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Heidi Montag: McCain's New Running Mate

7/16/2008 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shiny and slimy Heidi Montag helped sink John McCain's campaign yesterday -- by hanging with his 23-year-old blogger/aspiring fashion designer daughter Meghan.

Even with Heidi's "Hills" payday and Meg's massive beer fortune, the two hit up the paps for the $5.50 valet charge. Not very Republican.


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vomit: brilliant analysis, typical obamanoid. for the good of the country, please do not reproduce yourself.

2254 days ago

Obama is a Socialist!    

Why must TMZ continue to cover this DISGUSTING WHORE???

2254 days ago


Actually, it is VERY Republican IMO. Have money, but tight-fisted = Republican.

Also, I'm not an Obama supporter, but #2 you should really stop spinning what his wife said. She was she was NEVER MORE PROUD of her country. Not NEVER PROUD! Big difference.

2254 days ago


Have a great day!, I'm sure all of those reason aren't why you don't like Obama. Just making excuses. Like taxes were NEVER raised?! What's wrong with being conservative and researching before you jump the gun. In the long run, giving a small break gas break will only make it worse in the future. Knee jerk rejections without thinking only makes things worse, i.e playing war games with other countries. Candidates only promise those things to get elected and then, reality sets in. Don't forget, "Read my lips."
"If you like the fact that he went to a church for 20+ years that hates white America, then he's your man." - Are you serious?! We spent 2 terms with a man who hates Black America. Bush did recognize any of the hate crimes in TX and some of them were let off. John McCain doesn't want to recognize MLK day.
FYI, JFK had less experience than Nixon. Nixon used his experience in his campaigns but that didn't help him when he got elected.

2254 days ago


i wish somebody would beat the sh*t out of her, already. Damn she gets on my nervers just seeing her pics. She major sucks. Media, quit giving her attention so she can drop off the face of the earth, please!

2254 days ago


to 17.

you need to do your homework. oh' and mccain just spoke to the NAACP today.

2254 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

If you're all so sick of Heidi & Spencer, why do you read these stories? I like Heidi and admire her courage - she's put that drunk Tara Reid her in place and saved either LiLo or Britney's mom in the process when Tara attacked her. Don't remember if it was LiLo's or Britney's mom, but I remember what happened! Heidi was the ONLY one who came to the rescue. Not even Jamie Foxx jumped in to help save that woman from that maniac Tara Reid.

Go Heidi Go!

2254 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

PS - Mom Next Door: I think TMZ is trying to be humorous by using "capitol" as in the "capitol" in Washington instead of "capital" to tie into the storyline. Why so hatefilled against TMZ?

2254 days ago

Big Mr. P    

Hey # 11. Do you ever read anything besides this web site and fat Perez Hilton? I'm betting you don't because if you did you would have seen the 40 or so flip flops Big Ears Hussein made in the last month you idiot. Mr. Big Ears is flip flopping worse than John Kerry idiot boy. Also check your polls and not the ones the liberal media hands out. Check Zogby. McCain has pulled into a tie with Mr. Big Ears Hussein and is poised to move ahead soon. So take that moron. Also to the guy who said Mr. Big Ears wife did not say she wasn't proud of this country. Go back and read it again. It's exactly what she said that she has never been proud of this country in all of her years. Try again you kool aid drinking moron.

2254 days ago


Paper bag.

2254 days ago


Is it just me, or does Heidi look cropped into this pitcure? She has odd shading around her. Or maybe that's her Aura.

2254 days ago


Completely Republican. Who cares about the little people? They're there to serve us...

P.S. Please no more Speidi. Does anyone even watch their show?

2254 days ago

BOEING 787    

Why doesn't Heidi hang out with John McCain himself, is it because her unpopularity
will further tarnish the senator, and where is LC, another McCain supporter on the
Empty-vee show "The Hills"? They stay away for the same reason that McCain stays
away from Bush when he can.

2254 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Heidi Montag is smart and very brave person . I hope the fact that she supports John Mccain will not get her linched from the Hollywood Socialist Elite Directors club (will this Elite club even considered her for a movie)

2254 days ago


OMG what happened to Chris Crocker's face, no wait a second that is just Heidi. Scared me for a second, man.

So a no talent actress met up with a no talent daughter of a no talent, lobbyist loving, Keating Five Scandal, bottom of his class, should have retired 10 years ago, war profiteer politician, big deal!

And could someone explain to me why Cindy McCain hasn't upgraded her man, rich guys do it all the time. She is an attractive older lady with tons of money, (cougar-licious). She should shack up with some young guy who is athletic and intelligent, sort of a Ben Affleck type, except not the real Ben because he is voting for Obama and who knows how many nukes McFrankenstein would have to launch to regain his lost manhood if that happened.

2254 days ago
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