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A Kardashian Goes to the Pokey!

7/14/2008 7:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe KardashianGuess who's going to jail Friday? Kim K's less famous sis.

Khloe Kardashian not only got a DUI that flew completely under the radar, but she violated her probation and she has been sentenced to 30 days in county jail.

Khloe K. got the DUI on March 4, 2007. She had a .13 blood alcohol level, well above the .08 limit. Khloe was placed on 36 months probation.

Earlier this month, she admitted she failed to comply with her Cal Trans requirements (i.e., picking up trash on the freeway, something we think she's familiar with) as well as her alcohol ed program. She was ordered to re-enroll in the alcohol program, the Cal Trans requirements were dropped, and the judge ordered her to serve 30 days in the slammer.

As we know, 30 days can turn into 30 minutes, because of overcrowding.


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Interesting...TMZ says she was sentenced to 30 days, but People mag says 3 days. Someone needs to check their facts before rushing to "break" the story.

2294 days ago


TMZ blew this one. Like posted earlier K's DUI was the subject of an episode of their show, so much for under the radar!!! Let's see if her trip to jail is featured next season.

2294 days ago


Under the radar? TMZ reported the DUI when it happened...guess they don't remember that.

2294 days ago

nicile c. already broke the story, so maybe you should give them credit, you guys are always jacking their stories

2294 days ago


So TMZ "picking up trash is something we think she is used to". If you would watch their show you would know that she rarely goes on a date. Why do you HATE WOMEN so much TMZ that you feel the need to constantly insult them???

2294 days ago


Keeping up with the kardashian's is the most entertaining show on E! Khloe messed up but she's still my favorite on the show.

2294 days ago

White Man    

I'd serve 30 days in jail rather than be on probation for 36 months anyday. She probably violated probation on purpose. Judges always terminate probation if the offender violates it. 36 months is a long time for a first time DUI(yes, I know DUI is considered a serious offense these days, as well it should be). If she serves 5 of those 30 days I'll be shocked.

2294 days ago


How exactly was this "under the radar"??? There was a whole episode of their reality show about it.... get your game together TMZ!

2294 days ago


I like this kardashian the best. The rest I could do without. The others seem so ditzy and immoral. I still don't know why these girls are so old and live at home with mommie and Bruce. I sure would not want them growing up with my kids. They all work in that dress shop--I never see any customers in there--do they ever sell anything.

2294 days ago


She is a LARDASS.. She will be stealing prisoners food in no time .
What a talentless PIG. That whole family should be destroyed.

2294 days ago


A mistake is a mistake, but now you are just a drunken irresponsible skank, Khloe! How could you not do what was necessary? Too Busy at Dash???????? No Excuses. Unless this is a publicity stunt, you never know.......

2294 days ago


This whole family is something,

Kim is so full of herself, she needs to humble out, FAMOUS FOR WHAT EXACTLY?
Khloe, do as I say, not as I do, she needs to shut the mouth
The Mom, be a Mom stop acting like one of the kids
To Bruce, buck up and take the pole out of the house when you have two young girls, that are like mina birds, and repeat everything, LIKE MIXING DRINKS. What the heck is this, a lesson on how to let your kids go wrong?

2294 days ago


They own the stores, but I heard they film it only at certain times, when people are not around, and that they are not always in the shops like they look.

2294 days ago


OK, let me get this straight: The eldest of the 3 little-big pigs is the smallest or runt of the litter, then bigger Kim, and then the totally porked out youngest, which they call Chloe the Pig. Got it.

2293 days ago


Should be titled Porkey goes to the Pokey.

2293 days ago
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