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Spears K-Fed Up with Settlement Questions

7/20/2008 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For brief moment, Britney Spears showed signs of life as she perked up when a pap called her name -- then he asked her a question about the K-Fed settlement.


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This one is for 'BOYCOTT ARUBA' again:

Obviously you have no idea how the court system works! I'm a student at a law school and let me tell you something:

Yes...She was mentally insane and hospitilised twice within a month. But luckily then her parents came and got her the help she needs...she is continuing treatment and is on medication and several pshyciatric reports have proven that her mental condition is improving!

Now, because she is under a conservatorship 50-50 custody was never an issue since being under a conservatorship means that you are legally a child. All that was an issue was the visitation rights. Once the conservatorship end she will have to keep up with treatment and show the court that her mental state is still improving. The judge needs to see that stability for a number of months, lets say 6 months, after that she can go to the court again and if her behaviour is still like it is now they will have no choice but to give her joint custody!

2252 days ago


what a disgrace. Why the hell did she have children then?

2252 days ago

Stop Blaming the Paps For Everything Brit Does    

A: Britney did not gave the kids to K-Fed! She has 40% visitation now and she will have 50-50 custody once the conservatorship ends!

Posted at 3:35PM on Jul 20th 2008 by Tom


Wrong answer there, Tom. The court gave the kids to K-Fed -- temporarily until there could be custody hearing. Brit folded like oragami, because she knew she could not prevail in court (actually a good decision on her part -- it saves her the embarassment of a humiliating and public defeat), so now custody is PERMANENT - with K-Fed. Ending the conservatorship will NOT trigger a 50-50 custody split. Brit will have to fight in court in the future to get any change in custody. Sure, she negotiated visitation, but visitation is just that -- time with the kids, but no decision-making power over their lives.

Brit is lucky that her attorneys negotiated only $20,000 in monthly child support. Under the California child support guidelines, Kevin is entitled to much more. And he would get at least $20,000 in support even if he earns a million each year, because the disparity in Brit's and K-Fed's earning capacity is so great.

2252 days ago


It's always been obvious she didn't want her kids, and now she's truly proved it. Really, who would've thought Kevin to be the better parent. The children are better off with his hired nannies and security guards than with a mother who doesn't want them. She's too selfish a person to even understand the concept of motherhood. She's just too wrapped up in herself to realize her children should ALWAYS be #1. ...but I guess dirty diapers and spit up isn't as glamerous as her Hollywood lifestyle. I think Kevin should've gotten more $$.

2252 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

Here in Germany, looked at whole life,
two of three marriages are divorced.
I think in the USA it is quite similar.
In general, both parents love the children a lot.

Therfore the struggle for the custody is often
very hard, like in this case.
I am myslef a child of a divorced marraigee.
I can tell you, that childfren
in marriages, bad but not divorced, had
,in psycholgical terms, mostly a far worst fate.

So, the custod ycase is like giving
the job of being parenrt of one of two canditates.
Both candites are in general fit for the job.

Therefore, the custody

2252 days ago

yeh yeh    

Tom thanks for explaining.

A few corrections however.

Britany was not mentally insane. She was drugged, manipulated and brainwashed by Sam Lutfi. He told her lies.

Adnan saved Britney's life, with the help of her parents, but it was Adnan who first stepped up to the plate. He learned what was going on and alerted Britney's parents.

2252 days ago


Tom must have a mother just like britney

2252 days ago

Stop Blaming the Paps For Everything Brit Does    

Re: Posted at 3:44PM on Jul 20th 2008 by Tom

Tom, if you are, as you claim, a law student, please return to your professor of Family Law and repeat what you posted. There are a number of misstatements in your analysis of the law, and you need someone to point out where you are going astray -- before that school graduates you and sets you loose upon trusting clients.

2252 days ago


so now custody is PERMANENT - with K-Fed. Ending the conservatorship will NOT trigger a 50-50 custody split.

Posted at 5:20PM on Jul 20th 2008 by NO MORE EXCUSES

You do understand that NO custody order is ever permanent! It can be modified whenever the court wants...we'll have this talk again when Britney has 50-50. may only be in my 1st year of law school but even I know that that is absolutely not permanent. lol. I would give you some links to law books where it says that but TMZ views that as spam.

2252 days ago


Yup, NO MORE EXCUSES! ya got it right, Looks like Tom isn't going to fair well in "law school". Oh and to NOT A HATARD, (whatever that is, lol). If it was like you said and Sam drugged her, she would be fine now and the 50/50 status would have been reinstated long ago and not turned into zero rights over her kids. Nope, this is your britney, She didn't fight for her kids, she couldn't risk going to trial because it's all on her, Sams been gone for a while now, Britney is the cause of the courts decision. Do you see Sam in jail for drugging her or any of the other reasons brits fans have come up with? NOPE!
Face it this is between the courts and britney. She had choices, she chose not to fight for her kids, she chose what to put into her system, she chose to put her kids in danger. Not Kevin, Sam or anyone else. Sorry it upsets you and Tom but it's time you realize your idol is just a POS that never cared enough about her babies to stop this nightmare when she had the chance. Nice romantic version ya got going on Adnan there, (insert rolling eye icon here).

2252 days ago


I bet Tom still has a 2001 (or even earlier) hidden, hanging poster of britney on the inside of his closet door.

2252 days ago


Posted at 5:55PM on Jul 20th 2008 by Domestic Relations Attorney

I would never go to you because I would lose my case immediatly.


Do you see Sam in jail for drugging her or any of the other reasons brits fans have come up with? NOPE!

Posted at 6:00PM on Jul 20th 2008 by BOYCOTT ARUBA

Seriously...ya wan't me to explain to you how hard it is to prove those cases? Convictions for drugging people are rare because you need to either get a confession from the person himself or you would have to have several people see him physicly put administrate the drugs to her. And some other stuff but you probably wouldn't understand/

Ps: I'm not from the U.S. but certain laws are very alike in certain countries.

2252 days ago


Sean + Jayden...............
Why would anyone want someone like britney to have 50/50 custody of little tiny children when she has only proven that she puts them in danger and at the very least horrific situations????

2252 days ago


Yeah, uh, good luck with that "law school" Tom.
I really mean it!

2252 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney is not wearing her sun glasses. How can the poor thing see with all those bright lights in her face?? Britney looks and sounds like Rosie O Donnell.

2252 days ago
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