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Linda & BoyToy's

Wedding Date

7/15/2008 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda HoganLooking like a pair of Donatelladroids, TMZ spies caught 48-year-old sugar momma Linda Hogan and her equally peroxided 19-year-old lover Charlie Hill at a wedding on Saturday -- and thankfully it wasn't theirs.

The tantastic duo were snapped having a tender moment at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater, Fla., where we're told Linda was one of the oldest guests at the reception.


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someone is looking for attention

2230 days ago

Teri Ganley    

You would think with all the money she has she could afford to get her boy toy a DECENT haircut and color. Sooooo "mall cut!"

2230 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

37. Two for one Bleach jobs? Now tell me what would she want with a 19 year old boy? he can't go to the bars, he can't go to Vegas.. and he sure as hell isn't any good in the sack.

"come over here and show Mama your little pee pee"

2230 days ago

BJ Rocks    

they are both in it for the sex he will move on eventually.

2230 days ago


The Hogan clan is so dsyfunctional and creepy. Linda Hogan should be ashamed of herself for dating such a young guy. I'm only 20 and unlike my stupid friends I would never date someone that much older than me. This reminds me of all those actresses back in the day who would run off and marry some old guy as soon as they turned 18....eww.

2230 days ago


why is it ok for a 70 year old man to date a 20 year old girl but a woman can't date anyone younger

2230 days ago


NO WAY!!! she is soooo gross!! Her boyfriend and Hulks girlfriend should get together!

2230 days ago


i wonder at the wedding reception when the bride and groom were getting ready to leave, did linda go over with the other single girls and try to catch the bouquet? if i was in that group, i would of asked her to not do it. she is not even divorced yet and brought her son's lookalike and he is 19. please tell me that did not happen. if she did, she should of been immediately disquailifed because her divorce is not final from the hulkster. i can't believe that you would take a child to the wedding at a church he is probably a few months off from being 30 years aka 3 decades younger than you. this is just horrible destructive behavior. trainwreck, trainwreck, trainwreck. did i say trainwreck?

2229 days ago


That bleach must be really going to Lindas brain if she really believes this boy child really likes her for her and not whats in her pocket book. She needs to portray herself in a better way if she wants any respect from anyone. To date your 20 year old daughters 19 year old acquaintance and your hitting 50.....seriously wrong. If your gonna date after a high profile divorce you'd think this bleach bond would at least find someone close in age and behave herself.

2229 days ago

Loca Steph    

OMG!!! What is wrong with the HOGAN'S???? JAIL BAIT!!!! You would think she would have more class than that. Doesn't she see that it's called GOLD DIGGERS!! What a typical blonde!!! She'll be broke and trying to get the HULK back. Hogan knows CRAP.

2229 days ago


This whole 'HOGAN" situation/mess is good for losing weight. They ought to make an infomercial out of it. It makes me nauseous and not want to eat. YAAAACK!!!

2229 days ago


News Flash to the group of Lindamainc out there whom think it okay for her to date a 19 year old guy. I am a guy 26 I think Any MF person whom dates anyone after having a child and in her case two children should say well if my son or daughter is 18 i'm not going to date someone I could of mothered or fathered myself..... Hulk dating someone in there 30 were Linda is basicallygo after someone nearly her's son age as that apparent with him going through Nick stuff...... So to be clear to you all I would not have a problem if Linda or hulk were to date some one atleast 5 or 6 years older then there own children if that person happy.

2229 days ago


Charley-what's with that 'do, man?
The Bolleas have no class, no style, bad taste (which was pretty apparent from seeing how their homes were decorated.) and a terrific sense of entitlement, the likes of which I have never seen before. I wouldn't be caught dead with this kid Charley. He's just down right fugly. Getting laid is one thing, but taking him out in public, come on, Linda.

2229 days ago
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