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Linda & BoyToy's

Wedding Date

7/15/2008 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda HoganLooking like a pair of Donatelladroids, TMZ spies caught 48-year-old sugar momma Linda Hogan and her equally peroxided 19-year-old lover Charlie Hill at a wedding on Saturday -- and thankfully it wasn't theirs.

The tantastic duo were snapped having a tender moment at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater, Fla., where we're told Linda was one of the oldest guests at the reception.


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Jennifa O Jenny    

She's only 48 years old? She looks older then that - and I'm not trying to be mean or funny, I'm sincere.

Just proves that tanning too much ages a person.

2259 days ago


I could do it if he were rich….well, maybe stinking rich. But the pool boy? LOL I’m sure he’s in it for love too (wink, wink) . This woman has no shame.

2259 days ago


11. What's the big fuss? Hulk is dating a very much younger woman. Why can't Linda date a much younger man? You guys are just jealous. Let her be. After Hulk, any man would be preferable.
Posted at 2:35PM on Jul 15th 2008 by withak

Absolutely! But, did she have to pick a dude that that bleaches his hair the same shade as her & her family?

2259 days ago


oh boy, I love her pink nails

2259 days ago



One word sums her up to a T!! SKANK!

The can't-find-men-her-own-age-to-date little boy screwing skank!!!

Hey Linda honey, when you can't be that teenager any longer, sleeping with them isn't going to make you a teenager again either!!!!!!!!!! How about grow the Hell up and act like the mature mother YOU SHOULD BE but haven't achieved yet instead of screwing guys the same age as your own children!! How repulsive. Even Brooke doesn't want anything to do with you, what does that say?????? She acts more mature than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (although letting daddy dear rub tanning lotion near her "tuna taco" is right creepy!!)

Linda, you a SKANK!! A too tanned for her own good, leather looking skank!!!!

2259 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Did she scoop a loot bag on the way out?

2259 days ago


is linda dressing her boy toy now? The hot flashes are getting more frequent and the vajayjay is drying out so she'd better get it in while she can.

2259 days ago


I like the nails too and they match his shirt, how adorable is that... GAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

2259 days ago


I'm not one to critize, as my husband of 20 years is 12 years younger than I, but 19 & 48? Give me a break! What is she trying to prove and what kind of brain does she have if she has anything in common with a teenager. Hulk must have really hurt her and she's trying to get back somehow. This is not the way to do it!

2259 days ago


Leave my Mommy alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

2259 days ago

who cares    

"Looking like a pair of Donatelladroids" OMG, TMZ, YOU ALWAYS CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2259 days ago


Linda please, flaunting a teenage giggalo pool boy around town is no claim to fame. He's only there for what he can get and you ignoring that fact doesn't make you too smart. Maybe you're where Brook gets her little dumb bimbo attitude from. I know the sex is good, but is a young rock hard d*ck up your worn out p*ssy the only thing you care about?

2259 days ago


and ya know, where is HIS mother in this....I would be calling out Linda Hogan for robbing my son's cradle in a heartbeat. He is an adult yes, but c''s down right DISGUSTING!!!!

2259 days ago


Linda hogan makes me puke. please stop doing news stories on the Hogan clan.

2259 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

As long as everyone is of legal each his own. But as for me, I'm 38 and was asked out by a 19 year old. I couldn't do it. That's too friggin young! Gave me the creeps to even think about it. Still does! LOL

2259 days ago
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