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A-Rod Keeps His Eye on the Kab-ball-ah'd

7/13/2008 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In sports, yelling "you suck" just doesn't cut it anymore.
Alex Rodriguez
Now that Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are forever linked, the highest paid man in baseball is now the easiest fodder -- and Toronto Blue Jays fans took full advantage on Friday by hoisting photos of Madge before he went up to the plate.

The Blue Jays skunked the Yanks 5-0.

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Baseball Junkie    

i hate hollywood: Sorry but the stereotypical Canadian joke is "How does a Canadian spell Canada? C-eh-N-eh-D-eh- eh.".
It's kind of like the (real) Yankee "ayuh" which my Maine father-in-law actually says and the classic "You can't get there from here." It's Scotland that says "aye" so unless you're talking about Nova Scotia, most Canadians do say "eh"

Other than that, I agree, Bera is an idiot. The best maple syrup comes from Vermont.

As far as fans holding up pictures to throw players off. It was funny the first time but it's old and tired now. The classic slow two beat cadence chant of the players name has always worked. Stick with the tried and true.

Go Sox

2236 days ago


#24 maya must have an A-ROD stuck up her but

2236 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

BTW: My comment was not intended to slam Canada, only Bera.

jguerdo; The person who is dumber than TMZ is you for thinking that they could plant those photos. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get seats in the front row of any stadium? You're an idiot.

Go Sox

2236 days ago


comment 14. god your ignorance is astounding. next time if you decide you're going to attempt to insult an entire country you could at least do so with the slightest bit of intelligence. you've made it painfully obvious to anyone with a brain in their head that you're clearly uneducated. try knowing something about the country before you decide to take a shot at it, that tends to help a bit. congrats buddy you've made a fool of yourself and acted as another sparkling example of the stupidity that often circulates your own people. no really, you've done well.

2236 days ago


TMZ, should have focused more on the beer, its better looking than Madonna.

2236 days ago


it wa alot funnier if you were there...and saw a-rods reactions on the big tv. it was priceless =) only...it didnt really effect him that night cause he ended up with a homer....but meh. it was good entertainment!!

and as a canadian i'd like to point out that not ALL canadians say Eh..... and if you listen closely....alot of americans say it too...but whatever...

2236 days ago


it was**

2236 days ago


A-rod is the most overpaid, worthless POS in the game!

2236 days ago

lisa burgos    

Just leave the family alone, it's none of our business. There are kids involved that will read all of this some day.

2236 days ago


That is way to funny so happy they lost, He is such a looser

2236 days ago


that makes me ashamed to be a canadian!!! all crass and no class!!

2236 days ago


oh #13 you are so nasty!! our jays won two world series, our country is bigger than yours, guess you sucked in geography!!lol!! and at least we don't go into another country and invade them under the guise of finding something that wasn't there!!!
when canadians travel worldwide at least they are welcomed, unlike your "beloved" country!!

2236 days ago


#14, you can't take a joke. Why are you so offended? Are you working for or related to A-Rod? Are you A-Rod? Geez, I think it's funny as hell. A-Rod looks as if he was ready to jump into the stands and beat the guy up. The kid on the right of the guy with the mug/pic looks nervous, too.

2236 days ago


Does anyone else think the hottie holding the picture is Captain Phil's son from The Deadliest Catch?

2236 days ago

Leigh James    

That guys hat comes free with acase of beer :D

2236 days ago
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