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Madge's Bro, the Ho We Knew He Was

7/14/2008 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's sponged off her for years, so of course Madge's bro is now selling her out and bashing her to cash in even more.

Christopher Ciccone somehow got booked on "GMA" to pimp his new book, claiming that Guy Ritchie is homophobic. No, Chris, he just hates you, and rightly so.


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kokopelli girl    

"Katty" Quit with the references to the web site already. It has nothing to do with any of the stories on this site.

2291 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Oh cry me a river, he worked his ass off for her with little to no pay. People have know for years what Madonna is really like and if you couldn't see what a self centered woman she is, then you are blind. I don't buy the whole act she is playing now. It's crap, just like her.

2291 days ago


Madonna used him and everyone else she has come in contact to further herself. I think he has every right to write this book. It is a good no make that great example of oh narcissists treat family and friends. Her brother worked for her for very little and did everything for her. She in return had no idea how to be thankful for his love and help. Guy sounds like a idiot. And he will be next on Madonna's list. She is the market for new narcissitic supply. I really like the part were he talks of Ingrid and what it takes to stay friends with Madonna. He even uses the word echo. Very interesting. Most people who last with narcissits are called echo's. I assume her brother is one. And he is trying to repair the damage. Narcissitis inflict.

2291 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

After reading some excerpts, his bitterness is obvious, but I do believe what her brother writes. Madonna's image has always been of a strong woman, but it is evident that her strength is that of a domineering personality, narcissistic, with an extreme holier than thou attitude. She literally believes that she is the second coming of her religion. I also believe that her strong following of gay fans ( of which I am neither) will greatly suffer from the release of the book and will rightfully backlash against her. I think she has become nothing short of a despotic tyrant! I normally have no interest in such books, but I am strongly considering reading this book, if just out of watching from the interest that the maxim of absolute power corrupts absolutely rules here. I never gave too much thought about Madonna as a person, but now I look at her as being the polar opposite of the wonderful person she believe she is. She is now the icon of everything that is negative about people who become overly caught up in religious fervor. I hate to invoke Godwin's Law, but I believe that if anything, Madonna is the self appointed Hitler of Kabbalah! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

2291 days ago

mickey lou    

How can anyone feel sorry for Madge? She wrote the book on stepping on people to get ahead. She has & will use anyone & anything to get what she wants. So go Bro!

2291 days ago


Geez the bro is so part of this whole sequence of publicity stunts. Enough already and get that damn tour done.

2291 days ago


No kidding pigs. I would say any man would say that about Madonna but you're OWN brother???!

2291 days ago


maybe, just maybe, this person is telling the truth and madonna is just a bitchy ass slut!

2291 days ago


The same person here is making comments over and over - cutting them from Perez Hilton's page. What a Mariah fan loser. Back to Madonna's brother: what an idiot. He has kharma coming for him.

2291 days ago


Every single celebrity - across the board, don't care which one it is, is narcissistic and stepped on someone/took advantage of many (especially agents, assistants, publicists, etc) to get where they are. It's part of the game of fame.
Madonna would still be who she had she never included (and paid very well) her brother.
She was helping him out, not the other way around.
He's just bitter and jealous that he has no talent and no way of making her kind of money, that is, he can't without walking all over someone else and selling a tell-all book.

He's a pissy one. Maybe people just don't like you Chris. It has nothing to do with your sexuality.... it's your personality and sense of entitlement.

2291 days ago

patsy ramsey    


2291 days ago


I think the brother has every right to expose his sister. She should be kicking in to help her family like most families know help each other..If Guy has an issue with gays, he really should be disgusted by his wife because she is not only bisexual, she is an aging slut running after Justin Timberlake. I think the brother has every right to expose his sister and I for one probably won't read the book unless I find it at a garage sale because that whore has already shown us more then we need to know. Sorry Maddona your getting older..your brother is the first to rat you out but guaranteed, one of your kids is next.

2291 days ago


Hahahaha! All you "disgusted"'re the first ones to buy the book while whining you don't have enough money to buy gas. You're right about one thing...the book is garbage..and so are it's readers. You don't need to read it to understand that.

2291 days ago


There isn't a soul on this earth that knows you better than your, who better to right a book than a family member! Good, bad or indifferent. Sometimes, the truth hurts like hell!

His publisher could not have picked a beter time to release the book.

If the roles were reversed, Madonna would have released a "tell all" book about him years ago!

2291 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

well in truth or dare, she did have all of her backup dancers in bed with her. and when she did her tv special with mike myers, he had to be in her bed. and when she did the 'madonna's pajama party' on mtv to promote the bedtime stories album...seems like madonna loves to be in bed with just about everyone lol!

2291 days ago
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