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Graziano's Struggles Are Lifelong

7/19/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Gaziano and Nick HoganJohn Graziano finally will be able to receive reconstructive cranialplasty surgery to replace the hole in his head -- now that the swelling has lessened enough for doctors to operate.

It has now been close to a year since the damaging car accident with Nick Hogan -- and John remains in a permanent state of hospital care.

The life of John Graziano has been permanently altered, and the Marine Corps Times tells of the struggles that Graziano now faces day to day ... a struggle that has been overshadowed by the Hogan family and their continuous drama.

Nick Hogan only thinks he has it bad.


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LA LA aka LAST LAUGH Are you really that dense of a paid poster? Are the Hogans giving you that much Kibble's & Bit's? As a paid poster ,Hows things going in the Hogan camp? Sounds like NOT TO GOOD! You need to stick to the customizing stuff you know,like that tricked out Huffy you got. Leave the Hot Rod stuff to what you know also...Scratch that we don't need to know that much about Hulk and Nick. In case you missed it last time let me say it AGAIN SIT and SPIN..........BIT$H.

2246 days ago


I was reading on London Daily telegraph that Brooke Hogan is going to pose in the buff for playboy.
Did everyone see the TMZ pic of Hulk rubbing Brookes butt with suntan lotion,? Yes, her butt and in between her upper thighs The family are so stupid.

2246 days ago


As a current ARMED Service Member I would like to say that my Family has the Graziano family in our thoughts and prayer's .As a brother in arms to our Brother John Graziano SEMPER FI.

2246 days ago

Last Laugh    

To: L. Cpl. MARK E. Dean, Cindy Dunham (LOL), BaD KaRaMa, GySgt. John Winnick USMC, F.Y.I.

You are ONE sick individual. Seek help, choose one identity, stop obsessing. If it makes you feel better to call me LA LA, then so be it. I'll help in your recovery any way I can. Just say the word.


2245 days ago

Last Laugh    

And let me not forget "Army Mom". A man who trolls as women is no man at all.

2245 days ago


LA La that is my only post you moron.You don't know what/when/were you are .Hope you get Medical Benefits while your working for those loser's [HOGAN'S]. Your not even worth the effort of LOADING A half CLIP!

2245 days ago


jwoolman of post number 134 is just about as smart and logical as I am. Good to see someone sees the slime Hogan family for what they are. All along I have been reminding people that we only know about John not wearing a seatbelt from the mouth of Nick Hogan. That is the same mouth that drank alcohol illegally. That is the same mouth who said he hadn't imbibed any drugs or alcohol. That is the same mouth who said he wasn't speeding. The same mouth who said he wasn't racing. So, out of all the 'facts' Nick gave, that have been proven to be untrue, people want to hang their hats on the one 'fact', about the seatbelt' and say it has to be true?

As far as I've seen, and believe me, I'm obsessed, so I've see a lot about this case, there have been no independent reports released from CREDIBLE witnesses, either at the scene or who could make forensic determinations because of his injuries or the state of the passenger side car. Every chance the Hogan's get, they link John and no seat belt. It's almost become part of his name, John-who-wasn't-wearing-a-seatbelt Graziano. The Hogans do this for one reason, and one reason only, sympathy to their upcoming court case. Even if their jury hasn't heard the details of the case, they've likely heard John-who-wasn't-wearing-a-seatbelt Graziano was a passenger in the car. Say that long enough, and just like the lemmings on TMZ, you'll believe it, and not question who you heard if from. If you believe that, then it's not quite so likely that you'll hold Nicky 100% responsible for John's injuries. Honestly, at this point, what the Hogan family is hoping for, is that a jury will find Nick only partly liable. If Nick is found 100% liable, if John dies, then it's likely some form of vehicular manslaughter. If John is even found to be 1% responsible, Nick can't be charged with manslaughter. Think about it people.

If anyone wants to argue the point, please link me to any story online or off, that is NOT a Hogan quote, or attributed to the Hogan's in any way, that John wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I am prepared to believe John wasn't wearing a seatbelt, but I am not prepared to believe it until I hear it from an independent witness.

2244 days ago


OMG. I just imaged Googled John Graziano. There are youtube videos of what he looks like now. It is so far beyond disturbing, I would suggest anyone who decides to look, to be prepared for one of the more ghastly things you will ever see. That he is alive at all, after seeing what he looks like now is truly amazing. BTW, the gaping hole in his head is not a result of the accident, but a result of his brain swelling behind the confines of his head. His skull had to be cut open to relieve the pressure.

In the video it is obvious John has no frontal portion of his head or brain.

Quite honestly, after seeing the devastation of this injury, I see now why the Hogan's don't visit. Only parents and loved ones would endure that horrific site of their son/brother/fiance day after day.

DO NOT LOOK AT THE VIDEO IF YOU ARE EASILY FRIGHTENED OR DISTURBED. It is beyond what most of us could even imagine for a person who is 'alive'.

I am so sorry John. And my prayers are with your family and loved ones at this time. Having to see you in such a state has to be the toughest thing anyone could live through.

2244 days ago

Last Laugh    

I'm easily disturbed by the sight of icky medical things, but that video was nothing. It looked fake. They said they were planning on putting his skull back together, right? Why would it be all healed looking? That accident was less than a year ago, and it looks like he was born with a head like that. Also, if you compare that "non-pixelated" video to the original video, they look nothing a like. TMZ hasn't announced the fact that there's an unedited video of John, they haven't released pics from it, and it hasn't been on any news channel I've seen. THE VIDEO IS BOGUS

2243 days ago


Sometimes bad things happen, because bad things happen. It's hard, but things can't be undone or always prevented. Whether it looks like it or not, "Nick Bolea" will wake up every day and see Johns face in his head. That punishment will never go away. It's worse than any prison, any fine, etc. It's not fair to penalize the entire "hulk" family. If it was any one else, this wouldn't even have made the news.

1322 days ago
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