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Kidman and Keith - Take Our Baby, Please!

7/15/2008 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just want you to know: We're no Brangelina.

That is, at least, when it comes to their newborn daughter Sunday Rose. While pics of Knox and Viv Jolie-Pitt are already being shopped for upwards of $15 million, the couple from Oz say they're going to give the first snaps of their tot out for free, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"They don't think it's appropriate to make deals," says a source. "They are still deciding how they feel about (it)."

Brangie Twins Already Webbed

Isn't it just adorable when the babies blog? Might be a bit premature for the Jolie-Pitt twins, but you can't be too sure.

That's why, as Jossip reports, Knox and Vivienne already have their own web addresses, and, registered by Brangelina and their lawyers at Lavely and Singer. The names were registered just hours after the kids were born.

As Jossip suggests, the couple likely took the move to prevent people from registering the address to scam some baby gifts.

Jimmy and Sarah – Free to F*** Whomever

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are the happiest guys in the world right now.

Not really: Their faux fornication partners, Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel, have called it quits after five years of comic cohabitation. As Vanity Fair reports, Jimmy and Sarah "have and will have no further comment," according to the couple's respective reps.

The couple were named "Funniest Couple Alive" by People recently.

Party Favors: Odd Couple Alert -- Karina and Sean Stewart? ... Village Person Out of Hospital ... Cigars In Full Force for New Papas ... Heath's Family in NYC for "Knight" Preem

Spies tell us that Karina Smirnoff (late of Mario Lopez) and Sean Stewart (late of ... whoever) were PDA-riffic at the Svedka Vodka party at Lily Pond in the Hamptons last weekend. Village People cop Victor Willis is out of the hospital after surgery to remove nodes from his vocal chords, but he has to stay off singing for 90 days, according to the doctor. ... We're told that Gurkha cigars are smokin' out famous new fathers Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt, sending the guys boxes of their equally famed stogies. ... Heath Ledger's mother and father came to New York for their late son's debut in "The Dark Knight," but didn't do the red carpet.


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Sarah Silverman is an annoying twit. One of the best thing's I've ever seen was her getting punched out in "Way of the Gun."

Do a simple search for "Sarah Silverman Way of the Gun" on youtube.... most certainly worth watching her get hit.

2294 days ago


Who can TELL if these celebrities ACTUALLY give all that money to charity huhh???????

2294 days ago


sarah silverman or chelsey handler

2294 days ago


What a difference between class and trash??? As they say you can't buy class you can only be born with it. Do you hear Brangelina????!!!!! I wouldn't buy the magazine with their kids on it if it walks behind me!!!! And people should boycot the magazines that are paying this ridicoulus amount of money. Don't people have other things to do then watch Brangelinas kids. Who cares!!!!

2294 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

What if Brad and Angie woke up one morning and NO ONE gave a crap about their celebrity..I can see a magazine paying 20 MILLION DOLLARS for a photo of GOD but some lousy actors kids..Please..Brad and Angie are boring indiviually, but as a couple they are some kind of power house..Go figure!

2294 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I'd rather see a photo of Halle Berry's kid..

2294 days ago

nothing but the truth    

good for you nicole kidman!!
i've always had enormous respect for this lady both as an actress and a is a woman who lives life with class and dignity refusing to pander to the media..she's a true A lister, through n through , right there with meryl streep, tom hanks, daniel day lewis n other star ''parents'' who genuinely care about their children and would go to any extent to protect them and their privacy and offer them as normal,stable and secure a childhood as possible,something the pr gluttons called brangelina would never understand ..

n what charity are we talkn about here? brangelina's posing n preening for the cameras..visiting refugees by private helicopters ,while vacationing for months in million dollar resorts..shamlessly lecturing the world on poverty while jolie spends millions on surgically enhancing just about everyinch of her face just for the vain , shallow , narcissistic pleasure of being the called the most desirable woman in the world and and in the process acquiring a media manufactured halo over her reconstructed head .
SHE ALSO GETS TO SMUGLY REVEL in being praised as global humanitarian ,mother of the year..when everything about her ..from the much publicised charity and phohoot adoptions are as fake as that nose on her face ..WHAT IRONY..WHY DO WE ACCEPT THIS HYPOCRISY?
this woman has made a business of charity and adoptions , when taking her clothes of and perfoming vulgar sex scenes for the camera failed to bring her the adulation she craved.ofcourse it didn't help that her brother frenching, blood accessorizing ways made her an object of ridicule..not to mention her penchant for seducing married men further compounding it by remorselessly humiliating their wives ,shamelessly and constantly boasting of her sexual prowess and her various kinky appetites which ensured that she'd never be treated with anything but contempt by the masses and the A listers, with fascination by similar sociopaths.
so basically she needed an image make-over and that included her face too.. hers is the makeover of the century!!..literally and figuratively..
she gives me the creeps

Apparently, the protection of the integrity and innocence of an infant is seemingly second to the possibility of earning millions, garnering publicity, or perhaps donating to a good cause. Jolie and Pitt claimed to have given substantial portions of Shiloh's photo spread earnings to charity.

While it may seem honorable, I still have to take issue with the origin of their donation. Whether or not a celebrity saves the money, gives it as charity, or spends it on crack, the reality is that they took advantage of their child in order to receive it. If they were truly passionate about their causes, why couldn't these millionaires just make donations themselves? Hypothetically, young Shiloh could grow up and decide that she is against the organization to which that money was contributed. Once again, parents are making inappropriate decisions.

The reason why these wealthy parents are accepting any money at all is just another one of the issues surrounding this practice that eludes me. The stars are stamping price tags on their priceless babies, throwing all notions of privacy away at the sight of money, and allowing their vulnerable newborns to be subjected to the merciless inspection of the celebrity-crazed American public. Clearly, Britney Spears is not the only unfit parent in Hollywood.

2294 days ago


I think what people tend to forget about donations to charity is that they can be tax deductible and the wealthier the donator, the more they get back. Brad and Angelina are smart business people and this may be the reason they donate the money for the pictures themselves instead of just having the magazine make the donation.

2294 days ago


i tried to go to the web address for the jolie pitts twins and nothing pulls up!!! false reporting again???? come on TMZ

2294 days ago

Jen Fan    

Nothing but the Truth--

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. Stop pimping out your babies. It is disgusting and vulgar.

2294 days ago


seriously people, can't we all just get a life?

2293 days ago


I was overcome with waves of orgasmic joy to learn that others were as unimpressed with sarah silverman as I have always been. I just never got it...............ooh you make crude jokes about starving kids in Africa or lame cracks about religion and then you orally satisfy the program bookers on your boyfriend's TV show to cop a lot of free airtime. Mmmm........yeah I think I got this whole comedy-whore thing down now. Please good folks don't misunderstand..........I love Jimmy Kimmel, though not in the way SS did, but as a fan of good comedy. I think what kinda got under my skin as well was the supposition that we were kinda suppose to adore SS because she was with Jimmy. Jimmy earned his comedy chops the old fashion way my dear SS,.........he was and is funny. You SS on the other hand might want to set it up so you get arrested by the cops for say crack possession, do the Rehab thing, write a book about it and find yourself back on the media whore circuit telling Oprah how this has made you a better person AND by-the-way buy my new comedy CD.

2293 days ago

Lady Cathe    

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!.......Keith and Nicole. Love you both Dearly.......Have a wonderful life with your Beautiful Daughter Sunday Rose. I know you both are truly happy. With Sincer Love & Blessings,
Lady Cathe

2293 days ago


I think it is PROPER for celebrities to sell the pics, magazines make millions from stalking celebrities and taking pics of everyone in their families. I commend all who do! And if they donate the money, it is even better.

2293 days ago

Jen Fan    

I don't agree. What if the parents go broke. They pimped out their baby and gave the money away. Why not put it away for the children. They make enough money to donate to charity; why do they sell their kids to get the money to donate?

2293 days ago
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