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Khloe Goes Into Lockdown

During a Lockdown

7/18/2008 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian's first (and last?) day in Lynwood is off to a fantastic start -- there was a bomb threat called in to the jail right around the time she arrived. Paris, is that you?

A sheriff's spokesman tells TMZ Khloe was never in any danger and the bomb threat was deemed a "hoax." Khloe was very cooperative during the whole thing.

We're told Khloe's first meal will probably be a sandwich, fruit and juice. Wendy's, it ain't!


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first bitches!!!

2259 days ago

arte help    


2259 days ago


Hopefully on that diet she'll lose a few lbs...and drop to 145..

2259 days ago


Maybe she will lose some weight in jail. If she wasn't KK's sister, she would be just one more fat attention whore in Cali.

2258 days ago


why does she get special treatment? fruit? I thought all they got for food was two slices of wonder bread, a slice of bolognia, and a small box of milk.....why does she get special treatment??

2258 days ago


The really sick thing is that this will probably make her a star. Just like her sister did with the sex tape. Jail, sex tapes= fame and adulation. Good God, what has our sociaty come to?

2258 days ago


I would of loved it if no press showed up when this drunk went to jail. I'm puzzled on why people car about her. She's not a star, no talent. Looks like anyone can become famous these days.

2258 days ago


That fat skank should be given just bread and water so she gets backed up and has to really push to go. I like the old school inhumane treatment of CRIMINALS! Fame for being a total fat douche, no fn way!

2258 days ago

Illinois person    

This pig isn't and should not be news. Let her rot in jail, there are so many problems in the world that, surprise surprise, it doesn't involve those awful Kardashins. They are all a bunch of media whores at their worst. What do any of them know except to have their picture taken, put on makeup and go shopping? What's their claim to fame? Their late father was a lawyer - big woopee!

2258 days ago


You guys said it - why is she famous! Her dad was the lawyer for OJ, her stepdad an olympic champ - who is she - such good role models these silver spoon nobodies are - arrested for alcohol & drugs - its no wonder we have Prost-ti-tots - its because people like her are recognized for bad things - way to go world, moving in a great directions, the children our the future - of disaster - oh and teen pregnancy - that's at least one good point for any Kardashian - at least for now, no pregnancies

2258 days ago


I like Khloe. I hope she learns from her mistake and moves on.

2258 days ago


She so fug and she has the body of a tranny. The only thing that would interest me about her is maybe a picture of her with a aplle in her mouth like that stuffed pig she is.

2258 days ago


Why does anyone care about this no-talent drunken slut (or any of her equally talentless siblings)?

2258 days ago


You all are being way too harsh. She's not even fat. She's NORMAL. Hello????? Oh, and add one more thing for non-talents to do to get in the spotlight: Have a BASTARD as a child! Hello, skank Nicole Ritchie.

2258 days ago


Her arrogance is amazing! She blatantly blew off the judge's orders and now acts like she's a martyr or super star or something! All of a sudden, it's cool to go to jail! She needs to do some real time ... maybe she'd realize this isn't a game or a publicity stunt ... DON'T DO WHAT SHE DOES! Pitiful.

2258 days ago
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