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Miley -- Beach Blanket Bimbo

7/13/2008 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Although Miley Cyrus claims she and Lucas Till are just friends, the on screen couple got comfortably dirty with each other on a Malibu beach.

Last week, we caught Lucas following Miley and her mom around on a girls' day out.


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Oh my gosh, she's doing a cartwheel like any kid would do. It's sad when stars can't even go play at the beach without the papps waiting for something they deem 'newsworthy'.

2231 days ago


We took a vote at the Coffie Shop.. Miley wins horse face of the year !! .. She is totally a poser..

2231 days ago


YOURE A DISGISTING NASTY DESPERADO FOR THAT HEADLINE! WTF? How would you like your daughter being sexually targeted and promoted for doing something as playful as a cartwheel? It's such a comfort to know that any talentless creep or creepette, who proves they lack any class, morals, ETHICS, taste and don't fear any Karma paybacks, will always have a place of employment with TMZ.

2231 days ago


#49 if you dont like it dont watch it ,,no one forceing you..

2231 days ago

Big Bear    

Miley is getting the high hard one from the young man. What is so wrong with them having sex?? Miley runs around like she is hot to trot all the time and her friend is putting out the fire. You two young folks hump like bunnies and those who do not like it can just eat worms.

2231 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

Clam stew's ready - come 'n' get it, big dog!

2231 days ago


Is she wearing a bra?You can see her nipples in picture #3 eww,Get some sence you needa wear a bra that's just nasty.And she keeps on taking those stupid pictures as she is trying to prove to the world shes sexy as such a young age,Which she looks like a fool by doing it.
Selena better not do the same!

2231 days ago


Thank you for changing that obscene header you had earlier.

2231 days ago


bimbo? she's doing a cart-wheel on the beach with 2 friends, one being a guy. does that classify her as a bimbo?

i need to brush up on my pop culture i guess

2231 days ago


This story is disgusting. But I do have to say it looks like she's working overtime to get his attention. Looking kinda desperate...

2231 days ago


Oh my GOSH! This is absolutely shocking! Teenagers having fun on the beach . . . what is this world coming too???

TMZ, you are pathetic!

2231 days ago

Rap sucks    

yeah can't wait for her sex tape.Even tough she has a voice like a old lady who smokes she looks nice here and look at this emo dude skinny as hell compared to my buff body

2231 days ago


I really don't understand why you can take an innocent picture and try to turn in into something immoral. This gal is doing nothing wrong, just being a teenager. Why do you get such a thrill in running down this little girl? Are you just jealous over her success? I agree that only a pervert, like Peter Cook, would find anything in this picture worth whacking to.

2231 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

The media is TRYING hard to turn Miley into another Britney. Her parents best get control of this fast!

2231 days ago


leave this girl alone. she not as horrible like the britney and lindsay. she has moral and a good fAMILY. HER PIC IS VERY GOOD COMPARE TO WHAT HER AGE GROUP HAS ON THEIR MYSPACE PAGE.

2231 days ago
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