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Freestyler Distressed, Disturbed, Discombobulated

7/14/2008 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A guy who dared to take on the Notorious B.I.G. in a freestyle showdown 14 years ago is still smarting from the battle -- and now he wants $20 mil from the filmmakers who showed it to the world.
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In a Federal lawsuit, William Troy McCune (who goes by the rap name Supreme) says he suffered "irreparable harm, mental distress, and disturbance of his peace of mind" -- hey, we cover Heidi and Spence -- we hear ya.

Back to McCune, he says the stress isn't over getting his ass handed to him in the battle, but because the 2007 movie "Notorious B.I.G.: Bigger Than Life" used the video without his permission.

Lawyers for the production companies couldn't immediately be reached for comment.


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Steven Segall PIMP # 1    

FIRST biatches.............................

2259 days ago


I really don't care...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I want to know if someone can tell me when is the day for bloging.

I thought it was on Mondays.

I know you know Flbaker pass on the info. 2 me.

2259 days ago


even in death BIGGIE is still hurtin feelin. Get over it pimp. You got murdered in a Rap Battle. You ain't the first and you won't be the last. However, you are the first to try to sue for it....that's funny

2259 days ago


What a big YAWN. Who do you think actually cares anything about this bum?

2259 days ago

Conspiracy Island    

Biggie and Tupac are alive and well on Conspiracy Island.

2259 days ago


$ 20 mill looks like he needs that much just for food ..

2259 days ago

rabbit on the moon    

LOL. There's a porn star named Supreme.

2259 days ago


Preme need to stop. That video been all over youtube for years. LIG(let it go)

2259 days ago


Wow..suing because you lost an MC battle..that fool has NO respect in the game now..and he can't Better practice working a register, you punk-ass bitch.

2259 days ago

Duke Steele    

So, let me get this straight. One fat slob,Biggie Small and another fat slob, Supreme, "faced off" in some kind of rap contest. Wow, how talented they are. They know how to talk while someone elses music is played in the background.Maybe Supreme should calm down and go eat about 20 Big Macs and wash it down with a diet Coke. And then he can call JayZ,another no talent rap guy and then they can have a rap off,too. Did I say another no talent rap guy? Aren't they all??

2259 days ago

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