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LiLo Serves Sam ... a Kiss

7/16/2008 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After being served legal papers on Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan rushed to Samantha Ronson's side ... and kissed it!
LiLo and Sam
You do the math.


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dallas fans are morons    

Smokin' Joe #1: you have to be the biggest idiot to ever use a computer.

2259 days ago


They are gonna go home and scissor each others timbers!!! LOL!

2259 days ago


what does fire-crotch taste like??

2259 days ago


The whole lesbo thing is probably just a PR move. LL is trying to get more attention. With a messed up life and a lousy acting career she just wants ANY attention. If she is a lesbo, Sam is yuck! White trash-y!

2259 days ago


I really don't care if she is gay. Its just I am sick of all the PDAs. If this is her woman fine. I think she needs some help. She seems to be like Anne H. Reaching for anything within reach. Then things fall apart. I don't think this will last, but then that is just me.

2259 days ago

Chris Taul    

I'm getting tired of "Thirty Mile Zone" covering this day in and day out. Sure, LiLo might be a lesbian, but it really doesn't change whether people will watch her film or not. It was nice fodder for the program in the beginning, but now I'm hoping Levin and his staff move on to something else. This isn't titillating. It's just there.

2259 days ago


Dam that Sam thing is one ugly chick. I do not care if lindsay is gay or not. If she is gay can't she find someone better looking than this thing. Hell even Ellen would be a step up in the right direction.

2259 days ago

we will miss MJ    

give them a break who cares; gay, straight, bi...there happy! the only people who give a crap about this are homophobic religious aholes most of which are rapping america's kids and killing there wives. Now thats gross and sick!!!!

2259 days ago

we will miss MJ    

if you guys want to know why girls like lilo go for a girl like samatha it's because her parts work all the time and she's sexy.. no limp biscuit if you get my drift. Better to be with a carpet muncher than with a broken weiner any day. Btw.. all weiners become broken at some point and thats not sexy.

2259 days ago



2259 days ago

Lance Boyle    

#32: Heys,'s spicy!

2259 days ago


Every picture I see of these two seems to show this Sam dude looking totally uninterested in Lindsey. I think there is way more than meets the eye here...think that Lindsey is going to get hurt in a big way by this girl/guy thing. And yes, Lindsey could probably get a hotter girl if she wants to play that way for awhile...but since this is probably a first for her, she's confused.

good going snowboarder guy from made her change sides!!

2259 days ago


"10. It's the 21st century. Weird to see homophobies still alive and spewing their hate behind the anonimity of their computers.. I hope you die soon to make room for people who love all people of the world, who don't base their opinions of others on sexual orientation.

Posted at 2:58PM on Jul 16th 2008 by Lara"

Isn't it funny how the people that preach most about hate are the most hatefilled? You must be a liberal Lara.

BTW...I don't think too many people on her wished death on homosexuals.. Want to talk about hate some more?

2259 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Daummmmm....Couldnt LILO get a hot dy&e....That Sam dudedett is just fug-ugly....gawd girl get a grip and find yourself a hot DY&E already !!!!

2259 days ago


So they're going steady. Big freakin' whoop. It's not a question of "admitting" it - you don't have to make some kind of gigantic declaration if you're open about your relationship.

There are thousands of butch-femme couples out there. Get over it. Who cares.

2259 days ago
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