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Newsroom Cafe -- La Cucaracha!

7/14/2008 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Newsroom CafeThe blue plate special at the Newsroom Cafe: cockroaches!

Turns out the eatery to the stars, which was shut down last week due to "vermin infestation," had an outbreak of live cockroaches in the main food prep area, according to the Department of Health. They were shut down for 48 hours, an automatic punishment in such a case, but attended a hearing to prove the problem had been chemically treated and re-opened with a B rating.

BTW -- we went down to the Newsroom Cafe last week to get the scoop, but the manager had us escorted off the property. Perhaps they didn't want us to bump into the Orkin Man.


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who cares    

OMG TMZ you are too much! posting all those roaches like it was real...that is soooo funny. This place is doomed

2291 days ago


Don't that just Bug the He!! out of you?

2291 days ago


Will be interesting to see who eats there NOW - they escorted TMZ out? If anything they should have wined and dined ya so you'd say something good!

2291 days ago


Why hasn't TMZ set up a camera outside to see if anyone's eating there now??

2291 days ago

The Truth    

WHO would ever go into this place ???? I mean they are making big money over charging and buying cars not caring about the customer or the law,..... someone would eat there ?! thats rediculas....

2291 days ago


I knew it had to be more than just a faulty refrigeration system. I've heard that even A-rated restaurants sometimes have infestations of some sort. I can only imagine how bad a it was for them to get a C rating.

2291 days ago


I`ll never eat there, thanks for th 411.

2291 days ago


No matter how much we bleat and bray in effort to warn other people not to eat at restaurants where the staff is predominently latina/latino/hispanic -- those people refuse to listen. They will defend their addiction to filth - saying that I am being biased, a bigot, and/or a racist. So, party on you fools! Someone wanted to show me a good time and took me to this restaurant for Sunday Brunch. My antenna warned me that this place was unclean just from observing the staff working there. The managers act snotty. Also, many trendy people shop at Whole-some Foods and Trader J's -- I have seen some nasty "un-appetizers" there, too. One time I had to attend a conference my employer set up at a Denni's restaurant. I was barely eating the oil-drenched junk on my plate. Suddenly, I see a mouse run from the kitchen across the room and go under one of the booths. I whispered to guy next to me that I just saw a mouse. He loudly makes an announcement using my name and what I saw. He yells for the manager. Of course, that commotion did bring the latino manager out of his office. He admonished us for telling lies to disrupt his restaurant and told us to leave as he hit the speed dial for the police (to throw us out). Just then .... the mouse makes a fast return trip to the kitchen by running within about 12 inches of that manager's shoe. People began jumping up and leaving Denni's. Another time, I was at a "M" aka Golden Arches where the staff was all hispanic. I had just started unwrapping my breakfast -- I saw a mouse jump out of child's booster chair. Holy Mary and baby Jesus too!!! You cannot imagine how fast I ran away from that breakfast.

2291 days ago


pretty uncool post there.

2290 days ago



2290 days ago

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