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Actors Tased,

Pepper Sprayed

... 'N' Word Used

7/16/2008 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, who were arrested this past weekend at a Shreveport, La. bar, were pepper sprayed and tased by cops. And, we're told, police went on a vulgar rant -- and portions were caught on cell phone video.

The incident occurred during a wrap party for Oliver Stone's movie "W" about the Prez. Local station KTBS reports and TMZ sources say Wright, who plays Colin Powell, was repeatedly tasered and pepper sprayed as he lay prone on his stomach in the street. We know witnesses heard the officers using extremely foul language, including the "N" word, directed at Wright.

Our sources say Brolin was observed by witnesses attempting to make peace and standing still as he was repeatedly sprayed in the eyes by cops.

The city attorney has not decided whether to file criminal charges against Brolin, Wright or the others for interfering with a police officer.


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bill Smith    

I am a little bit happy this happened to celebrities with some money and connections ( and presumably some other prominent witnesses). I am sure it happens EVERY DAY to "regular people" but no one cares or believes them.

Personally I hope all the details come out and these losers are sued.

2227 days ago


What a shocker a racist police officer,maybe now white people will actually believe blacks when they sad that the justice system is nowhere near fair if your skin is'nt white.

2227 days ago


@14...I think that's why they're smirking. They're probably thinking that those cops are going to be eaten alive.

2227 days ago



Don't tell me he hear jesse jackson say it so he figured it was alright.Some people can't except the fact that racism is still alive.

2227 days ago


That city will pay a bundle in legal fees when these deep pocket actors sue the crap out of them on behalf of the rest of us. Sue them silly! Cops lose all credibility for tasing when they spew racist crapola.

2227 days ago


thats horrible - strike shreveport off the vacation tour!!!

2227 days ago

Very Concerned    

Hey Guys and Gals... it's not just in the "South" anymore. The BLUE disease has spread to all of the 50 states and just like illegal immigration, if the general population doesn't take a stand, we will be overrun by cops taking matters into their own hands with no agency to stop them... does anyone remember the SS under Hitler? Our Boys in Blue are looking more like that every day, although today their skin color can be anything - it's the snake inside that belies the promise of justice until proven guilty by a jury of our peers.

2227 days ago


One adult called another adult a name,Whooptie friggin do

2227 days ago


La. has the most corrupt politicians and police......look what happened during and after Katrina. I'm not in favor of suing for every little thing but I think they deserv a public appology plus $$$$$$. It's like La. makes their own rules. I know we have corruption in Ca but it is just blatant in the south without any consequences, cause of the "club" that they all belong to.


2227 days ago


Wow that's a surprise! Southerners who are racist? Wow! Maybe those cops are members of the KKK and thought it was a lynching. I hate the South and they really need to get over the fact that they LOST the F'ing war! Southerners are the North's Bit**es!

2227 days ago


Local police forces are low-level CIA outposts. The same CIA that flooded the ghetto with heroin, blew Kennedy's head off, and demolished the World Trade Center. CIA is a continuation of the Third Reich, and has been run by the Bush crime syndicate from the beginning. They seized control of the US long ago. Thought you knew.

2227 days ago


My BiL use to be a cop and listening to them talk made me ill. They are arrogant. I would like to know what happened prior to this and what caused them to get tazzed and pepper sprayed. I can't wait for more of this story to come out.

2227 days ago

J Byrd    

I like Jeffry Wright bcz he's Felix Leitner in the new Bond series!!! So he's totally cool in my book! Oh ya...

2227 days ago

Justin is Calling    

If Jesse Jackson can use the 'N-word' on National Television, why is TMZ afraid to even spell it?

2227 days ago

Bossier resident    

Facts about Shreveport... Mayor is black, chief of police is black, most police officers are black, general population is majority black. You shouldn't assume the police officers involved are all white!!

2227 days ago
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