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K-Fed's Attorney: Custody Case Settled

7/18/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are due in court this morning to hash it out over custody again -- but K-Fed's attorney tells TMZ they've come to an agreement.

M-Kap says Kevin is delighted.

The lawyers will be in court this morning to present the deal to Commish Scott Gordon for his approval -- and we'll be streaming live from the courthouse at 8:00 AM PT.

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2285 days ago


If Kevin is delighted than that must mean Britney agreed to him having primary custody and her only having vitiations which is what he needed to ensure his child support for him and Shar Jackson.

2285 days ago


60/ 40 split.. you watch but it is amendable

2285 days ago


As a mother I am saddened by this whole thing.

2285 days ago


This lawyer is creepy. He's and his pathetic client have milked Britney for millions. Not to mention the press he gets.
Both K-Loser and K-Loser's-Lawyer need to give us a rest from their creepiness.

2285 days ago


According to the "Latest News" on Comcast, Britney has given sole and physical custody to Kevin! She will only have visitations with the kids. I for one, do not believe that she wanted the kids full time anyhow. Her actions spoke volumes months ago. But anyhow, Comcast has it on their home page declaring Kevin getting sole custody.

2285 days ago


Creepy and has made a lot of money off publicly driving the mother of these little boys into the ground but, fortunately, "they" did not succeed. Every mother's greatest fear (no matter how loving or successful) is having her children taken by the father; however, in this case co-custody and co-parenting would never have worked. Hopefully, these little boys lives will be enriched by loving visitation with their mother as she progressively gets better and their father will fully grow-up and stop his sleazy partying ways.

Now K-Fed, his attorney, and the media needs to leave Britney alone to have a private life to fully gain balance--a part of the balance is the structure that work and creative expression brings to her.

2285 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Kaplan (K Fed lawyer) Made Britney Pay him over $ 400 K and K Fed has admittely always been looking for more Money. There should be someone to Review this Case about Stealing from Britney.

2285 days ago


How can this man sleep at night? Seriously Im not a Brit or KFed fan but the fact thats this mans pretty much entire income comes from Brit - he is so her bitch yet thinks he is the one getting upper hand! Such a hack job who should have his license taken away for showing up at Villa etc. As if he is some kind of celeb - what a nut job! Real men have real jobs and dont suck money from famous people!

2285 days ago

daddy o    

i will give k fed credit he must have a telephone pole swinging between his legs and he knows he is not talented

2284 days ago


Are you all idiots? Kevin has been declared the most fit parent and is getting the support that he is entitled by law just like a huge number of women get all the time. Britney gave it to him willingly because she never really wanted the kids and now can't get them. Would you all like to live with a mother that can't stand taking care of you? Get over it. Britney will never live up to the image you have of her. She looks completely stoned all the time now and no one can predict when her medication will need adjustment or just quit working completely. What if she quits taking her medication? That commonly happens. Forget once and slip into a state where you decide to not take it at all and no one knows until you're running naked down the street. Britney doesn't have any custody now - just visitation. She will have to prove that she is fit and fight to get that changed. Nothing is automatic.

2280 days ago

Knock It Off    


2277 days ago

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