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Baby Birth Certs

7/15/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has uncovered the birth certificates of five of Hollywood's newest brats. Did you know all five were born at Cedars Sinai in L.A. -- where Dennis Quaid's twins had their incident a few months back? Click below to find out what other little tidbits we uncovered.



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Ameria??? C'mon TMZ--don't you have spellcheck?

2271 days ago


Luckiest Gyno in Ameria? Is Ameria a nice part of LA? I want to visit Ameria next time I'm in California.

2271 days ago


Christina Aguilera really needs to invest in a face transplant.

2271 days ago


Seeing Nichole Ritchie's junk makes you "lucly"? I'm gonna start smashing mirrors and walking under ladders.

2271 days ago

Media whores    

None of these women have any business reproducing in the first place. Can you imagine the drag on society these kids are going to be in 20 years (see Hulk Hogan, etc...).

2271 days ago


Birth certificates are public record, but you have to provide your relationship to the child to get a copy . Was this really necessary? Any of us who want this info can get it ourselves.This was a really nasty thing to do to these little babies. How would any of you like your child's birth certificate plastered all over the Internet?

2271 days ago

Media whores    

Would that be any worse than their own parents selling their pics to...say...People magazine?
Trust me...the paps and society are the LEAST of these kids problems. Their own parents will be their downfall.

2271 days ago


ummmm....some info on most of those are completely wrong, I mean some names aren't even right

nice job TMZ, almost had me

2271 days ago


Jessica alba ruined her career with that child.

Yes, she will still make movies. And yes, she will be considered a "sex symbol" but NO WHERE where she would have been, if she didn't have a kid. Look at angela jolie. It's not until she was in her 30's that she finally decided to have a kid, cause her career is already careening towards the upper end, and it's almost all downhill in the next couple of years.

But alba had at least 10 more years to become hollywoods "IT" girl for a sex symbol.

Oh well, guess she's happy.

2271 days ago


Luckiest OB/GYN in the country?!? MY GOD, you (TMZ) act like 14-year old boys. This is a baby being born - a normal, beautiful act - NOT something raunchy. This is really, really low. Harvey, what has happened to TMZ?

2271 days ago

richard angelo    

once they're shaven and open,
they ALL look the same.......

2271 days ago


Seriously, doubt they're real...BTW...Aubry's date of birth is listed wrong. His birthday is 01-04-1976 not 04-30-1975. He's a Capricorn not a Taurus even though Halle threw some party for him last Spring w/his modeling agency. Unless, the media has had his bday wrong all this time. So may be the rumor is true, that he really isn't Nahla's father? As for the others, who knows if they are authentic.

2271 days ago

Slow day huh?    

Don't know if Aubry's dob is wrong but I heard it was in January too. Halle's dob is definitely wrong....her dob is August 14, 1966 not April 14th, 1966. Think Halle would know her one dob even if having the baby by natural child birth. I say it's a fake unless the hospital made a mistake. Don't know if they all had the same doctor, seriously doubt it. Halle had a perintologist, a OB/GYN who specializes in diabetes. I say Nahla's and probably the others birth certificates are fakes.

Slow day after the Vern Troller snafu, huh?

2270 days ago


Will we ever get to see Halle Berry's baby??? Does she have something wrong with her??? Like maybe Down's Syndrome?????

2270 days ago

deja' vu all over again!    

.....the death of any right to privacy as we know it. people love to scoff when public people are violated, but remember, that always rolls down hill. what they do to the stars today, they do to us tomorrow.

2270 days ago
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