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Amy Winehouse -- Loves Blake, Hates Living

7/13/2008 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse showed her dedication to two things while on stage in Scotland today -- her love for jailed hubby Blake Fielder-Civil and her continued effort to not be alive when he gets out.

It's amazing she can still inhale.


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This person is the MOST repulsive person I can think of. Why...OH WHY do you bother covering this person. She did a one hit song, she will be forgotten by next year.
Lets all forget about her NOW...stop writting about this waste of skin

First off, she's as ugly as ugly gets. She looks like a man for god sakes.

Second, she's dirty....REALLY REALLY dirty, and to top it off she's so skinny, it's sick to look at her. Ever seen her in a bikini. It's gross. And i mean GROSS.

So please tmz, stop writing about her.

God has only so much skin for the new born babys. And this women is a WASTE OF SKIN.

2243 days ago


shes never going to get it!!!! I use to lover Amy winehouse i was a big fan But her crazy life just made me hate her...

2243 days ago


what no crack pipe ,,

2243 days ago


I love 'Back to Black', but I'm almost over Amy Winehouse. There are a lot of other talented female artist's who are more deserving of the public's attention. If she wants to kill herself, she can go right ahead!

2243 days ago


People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!! Has anyone ever seen Perez halton, the flamboyant homosexual who owns the TMZ site?? He has the nerve to bash every celebrity who is more than what he is in this world, (trust me, that's almost everyone) when he in fact is the most f*cked up of any!!! He scrutinizes every little move any of them do, maybe someone should scrutinize him like the way his big fat clown lips, his pear shaped body, oh and I can't believe he has the audacity to call ANYONE fat!!! Some of the celebs have like 23% bodyfat, but he has 23% not. There are TONS of flaws I could point out about this guy!!! All I can say is pots shouldn't call kettles black!!!!

2243 days ago

Cindy Lou    

Watch, Blake will get sober in jail. He'll get out and she will die of either emphasima or a drug overdose....then he will kill himself....OHHH SOOO Romeo and Juliet. The poor thing must be in such a drug induced haze that she doesn't even know when she does a drug, drinks too much or has an extra pack of cigs. Tragic to see how actually cute she was a few years ago.
I bet within 18 months she will be dead.

2243 days ago


This just makes me sad. She's incredibly talented and doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but she's on self-destruct and has a useless, nutty family. Can't somebody help her?

2243 days ago

who cares    

#1 biggunsar: if TMZ stops posting articles like this then it would run out of business. This is about SUPPLY and DEMAND! get it? we don't care for people like Amy yet we are curious. So, STOP the contradiction and accept REALITY!

2243 days ago


When you get to this point you are way past rock bottom...she needs help, alot of it, more than she could probably humanly find...that's what the sad part is, that and the fact that TMZ seems to relish in her downward spiral. Great job TMZ, pat yourselves on the back.

2243 days ago

Here in Hollywood, FL    

And we thought Anna Nicole was bad

2243 days ago


Too bad ol' Amy doesn't have a Conservatorship Daddy like Britney Spear's Pappa.
She NEEDS one, badly.
And a makeup artist.
And a vocal coach.
And a life.

Too bad Papa Spears has his hands full.

2243 days ago


Just another druggie waste of space.

2243 days ago

nuna your business    

at the rate she's going, she's not gonna make it to 26...or maybe even 25 for that matter (she's only 24 or something, right?)

2243 days ago


could she be any more disgusting? ew. just ew.

2243 days ago


Then DIE!

2243 days ago
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