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Dick Teased Before Gettin' Popped

7/17/2008 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ketchup isn't just great for french fries, for Andy Dick it also makes a great weapon!

Before getting busted on sex charges outside a Murrieta Buffalo Wild Wings, Andy got into it with a couple of the restaurant's other rowdy patrons -- who he threatened to hit with a bottle of ketchup.

Andy is clearly a mess in the video -- taken just 20 minutes before his arrest -- and barely could drink from his beer bottle without spilling it all over himself.


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Andy is clearly sloppy drunk, but the idiots that are taunting him, what a bunch of A-holes! "Let him hit you dude, you can sue his A$$" What a bunch of morons. Andy needs help, and his "friends/entourage" aren't helping one bit...Very sad...and this is coming from a recovering alcoholic...18 years sober...

2251 days ago

pattie in cali    

WHAT A MESS, whats wronge with this guy????? hes get worse as the days go on, i heard he pulled the top off a young girl 17, at sams club, does anyone know for sure,

2251 days ago

The Orph    

Well, I suppose the lowest common denominator needs a place to congregate and there's gotta be big money in placating them or you'd all be doing something that involved just a shred of dignity. Here's to you TMZ. Congratulations on becoming America's NEW bottom feeder.

2251 days ago


LET HIM HIT YOU SO YOU CAN SUE HIS ASS is the quote. They instigate things because they have no life. Andy may be out of control but he has one. Just goes to show that even good looking young men are jealous of a skinny little comedian who had to much of a good time.

2251 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

I say it again, this guy must have uncanny survival skills and God watching over him.

2251 days ago


God looks out for Dunks and Fools... Andy is blessed 2 times.

2251 days ago


This is the same guy who made smartass remarks about the deaths of Phil Hartman and his wife. He is clearly mentally unbalanced (can you say understatement?) but it's really sick to make fun of him and egg him on, does this guy not have any friends, or has he driven them all away? Yes, he was arrested on sexual battery charges for pulling the top down on a 17-yr-old girl. That's a pretty aggressive and degrading thing to do to a teenager.

2251 days ago


too much testonsterone in there.. i hate that jock hangout anyway.. they all need to get a life and leave people alone

2251 days ago

the short chick in the back    

I dont understand why management didnt step in this situation. Granted, this was at Buffalo Wild Wings but still...

Someone of authority over this place shouldve asked these guys to leave and/or stop antagonizing this guy WHILE FILMING HIM continously. It was obviously causing a problem & seems like the staff did nothing.

No excuse for what happened later, but still. Come on, man.

2251 days ago


Forget that Andy is a celebrity and remember that at this place he was a customer. There are several other patrons antagonizing Andy and yet the BWW staff are doing nothing. Those other people should have been thrown out immediately. If I were Andy, I'd be speaking with some corporate people for Buffalo Wild Wings about the way he was treated in their establishment.

2251 days ago

mookie pookie    

Check out all the Riverside Trash! "Let him hit you Bro!, that's your way out"....If California needed an enima, they would stick it Riverside County.

2251 days ago


Murrieta is a trashy Riverside 'burb with a bunch of "bros" and drunk idiots. And Buffalo Wild Wings is probably the local hang-out for all the 25-30 year olds to go when they get off work at the Carl's Jr. Not to mention the chick who claims he assaulted her, I don't doubt that his behavior was out of hand, but I wonder if she wasn't in with the same guys who were saying "let him hit you, you can sue him."

This whole scene is disgusting. And I feel bad for Andy. He doesn't have the right people around him. Imagine not having any real friends, and not knowing who is?! He needs help and he is obviously crying out for it.

2251 days ago


Hey Kobe, you say
9. It's tough being Mexican living in America... these young men need opportunity to get the same level of education as other Americans.

I'm sure that it is, and I sympathize with all of the "American Citizens" of Mexican heritage that are working hard in the United States at pitifully low wages and conditions. Many of them that I have worked with are great human beings and work as hard (usually harder) than may of the other people that I've known. On the other hand, not an ounce of pity here for all of the fence jumpers and river swimmers. . They're the ones that make it tough being an American that is forced to support Mexicans that are unwilling to make the effort to learn English, become a legal American citizen, pay taxes, and pay for there own friggin health care.

2251 days ago

Missing Reagan    

Shows how classless some people can be. Clearly provoking him to make some bucks. People like these goofs and some of the idiots that shoot TMZ video that harrass the celebs simply need to get their heads shoved up their butts.

2251 days ago


Why are FAT guys so obnoxious???

2251 days ago
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