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Brit and K-Fed: Will They Fight or Settle?

7/14/2008 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Brit/K-Fed child custody saga has been postponed, and we here at TMZ smell something.

The lawyers were supposed to yak it up in court tomorrow morning. They were planning on talking about next month's trial over custody. A trial seems weird, because there's a conservatorship in place and it doesn't seem kosher to duke it out in custody court, at least now.

But here's the clue. Tomorrow's hearing has been rescheduled for Friday. When cases get postponed like that, there's a chance the lawyers are trying to settle it and buy more time.

Stay tuned.


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First.....but does anyone really care about these two the the future train wrecks they are raising?

2237 days ago


Time to cut FEDERSLEEEEEEZE off the Britney gravy train!!! How much do you want to bet he WANTS A MONITARY SETTLEMENT OUT OF BRITNEY in exchange for her regaining custody!!!

2237 days ago


i think brit should have her kids back now that she is doing much better, kfed is not a great father he's running off to vegas all the time!!! what kind of father is that?

2237 days ago

Yeah Right    

The lawyers are trying to figure out how to drag this out longer to get more money. Things seemed to be going smooth since Brit's daddy took over.

2237 days ago


go Brit Brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2237 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

K Fed Attorney Forced Britney to Pay his very high Ongoing Legal Bills and the Court appoited attorney is making a Fortune off Britney.
The Lawyers against Britney (Kaplan,Court appoited lawyer) will Not try to seattle.

2237 days ago


Just another ploy to keep that money coming in! He's such a loser! Kevin is in it for the money. He hardly spends any time with Shar's kids, let alone his own! He's a deadbeat Daddy damn it...always has been always will be. And to think people have the nerve to call her trailer trash! His sorry ass is the trash! If it wasn't for Britney, he'd still be struggling to pay child support for the two with Shar, or out manwhoring himself for a dollar. A backup dancer???? PLEASE...back that broke ass right on back to the Trailer Park, it's coming!!!! It seems everyone is getting Britney's money except for Britney! Kevin is living the "high life" (literally), Mama & Pappa Spears, all attorneys involved from both sides. I'm sorry people, but it seems they are spending more now than before she got sick!!!

2237 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Even if Kevin was planning to "sell" the kids to Britney, the court wouldn't allow it. She can't buy her kids because the court knows she is a danger to them. She has to prove to the court that she can be responsible for herself, first.

Even if at first, Britney had offered Kevin millions of dollars every year in exchange for full custody of the kids, and he took it, she would have lost custody eventually because of her drug problem, mental illness and personality disorders.

I think they are negotiating the amount and type of visitation she will have. I don't think that the court will grant her any custody at this point - especially unsupervised custody.

In the future, if it can be determined that she is stable and can behave in a responsible manner, then the custody issue can be examined again.

2237 days ago

to: kick his broke ass

You have a very eloquent way of speaking.

I love it. You get an A.

2237 days ago


I agree with Diane in TX. I suspect that the only thing (or person) that is keeping Britney on track is her father. Delete him from the equation and it would probably be back to chaos.

2237 days ago


It's completely messed up. In the "real world" K-fed would have never even got temporary custody. She would have had them the whole time. It's because there is not one little detail that the judges & lawyers do not know about Britney. How many woman do you know that have always had full custody of their kids and are completely crazy??? It doesn't mean you don't love your kids if your crazy. In most cases you love your children more! If Britney weren't "Britney Spears" K-Fed would have never even went for custody. Did he with Shar???? It's all about the money for him.... not the kids. Give him supervised weekend visitation & thats all! I say supervised because once he's cut off from the "Britney Spears Fund" he may not be in the right state of mind to care for the children accordingly!!!!

2237 days ago


Where the hell is John McCain? He needs to give K-Fed a talk, you know the one about getting off his ass and supporting his children! Oops! My bad...Barack took care of his own, because low & behold, some whites get a free pass! Shame on you McCane (how old is this dude anyways)! Dude can barely lift his deformed arms up to hold himself up, but surely he can run this country...from Eskaton Village!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

2237 days ago

Hang em High    

They should be awarded shared custody. Brit 1 week, K-fed the next. Each should be responsable for the care they need the week they nhave them. Neither should give the other a cent to help take care of them the week they have them.

2237 days ago


With all the nasty divorce hearings and custody hearings- wouldn't it be ironic that of all people these parties would come to an agreement??

2237 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Of course, Kfed wants to sell the kids to her ... for the right price ... and it won't be cheap. If I were her I'd pay him anything to get out of her life for good. Bloodsucking, fat, ugly, loafing, piece of crap. Get the kids away from him and back to their mother where they belong. She also needs to find a way to stop paying him.

Let's see ... A-Rod cheats, C-Rod get $$$.
K-grub cheats, K-grub gets $$$.

Kick him to the curb and let him slither away.

2237 days ago
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