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Miley -- Beach Blanket Bimbo

7/13/2008 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Although Miley Cyrus claims she and Lucas Till are just friends, the on screen couple got comfortably dirty with each other on a Malibu beach.

Last week, we caught Lucas following Miley and her mom around on a girls' day out.


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ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Old lady voice.

2300 days ago


miley is becoming a camera hoe!

2300 days ago


OK first of all, what kind of little Emo toolboy goes swimming at the beach in skinny jeans and a belt???

Second, she's skanky. There's new pictures of her on Perez hacked from her phone that she sent to Nick Jonas, one of them in the shower doing her own version of a wet t-shirt contest.

She needs to quit doing tacky slutty things and apologizing later, then doing it again and again.

2300 days ago


NICE spread shes hot stuff

2300 days ago


Okay I just saw the pics of Miley in a wet t-shirt in the shower. They are so her, and my question is who was her buddy that took the photo, cause it was in a public shower. Her parents would have known if she did it at home, so guess it was premeditated, She is only 15, and with photos like that, guess she is sexually active. I think that is too young, girl can't even legally drive yet. she is what just leaving junior high. Her parents need to put the boot in their cash cow kid, before she ends up like Madonna or Britney. Granted I know 15 year olds have sex, but most don't bost it to the entire world. She may want to try to be a littl more descrete since she is a disney star, or find a happy medium.

2300 days ago


Ok, everyone may think this girl is a skanky but shes 15 yours old and doing a cart-wheel something that NORMAL 15 your olds do. In the world right now you should be praising her dumies!

2300 days ago


Your headline is revolting. Sad day when a teenager can't do a cartwheel on the beach without salacious headlines and people jumping all over her for it.

2300 days ago


First of all, the title of this was really uncalled for. She's a 15 year old girl behaving like a 15 year old. I don't know why this shccks people. I guess the public thinks that, because she's famous, she should just sit at home and stare into space. And really TMZ, stop comparing her to Selena Gomez. Both girls are talented in their own right.

2300 days ago


Good grief! Leave this little girl alone!!! The headline?!! And you idiots fall for it! She's playing in the water and sand! There isn't anything wrong with what she's doing here and as for calling her a ho... it's the F-in paps taking her pics! She isn't out calling to them to take her pics! Who the hell are you to judge?!! Even if she is sexually active at 15, who isn't anymore?! It doesn't make it right but when the media and every marketing company around is pushing sex and sensuality at little girls from about birth, what do you think is going to happen? Yes, parents need to do their part but if you want teen sex to stop, it's going to have to be a world wide effort to change. I'm so sick of all the sheep who want to BASH kids because the media tells you to do so! I've dissected enough to know, everyone has a brain! Try using yours!

2300 days ago


She doing a fu*king cartwheel..Big sh*t.. Why make the headline "She Speads Em" Your talking about a 15 year old girl..That is what is sick the fu*king headlines you write..That is perverted.. Maybe your daughters should all spread their legs would you like that!

2300 days ago


Wow a normal, decent teenager behaving as such for once.

2300 days ago


Uh, she's doing a cartwheel. This is not a nasty picture at all.
They just took it at the right time.
Geez. Get over it.
& I'm not even a Miley fan.

2300 days ago


Sick headline. Absolutely disguesting, TMZ.

2300 days ago

Black Teef    

Mmm mmm...lookin' forward to that sex tape.

2300 days ago


She's 15 and doing a cartwheel! Good gravy, stop the presses! Your headline speaks volumes about the class of your company. No wonder celebs hate the press.

2300 days ago
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