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Dick Teased Before Gettin' Popped

7/17/2008 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ketchup isn't just great for french fries, for Andy Dick it also makes a great weapon!

Before getting busted on sex charges outside a Murrieta Buffalo Wild Wings, Andy got into it with a couple of the restaurant's other rowdy patrons -- who he threatened to hit with a bottle of ketchup.

Andy is clearly a mess in the video -- taken just 20 minutes before his arrest -- and barely could drink from his beer bottle without spilling it all over himself.


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is that vanilla Ice telling the other guy to sue his ass????

2291 days ago

Michelle in Clwtr    

What about the stupid, ignorant fools that didnt stop serving them?!?? They should be fined for over-serving patrons!! Andy is obviously a sloppy drunk and anyone old enough to serve alcohol should have seen that!!!!

2291 days ago

Lenn K.    

This freak needed his ass kicked along time ago, now would be the right time.

2291 days ago


Although it's quite obvious that Andy is extremely messed up and has been for awhile, it's even worse to see all the ignorant, obnoxious morons there trying to provoke him. There was no need to continuously irritate him and trying to get him to punch one of they men there. They kept making comments about letting Andy punch them so they could sue and make an easy buck. Let me tell you-if I was on a jury for that lawsuit I would not give any of those idiots any money after seeing this video-they would deserve what they got! Andy has enough problems and doesn't need jerks like that-I'm so sick of people looking for reasons to sue. Those guys should have been kicked out along with Andy and his group and he should not have been served any more alcohol.

2291 days ago


Jennifer, no one is going on your cheezy site.. so cut the crap with posting your stupid comment in every blog.

2291 days ago


Fat-boy should be at Jenny Craig instead of BWW. Typical Cali morons.

2291 days ago

Kim Rocks    

no jenn that guy wasn't V Ice, although V Ice is a loser too... He needs anger-management..

2291 days ago


whats with all the hats backwards and sideways on these "guys". And they all have tats over their body. What a bunch of wannabees white trash rappers. Get a job and quit acting like other people's race. How pathetic.

2291 days ago


It's tough being Mexican living in America... these young men need opportunity to get the same level of education as other Americans.

2291 days ago


Looks to me like he was getting heckled in the first place-celebrities are always on display to be poked, prodded and provoked-just for our amusement. I wouldn't be suprised he's found dead soon. Those people were ignorant anyhow-if he's with friends to drive him-then let him have his drinks, regular people do it everyday-sheesh.

2291 days ago


This man desperately needs help. Not a fan in any way....just another human being showing some compassion for a man who clearly addicted to drugs and alcohol. I am sorry to see his family and friends aren't able to convince him to check into a Rehab Center (again)...

2291 days ago

Chris Lover    

9. Idiot says,

It's tough being Mexican living in America... these young men need opportunity to get the same level of education as other Americans.

Posted at 10:08AM on Jul 17th 2008 by Kobe

If it's so tough here then go back. Must be alot tougher in Mexico otherwise so many mexicans wouldn't be trying to get here. It's tough for everyone you idiot. Toughen up and quit looking for hand outs. Better yet just go back!!!

2291 days ago



Andy get some help, you're pathetic

The losers who egged him on will mount to nothing in life.

2291 days ago

harvey levin,"im a lawyer"    

ROCK SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! andy ani are bartologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2291 days ago

harvey levin,"im a lawyer"    

ROCKSLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andy and i are Bartologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he knows what i'm talkin about

2291 days ago
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