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Celeb Limo Co. Ready to Roll ... Cameras

7/12/2008 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the biggest limo companies in New York City videotapes its celeb passengers -- including, we're told, Britney Spears -- and they've got hours of tapes of stuff those celebs probably wouldn't want you to see.

Our spies say the wife of a driver who was recently fired has called around to some of her hubby's famous clients, blowing the whistle. We hear some of those celebs are, in a word, outraged.

Ready to Roll acknowledges the taping to TMZ, but claims a light goes on when the camera rolls. And, of course, after a six-hour flight, everyone's looking for a little light.

Now here's the really scary part. The company wouldn't say if it records audio as well. Think about those phone calls, all you celebs.

The company wouldn't discuss the fired driver, saying that it's a "legal matter." The owner of the company tells TMZ that the allegation is "untrue."


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Even the riders on Taxi cab confessions needed to sign a waiver to have their stuff aired

2262 days ago


It's very hard to know who's behind all this, no pun intended. Is this Kim K, latest video release, if people are STUPID enough to pay 17 million for Brad and Angie latest litter pictures, why can't other people (or maybe it's them) release the making of their latest litter. The bar in Hollywood is so low, you don't even have a clue who's behind it all MONEY is the name of the game even if they already have a fortune.

2262 days ago


They are only doing what our own government is doing. You know monkey see, monkey do. I think it is outrages. Orwell is becoming true. Is this what we want in our country. TMZ you may be able to use it but should you? Shame on you if you do. It is sick. It is like truly invading your privacy. Everyone should be able to feel you have some privacy. I would sue the company for invasion of privacy.

2262 days ago


Wow!! This is unbelievable! I am a limo driver with a major company that does a lot of work in NYC. As a professional driver, my duty is to protect my clients privacy, where it be Joe Schmo from down the block or a celeb in town for a premier. And this shady company's line about using this indecent practice to protect themselves against fare jumpers is a line of bull since these fares are paid up front with a credit card. I have had some really wild experiences with a lot of people over the years, and even if celebs are HORRIBLE tippers, there is no way in the world I would sink to this level It's classless. As much as I love to read the dirt, there is a boundary that has been crossed in this instance. This is just not the way to roll, ready or not.

2262 days ago


A limo or taxi is not a closed room. A person, not a robot, is driving. Regardless of videotape, use common sense when riding in a limo or taxi.

That said, I predict some legal problems to RTR!

2262 days ago


okay technically its not illegal for them to have survellance cameras - they own the vehicles and you can have a camera on any type of property - i think they can even give them to anyone. but if there is sound involved its illegal if the person has not been informed that they are being recorded. at least that is what the security installers at my old job told us.

if thats the case i hope the owners ready to lose it all!

2262 days ago


They need cameras , why because

of murdered , limo drivers safe . The way this world is

going , you need cameras everywhere .

2261 days ago

vile comments    

low news day, huh?

michael jackson and geragos were taped on a plane. geragos was awarded millions in suit against xtra jet. furthermoe it's illegal to tape someone without his knowledge.

what a stupid news by tmz....

2261 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I hope they didn't tape the calls Lindsay lohan and Britney Spears made to me. I am blushing
as I am typing this.

2261 days ago


So let me get this right,you people are mad at the limo company,but have no problem with tmz who hire stalkers to follow celebs every,and i mean every,move?????

2261 days ago


OMG they have a video of my dad Hulk tossing my salad on the way home from the airport.

2261 days ago


when you ride with these guys, don't you have to have an account? who are the "fare jumpers?" clooney ? what the hell . . ? well, TMZ they are waiting for their payoff now . . let's get those tapes !

2261 days ago


Post #18 - There is a difference between taping suspected criminals than taping some stupid celebrity. You act like the government is already taping you, but REALITY is, your just not that interesting to the government. Get a clue, your probably some stupid liberal tree hugger.

I hope this limo company had posted that they were recording and allow their clients to opt out. If they were unaware, see ya in court and there is no way that the court will allow those tapes if there really are tapes to be made public. If they are leaked out, people will be going to jail.

2261 days ago

Gale Ricketts    

I am the owner of Ready to Roll and these comments are false. Where is the proof this happened? There isn't any. Does seems fair you can post anything without talking to the owner or manager of a company to get the truth. I posted a response earlier and I noticed you reoived it in your comments section. Interesting.

2261 days ago


Hey I'm a lawyer - is that legal?

2261 days ago
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