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Susan Atkins -- Denied

7/15/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan AtlkinsBrain cancer won't get you an early release from prison, not if you're Susan Atkins.

The California parole board denied the application for release by the jailed Manson follower. Atkins, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and may have only six months to live, had applied for Compassionate Release Consideration.

The L.A. County D.A. argued against it, saying, "[Atkins] has failed to demonstrate genuine remorse and lacks insight and understanding of the gravity of her crimes."

Atkins received the death penalty but it was commuted to life after the California death penalty was ruled unconstitutional.


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened; which IS the book of life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

And the sea gave up their dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them; and they were judged every man according to their works.

And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

REVELATIONS CH. 20 vs 12-15

NOW what, "I'm just sayin'"?

2261 days ago


This comment from "Patty" makes me sick:

"59. At this point, keeping her in jail is just vindictive. It's being the same kind of monster she was. American's are so angry and spiteful. Let her die in sunshine. Simple human compassion. It's not that hard.

Posted at 10:45PM on Jul 15th 2008 by Patty"

By sustaining her life thus far, providing her shelter, legal assistance, free trials, decades of familial and conjugal visitation, medical care and LIFE you are saying that we, the majorial public are monsters for denying her freedom???

Oh, wait, you're the type of human who rewards those who completely lack all consideration for humanity with your "love".

Yeah, okay. Sweet dreams Patty. Go ahead and reward the evil and continue to show the love. The rest of us will continue to respect human life by never, EVER taking another's. We can sleep at night because we love and we care enough from the start never to take that from anyone, let alone a stranger.

But by all means, parade for evil. But don't you dare call us the monsters. Evil does as evil sees. You follow what you believe in. Monster.

2261 days ago


59. At this point, keeping her in jail is just vindictive. It's being the same kind of monster she was. American's are so angry and spiteful. Let her die in sunshine. Simple human compassion. It's not that hard.

Posted at 10:45PM on Jul 15th 2008 by Patty
Let her die in sunshine? Keeping her in jail is just vindictive? Umm Patty what kind of dope are you on? This evil bitch viciously killed a woman that was 8 months pregnant and cut the baby out of her stomach and helped kill 6 or 7 other people. Did this evil bitch let Sharon Tate and her unborn baby and the others die in sunshine? No they did not. Lay off the crack Patty and read about this horrible crime before you even makes such a stupid statement. I dont know where you are from, but if this happened in your country or where ever you wouldnt have such compassion for an evil c*nt. So don't even go there with the "American's are so angry and spiteful" you dumb b*tch!

2261 days ago


For the most part, comments by readers here reveal the most grotesque and hateful places in the human heart. How did we as humans come to this?? That saddens me the most. The problem with hate and revenge is that they are beasts that are never satisfied. Look elsewhere.

2261 days ago


The vistims here are Sharon Tate, her baby, and the LaBianco family. Sorry about her brain cancer. She gave these poor, innocent people death, now it's her turn. Perhaps she can think about her actions and suffer with the pain and agony of brain cancer. Oh well, so sad...NOT!

2261 days ago

German Duckie    

Hm, normally, i.e. if you behave well in prison, you get realeased after having served 15 years when sentenced for lifelong prison in Germany....which I do not think is fair towards the victims and the suffering of their families in some cases

It astounds me, thowever, at still, despite all the WRONG ones executed in the U.S., there are still so many people in favor of the dead penalty there.....strange for a country that wants to be a MORAL(!) leader ....and with the highest crime rate world-wide in the Western hemosphere! Death penalty doesn t seeem to WORK, does it?

2261 days ago

Barbara Ann    

I was a young girl when this all happened. I remember it as though it were this morning. I was so afraid to even go to sleep. I kept thinking people would break in to our home and brutally kill us. Susan Atkins was the most frightening. I recall the Chief Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in his book regarding this horror of the crimes and his prosecution of same, an incident of her going through the Lobianco house after the group murdered them. He wrote "finally they were ready to leave but not before Susan EVER THE ANIMAL defecated on the stairs."

Cold blooded words as Sharon Tate begged for her life because of her unborn child and being told by this Atkins B--ch, "I don't care about you or your baby"...Life in prison, with meals, medical attention and whatever else she needed in whatever way she could get it, along with bragging about the murders, is far more than she deserved.

Even with the brain cancer, this B--ch is getting off easy.

2261 days ago


I agree with you all- but what really disgusts me is the fact that the penal system has spent over 1 MILLION dollars of our taxpayers money to care for her in just the last year alone!!! Can any of you afford that? In one way I say let her out to that worthless attorny/husband of hers and let him foot the bill. This is fricking sad that the majority of us cannot even afford healthcare anymore, let alone over a MILLION in one year. I think they need to cut off her meds and let her die a painful death and plea for her life just like she stood over Sharon Tate and her unborn child.

2261 days ago

waa waa cry babies    

Having cancer is a terrible thing, however killing people in the horrifying, sadistic way in which she participated in the crimes is an even more terrible thing.

From what I recall when I read Helter Skelter, Susan Atkins was among the most gung-ho of those who went to do Charlie's work. There were others there who later showed remorse, she apparently has not.

While I don't know what her judgment day before God will be like, I do know that she has received one reprieve when the death penalty she received was lifted. I think that one pass is plenty given the crimes she participated in.

Her death will never be as horrible as the ones of her victims. She will be treated in a more merciful way than they were, even if it is in a prison hospital. She will be on morphine and other drugs to make her more comfortable. The victims of the Tate-LaBianco crimes received no comfort at the times of their deaths, just sheer terror. The decision to keep her in prison until her death is the correct one.

2261 days ago

Vera Bauer    

Good choice, being the age I am 60 years old, I remember ...

2261 days ago

Pilots Wife    

I hope someone spits on her grave when she is buried.

2261 days ago

twin mom    

I'm sure Sharon Tate's family would have liked to tell her goodbye and they loved her before her life was taken, why should Atkins get to spend time with her family before she dies?????

2261 days ago


59. At this point, keeping her in jail is just vindictive. It's being the same kind of monster she was. American's are so angry and spiteful. Let her die in sunshine. Simple human compassion. It's not that hard.

Posted at 10:45PM on Jul 15th 2008 by Patty

(Squeaky, is that you???)

She received a sentence. It's being followed through. It's not a matter of being compassion.

2261 days ago

who cares    

to patty have you lost your friggin mind?
did she let her victim die in the sunshine
you are a sick demented person
that bitch deserves to rot n prison
and let the buzzards pick her bones when she does die
no mercy from me---- eye for an eye should of been
not live in prison so this bitch needs to spend her final days
where she put herself

2261 days ago

Joe Mama    

it's a shame they abolished the death penalty, i'd like to see manson dead, he is one sick man. this should not even be news. atkins should never get out! she looks hot in the photo, she really is sexy sadie.

2261 days ago
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