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Britney/K-Fed: Rhymes with Mettlement

7/18/2008 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed, Britney SpearsBritney Spears and Kevin Federline have settled their child custody case ... finally. Sources say K-Fed plans to show in court today but Brit will not.

Sources tell us the two have agreed to a custody arrangement that will give Brit more custody with their two kids by year's end. Currently, she sees Sean Preston and Jayden James three days a week with one overnight.

The settlement is a huge development because next month's trial is now kaput. We're told Brit, grandpa Jamie and K-Fed all wanted to avoid the expense, emotional wear and tear and media frenzy connected with a full-blown trial.

Interesting, we think -- Disso-queen Laura Wasser, who repped Brit from the get-go and was able to retain 50/50 custody even when her client was melting down, has been back on the case for only a month and the Brit ship is back afloat.

On K-Fed's side, his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was able to turn one of the most reviled guys in the U.S. of A. into Daddy Dearest and win him primary custody. The lawyers will be in court Friday to present the deal to Commish Scott Gordon for his approval.

What a world.


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K FED is a bum    

Has anyone thought about the kids through all of this? What a bunch of selfish fools. Don't have kids if you don't have a brain.

2266 days ago

idaho potato    

Yes, Kevin has custody. Britney has stopped her fight for custody. TMZ is a bit late on the uptake. Most other Hollywood news sites already have the news.


2266 days ago


I think Brit just had a meltdown and is on the mend..glad they are taking their time and doing things gradually. Brits life has been all career and now she has to adjust to balancing that out and coming down to earth. I am just glad her dad was able to step up and help cause she was in a place where guys would only use her and take advantage her. Everyone wants to be loved and she is no different.

2266 days ago

name withheld    


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2266 days ago


I hope they will be happy. I think they will. Britney has taken so much abuse and was so hunted and stalked, I don't know how the poor girl managed. I think she is probably a very sweet girl. I was not really a fan of hers before, but now that she is trying so hard to get back to her old self, I am a fan! I wish her all the very best in the world!

2266 days ago


How on earth do any of you know what's happening between those two individuals? Their problems have been exploited, so has their relationship. What of those two litle boys? Say prayers for all families in turmoil. You never know, one day it could be you or yours. For heaven sakes, have a heart.

2266 days ago


Hate filled hearts are never blessed. Think blessed thoughts on those who are put before you to revile. May God have mercy on all of us. For we are arrogant and judgmental, and, we think it's okay to say vile things about those who've done us no harm. Pray for release of negative thoughts, this might make a difference in the world. See ya!

2266 days ago


Brit and K-Fed have been through so much. I wish them both well!!! They need to put all this pain behind them and enjoy their boys and enjoy life. You fools who can only think of the negative should really look at yourselves in the mirror.

2266 days ago


Thank goodness Brits dad is in the picture. People who are putting down Kevin have nothing to back up the put downs. He obviously is a good parent thats why he has SOUL custody

2266 days ago


EVERYTHING GOOD has come from Britney's father having taken co-conservatorship over her personal wellbeing and estate and getting the evil man giving her drugs out of her life! ....shame on those who judge or criticize Mr. Spear's good intentions! Daddy K-Fed and his attorney assisted with the (almost) destruction of Britney and if it weren't for her own father she wouldn't have visitation rights at this time. It's the greatest decision in the world for a mother to surrender full custody of her children to the father, however the co-parenting would never have worked and she would be the one who continued to suffer from one court complaint after the other with the Court. Now K-Fed can go about his merry old business and leave her alone with limited visitation. Wait until reality finally sets in, i.e. he is completely "responsible and accountable" for how these little boys turn out. He wasn't a good husband nor provider in their relationship as a family....maybe he can now make an honest woman and mother out of big-mouth, unemployed baby-momma, Shar Jackson.

2266 days ago


Give me a break. She would not have been hunted if she hadn't had such an out of control life style. And I believe that she enjoyed every minute of it. She is not a well young woman. I don't like K-Fed but for now he is obviously the safer parent. I am no fan of her father either but I bet a million that if he moves out tomorow she will be back to her same old tricks in five minutes. She can't help it. Just programmed wrong in the brain.

2266 days ago

Big Bear    

I am happy that the court and K-Dead figured out that Britney is stupid and not mentally ill. Stupid people should have more rights than crazy people. Britney does a lot of things out of pure ole stupidity.

2266 days ago


They did what was best for the moment. Britney is still recovering and this will be her chance to get better and prove to the courts and the public that IN TIME she will be ready for 50/50 again. It's all about proving herself and instead of going to a nasty trial and LOTS of media attention she is settling and can only prove herself. This time next year after a year of recovery she can go fight for more custody. She'll stand a better chance and EVERYONE will agree she's ready. It states she will GET MORE TIME as the year ends. It's ALL about progressing and proving herself. Those kids are still BABIES and yes she's missed out on a lot already BUT she still has time to turn this around and be part of the future. I think her intentions are good she really LOVES those babies. She never had a NORMAL life herself so what is "normal" for her to teach her babies? She had to grow and find routines and that I think she's doing. Now, if after this settlement Kevin takes her back to court for MORE child support then we will ALL know he's only in it for $$$$$$$. Time will tell. Britney is NOT a bad person. Give her a break.

2266 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

How are all of Britney's problems Kevin's fault? Did he make her go to gas stations and drive aimlessly around LA? Was HE the one holding the shears when BRITNEY shaved her head? NO!!! Come on, Britney has made some positive steps in her life, but she still has a long way to go. Kevin doesn't have the kids out at all hours of the night, there are not the constant camera flashes around them when he has them (because frankly, people don't really care about him that much). That must have been scary for those two boys. Keep working on yourself Brit, and Kevin, there are people watching youo...

2266 days ago


Sara wrote: Daddy K-Fed and his attorney assisted with the (almost) destruction of Britney

K Fed and the lawyer did not have anything to do with the destruction of Britney. I hate when "fans" of her are oblivious to everything and think she does not wrong. She is to blame not anyone else. It started before K Fed anyway. Shes so self absorbed she cant handle someone saying no to her.

2266 days ago
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