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Dennis Farina: That WAS a Gun in My Pocket!

7/17/2008 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis FarinaDennis Farina has put a quick end to his weapons possession case.

TMZ courthouse spies say Farina pleaded no contest this AM to charges that he had a gun in a briefcase he tried taking through a security checkpoint at LAX in May.

Farina pleaded no contest to the charge of entering an airport sanitary area with a weapon. The two other, more serious weapons charges (carrying a loaded firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon) were dismissed.

Farina was not in court, but his uber-effective lawyer Blair Berk was front and center. Dennis will pay $510 in fines, plus penalties. He'll be on informal probation for 24 months. The court agreed to terminate Dennis' probation after 12 months if he's a good boy.

Dennis also can't own, possess or carry a firearm in California during his probation.


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That was a mistake, could happen to anyone that owns firearms. Not a big deal.

2255 days ago

carroll cole    

at his age, that's the ONLY
pistol packing a punch.....

2255 days ago

i hate hollywood    

#1 WTF are you talking about???? If you really think thats an easy mistake that anyone who owns firearms can make, well then you have absolutely zreo respect for firearms and obviously have never had any proper training or know the saftey rules one must adhiere to when being a RESPONSIBLE firearms owner. This kind of BS just gives us all a bad name. There is no reason he should have EVER had a loaded pistol in his briefcase in an airport and simply FORGOT about it. If he had a permit to carry concieled, then MAYBE, but even then you need to be even more carefull and know when the firearm is loaded and when it;s even in the vicinity of bullets. This is a poor handling of firearms, and in my state, if i pulled something like this, i would be locked up for 10 years with no questions asked. This is rediculous, but like always in Cali, no one ever get convicted. I mean he could have shot 4 kids and a grandma and in court could have simply said " oh i had no idea it was loaded and forgot i had the gun in there" and the fakking judge would say " sounds reasonable to me, $50 dollar fine and 45 seconds of probation that we will wave if he bahaives for 15 seconds. CALIFORNIA, YOUR COURT SYSTEM IS A JOKE!

2255 days ago


Big deal. He was a Chicago Police Officer. He's got to be very skilled with that gun if he is from that department. I'm glad he got off easy.

2255 days ago


Fair sentence. Strange that since Dennis left L&O ratings have plummeted. I wish him all the best.

2255 days ago


"The two other, more serious weapons charges (carrying a loaded firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon) were dismissed."

Why were the 2 other charges dismissed? Somethings not right here.

2255 days ago


Typical ex Chicago Cop attitude towards the rules of society----they dont apply to him. Glad to see he was taken in, totally humiliated, and had to do some serious soul searching about his dumb self.

What idiot these days goes to an airport with a loaded gun on them or in a briefcase going through security?

The only recent ones include actual head cases, the mentally deranged, and arrogant types like Farina and Harry Conick Jr,

Dennis, drop the arrogance or get your memory checked out.

2255 days ago


Give it a rest with the terrorist comments! Farina made a mistake and was sentenced fairly. He is not a terrorist nor is he a terroristic threat. Also, Farina did not lose his job at L&O. He left, just as the others did, to pursue better opportunities with better story lines.

2255 days ago


I read somewhere that Mr. Farina had spent twelve years in the Chicago P.D.'s elite Major Crime Unit prior to hitting the boards. A guy with such an intense background in criminology should know where all his guns are and it is inexusable that he didn't. How many other guns has he squirreled away in places now forgotten? His cavalier conduct is a huge insult to police and responsible gun owners everywhere who treat firearms with the extreme respect and caution our society deserves. Love your work pal...but this was a really bad move, Dennis.

2255 days ago

i hate hollywood    

number 9, you said it very well. Kudos.

2255 days ago


Grrr. This is the second time I've tried to post this. Farina is a disrespectful jerk. If an ordinary citizen had carried a loaded handgun into an airport, they'd have been charged and slammed in jail. None of this "Oops, I forgot, but I'm famous so give me a break" cr@p. The fact that this jerk didn't even show up for court says a lot. The only way he could have been more disrespectful about this would have been to show up and urinate on something like drunken Andy D*ck!

2255 days ago


I thought Dennis Farina was hot 20 years ago, and I still think he's hot! Hey Den, is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? LOL

2255 days ago


I can totally see how he would make this mistake. Give the guy a break. I wonder if the producers of his new movie Bottle Shock are upset or happy with the publicity?

2238 days ago

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