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Sienna Hanging Out With a Married Man

7/14/2008 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Brothers and Sisters" star Balthazar Getty says he and Sienna Miller are just friends.

Friends who hang out in Italy. Topless.

Worth noting: Balthazar is married with four kids ... for now.

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just remember what comes around goes around. Karma is a big beotch and nobody escapes her

2293 days ago


don't know why they keep deleting me. i guess you can't write b$@tch but whoreball is ok. What's the matter is TMZ afraid of hurting her feel goods. Well I guess she deserves everyone's love and respect

2293 days ago

In Your Wet Dreams    

I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman!

Hahahaha...Yeah Right...And Britney Is A Virgin...

2293 days ago

nelly forbush    

Married or not, money or not, I would do him...He's hot. Also, and I hate to say this, but Sienna is much better looking then his dumpy wife. Who would you rather do? I thought so. Just saying...

2293 days ago


I love how everyone's blaming Sienna Miller as opposed to the married father of four who's actually doing the cheating. He's the one who made vows and then broke them, not her.
And the Jude Law/ Sade Frost split had nothing to do with Miller and everything to do with Law's mental cruelty towards Ms Frost while she was dealing with postpartum depression.
Get the facts straight, kiddies! While she may be a bit of a skeeze and most definitely not the most well-balanced of women she's also not the demon you're all trying to make her out to be, Lot's of insecure women on this site; don't hate the woman, hate the man who said he loved you and then turned around and banged some other chick.

2293 days ago


What a whore, and he's a whore too!!

2293 days ago

Lenn K.    

He needs to call Robert Rodriquez. He left his wife and five kids for Rose McGowan and she kicked his ass to the curb when he couldn't get her the part she wanted in a movie. Dude, it's not worth it, you are going get you face slammed in the gutter and you'll deserve it. Stop now, because cheating relationships never work, ask Meg Ryan.

2293 days ago


Maybe it's because I'm a woman, but I don't get it. Sienna has the body of a prepubescent boy- what is the attraction? And Getty is the one who's violating his marriage vows.

2293 days ago


Didn't she already run off with one married man when she hit on Jude Law? I guess she's just into married men.

2293 days ago


That is not Balthazar Getty.

2293 days ago


I really don't understand why she is famous. She is sooo vanilla looking. I mean, there are so many more stunning looking blondes; she's just so average looking. I saw the uncensored photos and she has no body. She's skinny, but flabby. Her boobs are completely unremarkable. Her hair is a bird's nest. Her talent, if she actually has any, is completely unproven. She's more famous for who she sleeps with than for her work. It's her publicist that deserves the accolades; that b!thch should increase her fees!

2293 days ago


at least Jude Law wasn't married to anyone when he cheated on her

2293 days ago


They BOTH need to be checked for STD's. Girl has been messing with so many men. Now, he should know better -- at least to protect his family. This is just not right.

2293 days ago


It's absolutely Balthazar Getty. There have been plenty of pictures of them together, including pics of a shirtless Balty showing his tattoo with his wife's name.

Is Balthazar really a billionaire or heir to the Getty fortune? The British tabloids keep carrying on about how Balthazar is super rich and that's why Sienna has fallen for him, but I thought his great-grandfather and grandfather gave most of the Getty fortune away?

2293 days ago


Just to add to the comment about greener on the other side, Now are we talking grass or money?
That latter one would make her jump the fence, and hope she gets slivers along the way!

2293 days ago
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