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Jacklyn Zeman

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/13/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since 1977, Jacklyn Zeman has been stitching up patients playing Nurse Bobbi Spencer on "General Hospital" -- but has she been going under the knife too?

Jacklyn Zeman
Here's 30-year-old Jackie back in 1983 (left) -- and the 55-year-old new and improved (?) Spalding version at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday (right).

What's her little secret?!


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Why'd you guys take away the 3rd option!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! cuz it's neither good genes NOR good doctors!
It's CRAPPY DOCTORS and even stupider celebrities going for TOOOOOOO MUCH plastic surgery!!!!

2237 days ago


As of right now 97% of you people said good doctors! UGH!

2237 days ago

PF Forever    

INGALI, you are so right. I laughed out loud!

2237 days ago


Wow I remember her. Good Genes 1983... Bad docs- Bad Genes 2008
She should have gone with the more natural aging route, or had her cosmetic surgery done by a better doctor.
Poor thing... She does not look pretty or anything like she did before. Unrecognizable.

2237 days ago


Whomever is the resident plastic surgeon of Port Charles residents needs to go back to med school.

"Bobbie" and "Monica" must have been doing the same doctor because they both look awful and have looked bizarre for years. Shel Kelpler (RIP) had the most botched nose job ever for someone on television. I'm sure she was sweet (and she had some great products on QVC) but she looked like a "piggyface".

Brad Maule, who's from Texas and has a few new ventures here and there, also looks like he also visited the same doc a couple of times. But he seems to be aging more gracefully since he has left the show,

2237 days ago


DISGUSTING! I can not believe someone who WAS so beautiful ruined it all with this plastic face crap! Plastic is NOT fantastic! You all look like freaks. Good lord what are these women thinking? Surly they do not think they look good. Just watch all these idiots that have done this crap to themseleves they are gonna wake up one day and be FACELESS. I bet then they will relize they screwed up but guess what, TOO LATE! I am so freaking glad I am not them!

2237 days ago


1983----good (if not great) genes. now------very bad docs. good lord, people! some women are so obsessed with their looks; there's obviously real self esteem issues here.
she sort of looks as bad as priscilla presley-------and both of them were beautiful women to start with. is money and hollywood that important that one would seriously alter themselves for it? do they not see how odd they look?
it's really sad.

2237 days ago


Look how high her ears are now!!!

2237 days ago

German Duckie    

Neither - she looks UGLY with her rigid distorted face ! Bad surgery!

2237 days ago

Lenn K.    

Kelli, what I was saying if Joan Rivers is calling your face too tight, you know you're in trouble.

2237 days ago


Yeah, how about neither - she looks terrible. And anyone who doesn't think she's had work is crazy LOL. She looks like a cross between the Joker and Theodore the chipmunk.

2237 days ago


BAD DECISION, BAD DOCTORS, BAD SURGERY, BAD LOOK, BAD, BAD, BAD!!! OMG, her own mother wouldn't recognize her! Women, ALL WOMEN, have got to STOP THIS! NO ONE stays young forever, it's freaky and unflattering for a 60-80 year old to be "Cut & Pasted" to try to look 21! Come on, we're suppose to age and we're suppose to do it GRACEFULLY!! Celeb's and half the population have the same BIG glaring white teeth, big lips that don't work properly resulting in slurred speech, NO expression, can't smile, protruding cheek bones and taunt skin pulled so tight it shines like patten leather! Like a bunch of clones! Doctors are laughing all the way to the bank and the other half of the population is JUST LAUGHING!!!

2237 days ago


She looks like everyone else in Hollywood that is over 40. Totally plastic, filled with silicon and Botox. They are all starting to look like the Botoxed version of the Stepford Wives! Scary!

2237 days ago


She looks horrible... I would rather age gracefully than look like that..

She used to be very attractive... now... she is a carnival attraction...

2237 days ago

So UNfair    


She probably would look just fine if she had left herself alone. I mean, she could have had some dermatological work done to help her get rid of the evidence of years of sun damage, but now she's all freaky deaky looking.

Too bad.

It's not like she's STILL on GH all that much; I remember when she showed up with these RIDICULOUSLY HUGE breast implants in the mid-90s....Wow. And it's just gotten worse from there.

Jackie - Just stop. Please.

2237 days ago
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