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How'd He Get Her?!

7/17/2008 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some things in life just don't make sense. Like how the following frogs hooked up with these princesses! Some guys really do have all the luck.
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I saw an interview Christina's husband Jordan gave on t.v. and I knew immediately why Christina loves him. The fact is he is very well spoken. What woman doesn't like that? He spoke intelligently and had a nicely modulated voice. He spoke respectfully and supportively about her too. Believe me, looks aren't everything, NOT by a long shot.

2188 days ago


Oh come on. Jim Carrey is hot. Jen and Jim make a great couple. They must just laugh all the time as both are soooo funny.

2188 days ago


Uh - I beg to differ on a couple of those. SEAL IS HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! His facial scars make him even sexier...I don't know why - scars on another guy wouldn't be the same, but Seal rocks it! And Adam Sandler is a hunk in his own right. When he's playing endearing characters like in "50 First Dates", "Spanglish", "Anger Management", etc., he shows a vulnerable, sexy side that isn't apparent in his sillier teen-target movies.

I'd do Seal or Adam any day! I know their hot wives realize exactly how lucky they are - I'll bet Adam's wife laughs a lot, too. It's important that your man can make you laugh!

2188 days ago


Amen, superchick!

2188 days ago

Never inked up!    

Are you kidding me?!!

The simple truth is women are the ones who end up with the nottie because so many of them are willing to forgo all else wrong with these guys because they have the cash to make up for their, lets say, short-comings. NOT ME!

I wouldn't want to HAVE to touch most of the men featured here for all their cash, sorry my stomach contents are worth more in me then on the floor because I FORCED to kiss 'em!

Esp. these OLD DUDES with the young woman by their side, come on ladies, he is so gross and wrinkled, probaly hasn't been able to perform for years, so how are you gettin' any when, lets face it, we hit our sexual prime in our late 30's and 40's?

Now your husband is a relic who is way unattrative to you and your only 40. I'll grow old with my man thanks. At least we both look and feel the same!

2188 days ago


Because ugly men will worship you, These princesses just need to be stroked every second of their lives.

2188 days ago


guess what they discovered on mars last week..SEAL..krater face.. and pot holes..

2188 days ago


Which one is the frog??

2188 days ago


Beautiful??!! She's orange for crying out loud!

2188 days ago


Once you've seen your guy wander from the bed to the bathroom in the morning, scratching his butt with one hand and rubbing his stubble with the other, you just know that "hot" isn't forever, but sometimes love is.

2188 days ago


I get the attraction to almost all of these guys! OK well not Larry King....and not marc Anthony...but Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey? haven't you guys learned that FUNNY is a huge turn on? women love it! As for Seal...maybe not handsome in that ken-doll way but damn there is something very hot about a super tall man.
I like that these gorgeaous women aren't all about looks. I would love to see the reverse on TMZ tomorrow--hot celeb men with plain-jane wives or girlfriends. I wonder if they can find as many to show.
But remember--women get to put on a ton of makeup to make themselves look this pretty--catch these ladies w/o makeup and I bet the difference in the couple's looks is not so shocking.

2188 days ago


The hate is strong in you TMZ. How you gonna be jealous of what another man is doing better than you? My goodness. Is this a sleazy ass gossip rag or Maxim magazine? Straight up haters!!! I don't care if their women are 400 pounds or supermodels, don't make me feel any better. Sorry little computer frat boys and geeks is what you guys sound like. Get your mind right.

2188 days ago


I'd love to see some average looking women with hot men. That's not going to happen. Men are more into looks than women. Plus, money makes any man more attractive.

2188 days ago


I always thought he looked like jeebs in the movie MIB, the one that works at the pawn shop and gets his blown off and grows back

2188 days ago


Yes Christina's husband is not the best looking but I agree with Lara, he seems to be very supportive and from earlier interviews Christina admits she wasn't into him but he was relentless in his pursuits and proved himself to be sincere and romantic. A good man is better than a good looking man. You Go XTina!! .. and mmm Adam Sandler's wife.. well she must have a great personality.

2188 days ago
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