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Bad Blow Could Mean Jail for "Family Ties" Kid

7/15/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brian BonsallBrian Bonsall, who played Andy Keaton on "Family Ties," may now be facing jail time after violating the terms of his probation.

B.B. pleaded guilty last year to third-degree assault after tossing his girlfriend around -- and has now allegedly violated the terms of his two-year probation by failing to pay for domestic-violence classes, submitting a positive breath test, and failing to show at other scheduled breathalyzer check-ups -- this according to Boulder's Daily Camera.

The 26-year-old is due in court on Wednesday in Colorado and his probation officer has recommended a 60-day term of work release -- allowing him to work during the day and go back to the pokey at night.


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That is one sad mess of a human being.

2261 days ago

Lord of the Volcano    

Let's put him in the same jail cell as Nick Hogan so they can both suck each other off. Taking a look at both of them I'm sure they already been with a man before!!!!

2261 days ago

Democrats are evil    

A pure example of our democrat run society. It started with pimping him out as a child actor. then the no discipline public school system where tests are an optional thing. His parents probably divorced and spent all his acting money. Not required to join the military and become a man. Never went to church a day in his life. So, this is what you get. An angry, uneducated loser in life. Multiply that times 20 million illegal aliens and you have the future of the United States of America. Democrats do love the children, don't they? Not
Phony Hypocrites.

2261 days ago


Maybe he thought it was halloween.

2261 days ago


"Take him home to MOM" - Mom, no. Alice Cooper maybe. Poor kid. Wonder what the girlfriend looks like. HMMMM. And Froggie don't ever apologize for your criticism of poor spelling in others. I've seen things that would curl your lilypad. At least you noticed the error, corrected it, and in all likelyhood - saved Buckeye from making that mistake again. Good Job!!

2261 days ago

ash is so sad that he has become this, hope he can and wants to clean up.

2261 days ago


i might not be the best speller. but what the hell its close enough AINT IT.. ( AINT thats a word AINT it).

2261 days ago

Pancho Gonzalez    

Yeah... he was a problem kid! He was in Missouri Military Academy with me and he would piss off the guys and I ... and trust me. He got his! lol

2261 days ago


You know, everyone (including me sometimes) dishes on child stars who go bad; however, what I would like to know is: Where are the big name stars who benefited from his childhood years keeping their TV series alive and on the air? Why aren't they involving themselves in his life to get him the proper help he needs?

2261 days ago


he looks worse than valentino and vals 76..

2261 days ago


"6. Look at his eyes...he's probably stoned but I can't help but think that he looks so unhappy. He's not living a happy life.....he's got issues and until he wants to change (I think he does but just doesn't know how to go about getting the right kind of help ) he'll continue to be the violent person that he is. Sad really.....

Posted at 4:30PM on Jul 15th 2008 by justsaying"

You know the difference between a glamor shot and a mugshot, right? Most people are NOT very happy when they're being booked into jail, and unfortunately, our tax dollars don't provide makeup artists and professional photographers for the poor saps who get arrested.

2261 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Okay, I'll admit he's a grown man wholly responsible for his own actions,
But still, I just get angry thinking how Hollywood and these kids families toss their own out like garbage once they cease to be profitable...

2261 days ago

Pretty Ricky    

I guess he won't be on the "Family Ties" reunion show. Oh well, they can say he's in jail.

2261 days ago


As a child, he had normal eyebrows and now his eyebrows are BUSH.... WTF? please tweeze them for christ sake. They're disgusting looking.

2261 days ago


Just another example of POOR WHITE TRAILER TRASH!!! Was that racial??? Sorry I see so much of it here I can't help it...

2261 days ago
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