier City across the RIVER. Im from Shreveport and it has no different problems than any large city. Come visit and see how nice the people are. You might be surprised. So if you have never been there why dont you keep you mouth closed:)

2189 days ago


Shreveport is a sewer and the SPD are the turds! Too many rednecks and right wing douchebags here. The cops are retarded bullies with badges who just screwd the whole city. There are people who became well off from oil or casinos and never liked movies coming to town. So they love anything that is bad for the productions.
For example, the jackasses who claim to be from Shreveport and are cheering this fiasco. Will you still be cheering when the movie productions stop coming here after this? Of course you will, because you're too stupid to do something as simple as read a script (rednecks can't read!) and you hate people who can.

Guess you inbred morons would love it better if the movie studios kissed your dirty behinds and gave you envelopes under the table or gave your shiftless relatives jobs in the business where they got paid but didn't have to work. That's the way nearly every other industry here works, but not the movies. Small wonder you hate it.

2189 days ago


lucky they did not get the crap beat out of them. the cops here in downtown shreveport have a problem beating up patrons!!

2189 days ago


These two are a bit old to be involved in this kind of behavior. What a joke.

2189 days ago


I'm so sorry that this has turned into a Shreveport against the world debate!

Here's the deal: We're 10 miles from Texas, we're NORTH Louisiana, we had nothing to do with Katrina except accepting people into our communities, NO ONE who goes out in Downtown Shreveport messes around because the same thing that happened to these guys will happen to us. Yes, it is new to us to have stars around but I hear that they love it here because we don't bother them or chase them down when we see one of our streets blocked off. There is one casino in Shreveport and many in the neighboring Bossier City; we're divided by a river so don't lump us together. We recycle as a city, we're not dirty like most cities can be, and we have a pretty good mix of people here that makes it a very nice place to live.

The bottom line. If anyone of us would have been publically intoxicated and starting any trouble we would have ended up arrested too. The only reason that so many people were arrested that night is because they decided to jump in and play the "we're stars" game. Everyone esle here knows better than to do that. So, please don't judge us just becaues some people's heads got alittle too big and they thought they should be above the law.

Many things and incidents have been going on in out active downtown nightlife these days and the cops just don't mess around. Perhaps if one of the stars took the time to realize where they are instead of always being in their own world, pick up a newpaper, they would have noticed that our city council just passed an ordinance requiring cameras in bars now. Why? Because the police and our community are tired of things getting out of hand in our bars and then fighting out a game of "he said/she said." There's no tolerance for crap in our downtown area. People who go there on a regular basis know that and if the stars want to get out of hand, it is time that they know that too. There is no reason for them to be treated any differently, for better or for worse.

2189 days ago


w had a wrap party at Chicago nightclub the next night and it was great and brolin was their along with oliver stone and the crew. It was amazing, lots of fun and guess what no one was arrested. It is a classy club. Just go to the right places.

2189 days ago


Shreveporter.........your are right Shreveport is not a bad place to live, like all big cities it has problems. Just be cool and dont get drunk and into fights and ya will be o.k. For the moron that says rednecks cant read, we do pretty well reading this page. At least we know we are not on the coast. I now live in arkanasas, talk about rednecks..........actually they are pretty cool and will help you out if you need help. But i sure would love to move back to Shreveport if I had the money to move.

2188 days ago

Chris Ashley    

U call these guys actors, give me a break. For being celebs they sure picked the most run-down place to go. I am sure that this is blown out of proportion.

2188 days ago


#51 wrote most everything I would have. Being a lifelong resident and having lived in Alaska and Colorado, Shreveport compares with most big cities except we are more friendly and willing to help strangers i.e. a man beating up on a woman is not tolerated by police or by residents. Others coming in between police and a suspect can be excpected to go to jail along with the suspect. They do their job wonderfully and you can walk down the streets without being afraid. We are a destination on the US map much like Vegas and Miami. Come visit and you will discover the biggest little town this side of the Mississippi.

2188 days ago


I live in shreveport and it's not as bad as the few people say. Yes i'm sure the police will make up excuses to do this or that, but what police department doesnt. I'm not saying what happened is fair by all means. And for the other few who had to down Shreveport and other people from Louisiana. Why don't you take a good look at yourself and where your from...I'm sure its not a rocket scientist or anything...

2188 days ago

Wha Wha Wha What    

My cousin lives in Shreveport. And was at Stray Cats that night. "Apparently" the cops had Josh and Jeffrey handcuffed .... on their knees .... and were being pepper sprayed. From what I "heard", all they did was mouth off. Excessive force? Hmmmm!

2188 days ago

Jeff in Shreveport    

Shreveport is definitely not what it used to be. IT’S BETTER THAN EVER!

In the not quite 3 years that the film industry has been here this is the first time that I know of any actor from a movie production having a run-in with the police. Kevin Costner enjoyed living in Shreveport so much while filming The Guardian that he insisted his next movie, Mr. Brooks, originally to have been shot in Portland, Oregon, be moved to Shreveport. Kevin lived here for about a year. Kevin loved it here and everyone loved Kevin. The cast and crew of Mad Money were very friendly with the locals. Tom Cruise in town with Katie Holmes had many enjoyable experiences with us. Ted Danson and William Hurt became regulars of Columbia Café one of our favorite local eateries.

Our local police provide security for the movie production location shoots and everyone gets along famously. It’s an assignment the police enjoy. It’s always been standard practice on movie sets everywhere not to allow photography. A few movie crews and casts have been snooty but most are very friendly and always remark how friendly the locals are and how well they were treated.

As for Shreveport itself, it’s been enjoying a renaissance since the first riverboat casino arrived in 1994. Together, Shreveport and Bossier City are home to five riverboat casinos. The casinos brought with them a viable tourist trade, nice hotels, and revitalized our entertainment offerings, especially an unending stream of musical entertainment.

The Robinson Film Center opened in May of this year to provide a venue for independent, international, and classic cinema while serving as a resource for film production and media education. In addition to daily film programming, it offers film and media production classes for all ages and provides a variety of resources and facilities to the region’s burgeoning film industry. Last month Val Kilmer and Oliver Stone, here on two separate film projects, graciously gave of their time to attend a screening of The Doors film they were both involved in. Val discussed his experiences regarding the movie afterwards with the audience.

As for me, I’m 50 and have two college degrees, undergrad LSU Shreveport, MBA Centenary College here in Shreveport, both highly regarded schools. And Shreveport is also home to the Louisiana State School of Medicine. We have a very highly regarded medical community. We are also home to Barksdale Air Force Base, one of the largest in the country. Politically, Shreveport elected its first African-American mayor in 2006. Louisiana went for Clinton twice and Bush twice in the last four Presidential elections. I myself will vote for Barack Obama in this year’s Presidential election. Oh yes, I’m a white boy. So all of you folks outside the South stick that in your stereotypes!

And if you’ve never been to Louisiana you’re missing out on some of the tastiest and most original cuisine in the country.

2188 days ago

LeBouche Thibodeaux    

I think all of this is stupid. All of these actors are so used to being catered to in Los Angeles where ANYTHING goes, and they can get by with stupid stuff. But, when they hauled it down to the south, they found out the hard way that here in Louisiana that we have laws, and rules to follow and that the cops here in Shreveport-Bossier City don't give a crap who you are. There is a saying here in Louisiana- and that saying is: "Those people live in California because we kicked them out of the south." So, to all people who got their feelings hurt over this: GO BACK TO THE LIBERAL, NASTY DISEASE RIDDEN CITY OF LOS ANGELES AND STAY OUT OF THE SOUTH!!!!! Sooner or later, all of you people will learn that you cannot act up in Louisiana.

2188 days ago


The ones that said something bad about Shreveport havent been here, because I go to Shreveport everyday because I live right next to it. Shreveport is better then any city put together. #1. There are people that says New York City has the rudest people ever, some say that they dont like California, or Florida etc. I know Shreveport to be the best city ever. All who is talking bad about it needs to come and visit it and Im pretty sure that you will change your mind.

2188 days ago


I think that Shreveport is the best City put together. If you havent been here how could you say that its a bad city. There are many who say that New York City is a dirty place with Rude people what can you say about that? I think that the SPD were doing there Job. But no matter what any of you critics say about Shreveport, I know being here that this place is on the rising. We have so much to offer then any other city. The movie industry is awesome!

2188 days ago
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