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Jacklyn Zeman

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/13/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since 1977, Jacklyn Zeman has been stitching up patients playing Nurse Bobbi Spencer on "General Hospital" -- but has she been going under the knife too?

Jacklyn Zeman
Here's 30-year-old Jackie back in 1983 (left) -- and the 55-year-old new and improved (?) Spalding version at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday (right).

What's her little secret?!


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high...not hig....LoL

2236 days ago


OMG - she looks sad.....she WAS a beautiful woman - NOW...she looks scary!

2236 days ago

Sarah Jones    

Thiis is a good example of BAD DOCTORS OR STUPID PATIENT. Sometimes you can't blame the doctors.
These desperate women go into these plastic surgeons offices BEGGING TO LOOK YOUNG.
Of course, they end up looking like freaks. Most of the older women in Hollywood like look plastic freaks.

2236 days ago


Too bad all them face lifts now hide her once beautiful smile.

2236 days ago


Ok...I shouldn't slam or blame all men for womens physical low self esteem, but if
most are truly honest with themselves (particularily men), they will admit, they are
the root of most problems regarding what pushes women to do what they do, and even
how they cat fight amongst one another. All competition in the quest of the manworld!

More women are apt to be in love with an ugly looking man, or just a plain looking man,
whereas, most men want only the doll!

And not all women are mentally bright, but in my opinion, most are. Wonder how many
men in the world have both a brain and a heart? One or the other, or neither?


2236 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

It's pretty obvious to me she's had cheek implants, face lift and eye lids done. Definately has a big time pulled look and is not at all natural.

2236 days ago


Another "lip job" gone bad. Come to think of it, I have yet to see one gone right.

2236 days ago


Notice is mainly male plastic surgeons botching up women, not women
docs doing the botching. Secret hatred of men against women?

2236 days ago


Number 11 we are not comparing her and expecting her to look like a 20 yr old..............we are looking at her before to see how her natural face USED to look..........................and now looking at her face of horror and saying WHY, would anyone do this to themselves. Thing is she probably thinks she looks great, much like the other celebs who butchered themselves. Joan rivers. Bruce Jenner. Kenny Rogers. and on and on and on. This is not good surgery. The people on this site do not expect celebs to look young when they are 50, ............TMZ has posted many celeb pics who have gotten NO plastic surgery butchery, and who, quite frankly did not look young in any way, they looked their age, wrinkles and all, and the comments were very positive. BECAUSE they did not butcher themselves and try to look 20 when they are 50....................people here appreciate unpretentious people who are willing to look natural.

2236 days ago


She looks awful!!!!!!!!!!
I'd be suing those docs if I were her!
And enough already! Anymore plastic surgery and you'll just be another piece of Tupperware like Joan Rivers!!

2236 days ago


She looks terrible !

2236 days ago

PF Forever    

I have not watched GH in 20 years. If I were to have turned it on I would have thought "They have a new Bobbi." Doesn't look a thing like she used to. Maybe she and Kenny Rogers used the same doctor. Egad!

2236 days ago


And for god sakes throw away the look like a manequin

2236 days ago


Yes may be correct on some points, but I wonder how many
that polled positively in the cases you refer too, were women, and not men?

One cannot deny, that in this world, men influence the superficial actions
of women to get boob implants, facial lifts, etc. There is a lot of pressure
from men, for women to look good. It is wrong, but it is fact. Maybe men don't
speak this truth audibly, but they do via their actions towards women. How many
men would focus on a plain Jane, old or young, sitting next to a bombshell?

Think about it. Men are visual creatures...thus, in my opinion, think only with their
lower brain...not a higher one, and they have no heart.

Of course, I have met men who are good and caring to everyone too, and place
little emphasis on outward beauty, but instead focus on inner beauty and
it should be.

There are also some women who are nice looking, and have great personalities too, as
there are also beautiful women who are very lonely, because other women hate them out of jealousy, and
many men think of them as idiots, when in fact, they are not.

Still though...the driving root cause for such ill behavior is the unspoken influence men have over women.

Average looking women would also not be jealous of beautiful women, if no competition regarding
looks and attention were an issue.

2236 days ago


Scaaary...Looks like an experiment gone bad

2236 days ago
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