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Linds Gives Sam the Kiss Off

7/17/2008 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's about time they stopped hiding it -- Lindsay Lohan's now all kissy with SamRo as they parted ways off-set Tuesday afternoon, in plain sight of the cameras.

Is it just us, or does Lindsay say "love you" to Sam as they say goodbye?


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FIRST bitches.

2258 days ago

saba x    

lol.. TMZ is such a bitch x

2258 days ago

dallas fans are morons    

Ah, just let them be. Jesus.

2258 days ago


how can you tell if she says anything at all - the camera work on this is gonna make me vomit

2258 days ago

sam is    

sam is just such a disgustingly ugly looking woman or man. blech!

2258 days ago


I don't think that they are baiting the papparazzi. I don't think they have any reason to do that... and if they did this would have ended long ago IMO. Lindsay looks happy, so who really cares if its with a guy or girl? Leave the girl alone already.

2258 days ago


I could give a rip if Lindsay prefers women, but why is Sam always wearing that stupid friggin' hat??

2258 days ago


she totally says "love you".
so hot.

2258 days ago


Is it me or does Linds seem like one of those clingy whiny jealous chicks that would get on your last effing nerve pretty quickly? She's what ten years younger than Samantha and has the maturity of a flea. A hot bod can take you but so far..... I don't know the "ins and outs" (pardon the pun) of being a lesbian but I would think any guy or semi-guy would want to peel this chick off like a bad sunburn after a while. Maybe Linds pays the bills and keeps Sam in free publicity. Or maybe I'm just a cynic and it's TRUE LOVE. What-EVER.

2258 days ago


OK first off, I LOVE these two together! They're soooo cute and sweet! But anyway, considering how "ugly" a lot of people think sam is, if lindsay was trying to get attention from being in a "lesbian relationship", dont you think she would get someone a little more appealing to people?! These two are in love. The night Lindsay was in the wreck, she was upset b/c her and Sam got in a fight and Sam was walking on the sidewalk and Lindsay was begging her to get in the car with her. She loves the girl. It's pretty obvious. I think people just dont want to accept the fact that a young celebrity could possibly be bi or lesbian. They are people too. And look, Lindsay hasn't been in any trouble since she's been with Samantha. At least Sam's not trying to sell her out like a lot of the guys she's been with. I personally love these two together and can see them lasting a long time!

2258 days ago


Has anyone ever heard anything about Samantha being gay before she became joined at Lindsey's hip? You would think TMZ could find some of her past scorned loves dying for 15 minutes of fame....

2258 days ago


#4 - I agree with you completely!! Leave these two alone - they look very happy to me!!

2258 days ago


Who cares if she said I love you, but I agree the camera work on this is horrible. I mean, as I can imagine, the paps have been stalking her every move, so why do they always seem to be rushing and running in the videos. Like they haven't been sitting and watching her all day. Get a life, or at least a steady hand!!

2258 days ago


I do not care if lindsay is gay or not. But if she is going to be gay or try out being a les. Can't this girl find anyone better to be gay with than this thing called Sam. Sam is just plain gross. She seems to only have about three different outfits, and she is always wearing that stupid hat, that went out in the 80's. At least wash your hair and take off the hat for one day. Maybe she is going bald and thats why she wears it. SKANK.

2258 days ago


who cares who lindsay dates? not a lesbian but i kind of think ronson's hot (in a manly way). i think she 'looks' happy and content. maybe she's helping to keep her off the junk....

2258 days ago
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