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Kriminal Kardashian Out of the Klink!

7/18/2008 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For those of you who had 173 minutes time served in the office pool -- drinks are on you!

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department website, Khloe Khardashian is now on the loose again, free as a bird to party it up at Hyde and dine at Wendy's.

How's that compare to her fellow celeb inmates? Nicole did 82 minutes, Lindsay did 84. Khloe did roughly 100 more minutes. That's a hardened criminal!

A Sheriff's spokesperson tells us she was released because female inmates are eligible for early release due to overcrowding. We're told there's only one female jail and it's "busting at the seams."

UPDATE: Khloe's uber-attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has just issued the following statement: "Khloe was prepared to serve her entire sentence if that is what the Sheriff's Department had ordered. Having said that, she is, of course, happy to have been released and she is looking forward to fulfilling all the conditions of her probation."


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It's not who you know,it's who you ...You know the rest!

2288 days ago


Hey #'re right!! TMZ, would you like to send this ugly family a pic of my son's face, who was deformed by a drunk driver??? What goes around comes around....

2288 days ago


The most important thing is that she didn't get in trouble for drinking and driving. That would have been the worst thing because it would have meant she didn't understand the danger in doing that. It was for not making time to do her terms of probation. She still has to do the class but I have a feeling it will now be a priority. She expected to spend three days in jail and also seemed to accept that this was a consequence of putting work first and going out on the town. I didn't see her pitying herself. She took responsibility.

2288 days ago

harvey murray glatman    

interesting thing is why they didn't do
the booking at their convenience out
at the lost hills / west lake sheriff's station.

there's an absolute GUARANTEE they
have room out there for PRISONERS.

we can trust there were many phone calls ARRANGING
this ridiculous event to take place in lynwood near LAX.

2288 days ago


Tell me again what this family is famous for? Sex tapes and Academey Award Winning Acting? I'm sure Bruce Jenner is questioning his decision-making skills by marrying into this disfunctional mess.

2288 days ago


Of Course another person with money gets away with breaking the law!!! and you wonder why young hollywood is out of control!!!!!! In Canada when you are sentenced to jail time you actually do jail time huh go figure! Maybe the justice system in the US should try this sometime because I'm not sure if anyone told them this or not but that is how it's suppose to work!!!

2288 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

I love that Hollywood, / L.A. County celebrity justice. Isn’t it something?

2288 days ago


UPDATE: Khloe's uber-attorney Shawn Chapman Holley. She is another one of OJ's dream team "get away with murder" attorneys, like Kardashian.

2287 days ago


i love keeping up with the kardashians!

2287 days ago


Why don't they invite OJ over to the house for dinner so that he can help Khloe celebrate her freedom, after all, daddy helped OJ get his freedom so it seems appropriate to me. But don't let OJ handle any knives. And maybe he can try to hijack some of Burce's trophies and memerobilia at gun point.

2287 days ago


much as i enjoy watching the kardashians act like ho's on the show.. especially kim... its not funny when these half baked celebutantes like khloe or whateverher username is. go to prison for something as serious as drunk driving and treat it has a spa day at elizabeth ardens.. what is with the report that she request to be sent to paris hiltons jail , what is this spago's judges should stop being awed by this stupid idiots with moneybags and deal with them as an example to the public. right now,, slick lawyers and compliant judges( WE KNEW YOUR FATHER types..) are making it so obvious that justice is only for the rich and famous..

2287 days ago


What a hard life she heart goes out to her and her family. Very hard for everyone. So devastating. It must have been a nightmare in there!
WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Kim, no one wears lip liner anymore!! All those women need less makeup and more clothing on...maybe people would stop calling them whores!!

2286 days ago


What a freaking joke. I hate Hollywood. By the way, why is this chick news worthy at all? Who are these people and why are they famous???

2286 days ago


This is ridiculous I can't believe how her mother and sisters also think this is a joke coming out of the jail taking pictures with their camera and laughing, Do they not realize how many innocent people get killed everyday by stupid actions like what Khloe did. Maybe they should watch this video and see how ridiculous they look. Maybe they should take a tour of a morgue to see people that have been killed by drunk drivers and maybe they would not be taking this so lightly. These celebrities think they just rule the world.

2286 days ago


i did 6-8months had the book thrown at me what a dumb bitch this sucks lol

2285 days ago
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