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Would You Let Her Take Care of Your Baby?

7/15/2008 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Certifiable mother of two Helena Bonham Carter took her baby girl out for a leisurely Sunday troll.

Both mother and daughter wore their pjs.


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al loanese    

yeah why people at tmz are always on her case because of the way she dresses outside of the hollywood crap...if she is comfortable wearing what she does than there isnt any problem...yes i'd let her hold my baby..after all she is no naomi campbell who would throw the baby at her assistants.

2189 days ago


I would definitely let her take care of my kid! I love her to pieces! She's too cute!

2189 days ago


I would too. And whats wrong with taking a stroll in your pjs. Do you think maybe the child was cranky and a stroll calms her down.

2189 days ago


Why are you making fun of Helena? She's a great mom and a fabulous actress. Just because she is taking her baby out for a walk obviously means she's up for TMZ's cruel taunts. What a bunch of bird brains you are.

2189 days ago


She's being a good parent, at least it's her and not a hired the way why aren't you out playing with your kids, it is summer break!

2189 days ago


Isn't she married to Tim Burton? He's a genius, and he wouldn't have hooked up with a complete ditz (and she's a gifted actress in her own right)! Yes, I think I'd let her babysit my kids - she's part of a very talented and creative family, and I think she'd be fun to hang out with.

2189 days ago


You've got alot of nerve to insinuate she's a bad mom! What the hell?

2189 days ago

joe wouldn't you like to know    

Bellatrix Lastrange!

2189 days ago


You're calling her a troll TMZ?

You, of all people, who use to claim to be different from other tabloids in the fact that you'd cover the TRUTH and not just make up sleezy news... only to turn into those sleezy tabloids within a week?

You, of all people, who hire photogs that don't know anything about entertainment. (Calling Kelly Carlson Kelly Clarkson and asking her about American Idol, asking how someone's father is when they've been DEAD for 10 years...)

YOU are making fun of her? Now that's something to laugh about.

At least she's not allowing a Nanny to raise her kid. She's walking her daughter. She's not doing anything to endanger her kid's life, she seems by all accounts, a good, hands on, involved mother.

You're actually bashing that?

God you guys at TMZ are retards.

2189 days ago

Helena Rulz    

helena bonham carter wouldnt care what tmz thinks of her dress - look at what she stars in, who she is married to. Sweeny Todd anybody? You would rather she dressed like some LA blonde bore? Purleez! We need more Helenas and her pajamas!

2189 days ago


I love HBC...she's so unconventional and a true free-spirit, besides being a fantastic actress. I think the reason that the tabloids attack her appearance so often is that she makes them angry for not following the Hollywood standard. She plays by her own rules, and since that confuses the paps, the only thing they can do (with their limited intelligence) is to criticize and mock her. Apparently, Tim Burton (another free-spirit genius...and frequently criticized for his unconventional appearance) finds her appealing and attractive, and I'm sure lots of other men (and women!) do as well. And her parenting skills? I agree with the other posters who say "She's out there taking care of her baby, not letting a nanny raise her child". Give her credit where it is due.

2189 days ago


YES YES YES I would let her take care of my daughter.

2189 days ago


I would definitely let her watch my kids! She and Tim Burton are two of my favorite people in the movie industry. I think HBC is adorable, and she's just doing what every parent does with their kids.

2189 days ago


TMZ - I wouldn't let you near any children, HBC is fantastic. How dare you suggest anything other...pigs!

2189 days ago


I love that buggy! Does anyone know what kind it is? If so email me at

2189 days ago
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