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C-Rod to A-Rod: So, Did You Wiretap Me?

7/14/2008 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cynthia Rodriguez wants to know everything about A-Rod's finances, and also if he's into wiretapping and putting private detectives on her.

In court documents filed in Miami last week, C-Rod is demanding Alex produce documents about all things financial -- tax returns, banking info, loan applications, stock info, wills and life insurance.

Now here's the juicy part. Cynthia wants "Any reports you have received from a detective, investigator or any other person based upon surveillance of your spouse." And, she wants "all tape recordings and other evidence prepared from tape recordings made in connection with any wiretapping or other electronic surveillance conducted by you or others on your behalf."

She also wants "all electronic evidence ... contained in all computers to which you have access" over the last three years. The demand includes iPhones, Sidekicks and BlackBerries.

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Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Stick it to him (Oh, and go A-Rod.)

2291 days ago


A-rod is tom cruise.

2291 days ago


Wow, its funny how you people can turn on someone just because you think she JUST WANTS THE MONEY. First of all, when you are going through a divorce and you have assets (lots of it), property, and children, you are required to produce that information anyways. Sometimes people HIDE THEIR ASSETS so she is making it binding that HE MUST provide all that information. Also, with the electronic evidence, if his lawyers or HE has made any accusations against her in the proceedings, she is requiring him to produce it. Produce the ACTUAL EVIDENCE.

2291 days ago


I dated a famous athlete. I actually loved him. I didn't want his money or his fame. His fame actually kindof drove me crazy. Believe me, I was NOT in it for a good time. It was a tough ride. I loved the guy. I feel for C-Rod, but she knew he was cheating. I don't think she's entitled to get all his millions, but I do think he should take care of her and their children. I believe he will do that.

2291 days ago


Sounds more and more like Cynthia indeed has something to hide...A-Rod might have strong evidence via any surveillance he instigated, and Cynthia is kicking herself in the ass for not doing it first...She doesn't mind throwing allegations about him out there, probably to distract from her own unsavory behaviors...If she has nothing to hide, why make it such a big deal?...

2291 days ago

Illinois person    

Dump her A/rod and fast! She seems to like your money more than you. Soon she will be only famous for being the former Mrs. A/rod!

2291 days ago


Go cynthia! go Cynthia! go Cynthia! that cheating bastard had it coming for having a thirsty penis...and even if Cynthia knew what she was getting into...she probably (A) hoped out of love (like all women who lose their head and try to trust their "heart" for the sake of a relationship) that he meant what he said when he promised himself to her...or thought 'its worth a shot and I'll try my best but if he just shows his ass, then i'm done'...either way, she's not the bad guy here. She probably had the kid in hopes of keeping the family strong and it was obviously a bad choice but hey at least she has a beautiful daughter...kids are always a blessing. Arod wanted to keep her in check while he did his dirty... real f-ing typical....man, ego's are unbelievably disgusting.

I hope he realizes that for every hoe that cost him several thousand, in reality it now is going to cost him wayyy more. dumbass.

2291 days ago



2291 days ago


LOL A-Rod's really just a trailer trash cheater, he's been exposed.

2291 days ago

Looks like Kelcey is good at this    

I just read this book called "Interceptions" and it's about exactly this

read it if you have ever dated a pro athlete or if you have ever wanted to date one!

2291 days ago


In the state of Florida, the prenup only covers the assets, not whether they cheated or not. And he can still contest it if he wants to. I'm not excusing his actions, but that's where the divorce is taking place....but I certainly don't condone a gold digging tramp, either. When you marry someone, knowing full well of their past, and naively thinking that you can change them, makes you look foolish. People only change when they are ready to change, not when you want them to. Then when you find out that your spouse has cheated, and instead of filing for a seperation or divorce, you continue to be with them and make a second child with them, then that makes you look plain ignorant. Then when you wait for the "bread winner" to sign a bigger contract that will bring in more money, then you decide to file for a divorce after that and not long after the second child is born, then you end up looking more ignorant than before. The thing is, she knew what she was doing, and the fact that she is asking for all this stuff from him, shows that she's also hiding something. Besides, what was she doing when he was on the road, going to play away games? See, a good majority of you want to bash Alex, and tell her to take him to the cleaners, but she doesn't deserve everything from him. I think she deserves enough to get by for the next 2.5 years, and then if she gets sole custody...then the kids deserve support from him as well as her. She knew him for 13 years, need I say more?? And she has no problems that would keep her from working, either, so she shouldn't have a problem finding a job. The media is so biased and making up most of the story, and looks like you guys would believe anything. I don't know of anyone who would cheat with Madonna.....and why is it that people can't be just friends and share some common interest without being pegged as more than friends, having affairs and etc. So they have the same agent, BIG FREAKIN WHOOP! The media takes pride in destroying relationships, reputations, and such when it comes to some celebs. I think that you guys need to hear from both sides before you cast judgement. Oh, yeah, I forgot Alex is the one who isn't putting it all out there for the world to hear so he can get sympathy from eveyrone else.....he has class, and is protecting what dignity he has left.....and trying not to drag Cynthia's name throught the mud. I give him credit for that!! Cynthia is a media whore!!!

2291 days ago


Oh please people. How long did she put up with his triffling? And then to have your marriage handed to you in front of the world by Madonna of all people?! I hope she takes him for everything she can get!

By the way, the "electronic" business is pretty standard. If you request disclosure of evidence and they don't give it to you then they can't come back and try to use it during trial. It's got more to do with CYA than simply being paranoid.

2291 days ago


C'mon people, this woman knew exactly what she was doing. I have no sympathy for her and hope she gets nothing but child support and alimony! If he cheated, why would you get pregnant? Ups the child support payment and makes him look like an ass for leaving his wife with two kids. She married him for the money, she knew who and how he was before they got married and did it anyways. She looks like a complete desperate idiot. She's so focused on trying to take all his money that she doesn't realize how much she's hurting herself and her kids. She definitely has something to hide and her desperation proves it. He made the money, she didn't! She can't get a job? Why not?

2291 days ago

kitten with a whip    

Oh God. Is it really always the woman's fault?? I would drag that cheating fool through the dirt too AND take his money. That is what happens when you marry and cheat. I think it is sad that people are always thinking once this happens then the woman is suddenly a gold digging bitch. If it was you, you would do the same thing. She has kids and a lifestlye to uphold. Suck it A-Rod.

2290 days ago


I wonder if the state Cynthia lives in has the 'Alienation of Affection' law?

2290 days ago
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