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Lindsay Lohan, You Got Served -- Kinda, Sorta

7/15/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was served with legal papers today on the set of her new movie -- but the whole thing ain't kosher.

A source close to Lindsay tells TMZ it was really shady. We're told the process server faked being a paparazzo and threw the papers at her, and that ain't no way to serve a lady. One of Lindsay's reps tells us the service was not legal.

The case in question involves Samantha Ronson and the law firm that repped her in a defamation case against Perez Hilton. She claims the firm overcharged her and screwed up her case.

How does Lindsay factor in? Sam says in the suit the defamation involves what didn't happen in Lindsay's infamous car crash in May 2007.


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i love lindsay and perez is getting a bit annoying im starting to hate hearing about him but i still look at his website but i hate some of his comments and the random paint job he does on the pictures

2256 days ago


considering harvey levin is an attorney, he should know that IS valid service. my god, there is video to PROVE IT!. look it up folks! that service is a go. pretty lame on the part of TMZ to look so ignorant and make something out of nothing. and as a process server, we are actors in our own right, playing the part and doing whatever we need to, by all means. play the game however you want. it is all about winning and this scored BIG TIME! process server - 1, lindsay - nada

2256 days ago


Using any ruse, short of actually impersonating a cop, or physical intimidation is okay. The elements of lawful service are simple, you call the attention of the individual being served to the papers and let them know that these are legal papers, generally with the magic words: "You are served." That's good enough.

By the way, you can serve some papers on any warm body over the age of 18 on the premises, usually on the third try, but some on the first attempt. People think it's a game of tag, but it isn't

2256 days ago

RC grandma    

Sorry, Lindsay - service is legal. You don't have to tell take the papers, all that's needed is that you are identified and they can drop the papers at your feet and say "you are served" and, you ARE! And - there is nothing that says a process server has to be truthful about who he is or why he is there if he is trying to get to you to serve you. So, spoiled one -- you've been served - better handle it.

2256 days ago


Hate to break it to her peeps but unless the laws are drastically different - that service was legal - all they have to do is verify it's you and say they are serving you - doesn't matter if she took the papers or not :( poor Lindsey - NOT

2256 days ago


Uhm, that's not all that shady...and he didn't throw the papers at her. He specifically said that she was being served papers for a deposition and she refused to take them. In some cases he can follow it up with a certified service to her home or attorney and it will still be legal.

That being said, how is she to know if that was some psycho fan saying he a a process server just to pass along a letter or something? I'm sure people try to hand her stuff all the time. I don't blame her for not taking the papers... but the video should be sufficient proof that she was in fact, served.

2256 days ago


thats my cousin serving her ass!!!

2256 days ago


Whoever the source is for TMZ is obviously an IDIOT! His own footage says it all. At any moment did we see papers thrown at Lindsay. What I did see that TMZ source failed to mention is the assault on the Process server by Lindsays bodyguard. Now that is obvious. Mr. Process server I will suggest you get yourself an attorney like Harvey and sue for assault!

2256 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I'm surprised a lawyer would have a tough time figuring out that process servers are a sneaky bunch? They have to be to do their job! I give props to this guy for his creativity. I just hope he didn't catch anything from getting so close to her!

2256 days ago

Party 'till you die!    


Posted at 3:27PM on Jul 15th 2008 by TJD
Her legs are also WIDER than a goal post and many disgusting fools have gone there to score! Men like Samantha Ronson!

2256 days ago


This is absolutely a legal serve, he identified himself and what he had, it doesn't matter if she takes it or not. I am a process server, and I have served people a lot shadier than that! Dropping them in parking lots, throwing them on top of car windshields just to watch the person drive away and the papers blow away down the road. Of course people go to court and say they were never served, but once the judge calls you in the judge will pretty much believe you. I give this process server credit, his balls are quite the size!!!

2256 days ago


Lindsay's rep is incorrect. She WAS served!

2255 days ago

Charlie Baker    

It's unfortunate that not everyone in the process serving industry is not as professional as they should be, especially when working with celebrities.

2255 days ago

Lindsey Lancor    

In response to Charlie's comment, professional, pre-screened process servers are the only kind of process servers listed on they check EVERYONE.

2254 days ago


OOORAH.......For "Stein Investigations" Job Well Done! You the man.

2253 days ago
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