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Manson Family Member -- Should She Go Free?

7/14/2008 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan AtkinsManson Family member Susan Atkins should not become a free woman, at least if the L.A. County D.A. has his way.

Atkins, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer and may have only six months to live, has applied for Compassionate Release Consideration.

D.A. Steve Cooley says not good enough, noting that Atkins was front and center for the Sharon Tate murders back in '69. Atkins personally stabbed Tate, tasted her blood and used it to write "PIG" on the front door.

Cooley claims Atkins "has failed to demonstrate genuine remorse and lacks insight and understanding of the gravity of her crimes."

Atkins received the death penalty but it was commuted to life after the California death penalty was ruled unconstitutional.

The Board of Prison Terms hearing is tomorrow in Sacramento.


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You said it Lynn! My name is popular here today.

2295 days ago


46. She clearly isn't a threat to society at this point. The only reason at all to keep her in jail is a type of "let her rot" revenge that so many people here seem to exhibit. That does help anybody at all. Also, while she is a prisoner, all her medical bills are being paid by the people of California. So, I say, let her out.

Posted at 3:27PM on Jul 14th 2008 by Kat
I wonder if you would think that way if she had savagely murdered your loved one and unborn child. You don't seemed fazed at all of the magnitude of her crime. I suggest you go back and read all about the Manson murders and perhaps you will have a different opinion about setting this animal free.

2295 days ago


Let her die in jail where she belongs. Sharon Tate never got a second chance. Her unborn child never even got one! And to kitkat who insinuated that she was a victim because she was brainwashed...that's pure crap! She made her decision to be a murderer and she should die a painful, lonely death in jail.

2295 days ago


You see, they wouldn't have this problem if they would use the death penalty. This is why our prisons are over populated. God knows how much money was spent already for her brain cancer. Maybe they should stab her and taste her blood too. A bunch of idiots.

2295 days ago

kitten with a whip    

She was 21 when she participated in the Tate murders! Its not like she was 16 and completely naive. When I was 21 I knew not to murder pregnant actresses brutally in their homes. I don't buy the brainwashing bull. And the fact that now she still won't show any remorse tells me she is just an evil evil person who deserves to rot in that prison, brain cancer or no.

2295 days ago

Race Fan    

I don't understand why the state of California feels that the death penalty is unconstitutional. Murding somebody is illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL TOO! So why should the person who felt no remorse for the murder that they committed be compensated? She should have gotten the death penalty and NO she should not be released from prison. Our tax dollars are being payed so that she can rot in prison not help her to be treated for brain cancer!

2295 days ago


I beleive that the women should stay in jail. In the past years, many people have died in jail only wishing they could have died with their love ones. She gave no mercy to the people/family members lives she's effectived in her wrong doings. Let her die where she belongs, JAIL......

2295 days ago

joes girl    

This bitch needs to stay put
She does not deserve any compassion

2295 days ago


As long as there is no chance she can harm anyone I think they should let her out, but not because I feel sorry for her. The people working in the prison system have enough to do without having to look after someone who is dying. Let her family feed her and change her diapers.

2295 days ago


I lived in Los Angeles during that time of the Manson murders. Everyone was just horrified that someone would kill an nearly nine months pregnant woman, as well as the others in such a vicious, vile way... I say NO MERCY FOR SUSAN ADKINS. Keep her in prison. And she got married, too??? what a sick F@@K is her "husband." DISGUSTING.... AS IT'S BEEN SAID; KARMA IS A BITCH......

2295 days ago

it takes a molester    

Sure she has a few days left to live but what about Sharon and her unborn baby. They didn't get any days left to live.

2295 days ago


If being, young, impressionable, and /or under the influence of substances was a valid reason to release an older murderer, we should throw open the jails and let out every prisoner over 60. Most of them were kids who went bad, unless they were born as sociopaths. I bet if you asked any old-timer in jail for life, they'd say they are not the same person now as when they were a young punk kid.

There are prison hospital wards and high security medical facilities to deal with sick criminals. She can die there.

2295 days ago


She gleefully told what she did to Sharon and the others to her cellmates.They were the ones who informed the police. Susan even had a baby herself 2 years before that was put up for adoption. She needs to stay put!

2295 days ago


She did a horrible thing yes but release her and she will die quicker... Why you ask ?? Because someone will knock her off and get by with it...Don't sound to bad now huh ? Just sayin. The death of that unborn baby makes me livid to this day

2295 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

The people that are saying that she should be let out because the Tax payers are picking up the tab for her medical issues. Umm HELLO! It's not like she has any money now. She'll get on a state program anyway and we'll have to pay more money than it's costing in the prison system.

This piece of trash needs to stay where she's at. All of them that were in "the family" need to be executed. I don't care if they were on drugs, brainwashed or just kids. They are all monsters. Now that Cali has the death penalty again, they should all revert back to their original sentences.

I'm one of the most liberal, tree huggers out there but I do believe in Capital Punishment. If anyone deserves it, it's these bunch of killers right here.

2295 days ago
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