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Halle Berry Baby Plummets ... In Price

7/21/2008 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bucking the baby photo pimping trend, Halle Berry revealed the first pics of her four-month-old daughter to people, not People.

Halle won't sell the pictures of baby Nahla to the tabloids. Instead she just showed off the adorable photos while shopping over the weekend in L.A.

We're hearing some paparazzi are pissed, because they wanted the first shot of the kid -- a shot that could have gone for millions. Good luck getting that now.


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I respect her for not selling her baby pictures to a magazine. That's a good mother. No matter what the others are using
the money for they are still pimping out their kids. The magazines could just donate to charity and so could the parents.
Then they would do twice as much. They all have enough money for it.

2249 days ago


All of you idiots saying how holy she is for not selling the pictures for charity are stupid!
wtf is wrong with using your celebrity status to help the needy. Jeez if I had something someone would pay millions for I sure would do it to help children that would never have a chance otherwise. Do you have any idea how many kids could get a college education with just 1 million not to mention 20. I hope the pitts get 20. look how much that would help poor children.
Yikes people get a clue.

2249 days ago

Shirlaine D.    

LMAO... What A Pitty That This Woman Is Not Halle Berry!!!!... LMAO

2249 days ago

Just Restless    

Sorry....That does not look like HER baby....Skin tone is OFF...Sorry~

2249 days ago


RESPECT Halle, Child abuse is a terrible thing. My parents gave me my first name because my aunt said she would pay them $400 if they did. They did and she didn't. What will the kids think when they grow up and learn that their parents were all about the cash (but maybe they will be too since it is probably in the genes), RESPECT, HALLE FOR PRESIDENT.

2249 days ago


Real Name: Gabriel Aubry
Birthday: 01/04/1976
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
Occupation: Modelling
Sign: Capricorn

says different on the babys cert


2249 days ago

Slow day huh?    

Old news about the bc thing, that issue was addressed last week...stop flodding the blogs w/your posts. Don't know about the money offers regardless of what Halle's publicist said. With all of the baby pix of Nahla on the net, w/out getting into any racial debate, I seriously question if it's really Aubry's kid as the rumors are flying. TMZ thanks for the pix now we all can sleep better at night, knowing what the child looks like. Some idiot on her imdb board swears the kid was a decoy, please. the thing about Halle doing the casting couch thing when she was starting out, old news too--yes, she probably did do the casting couch thing with producers and actors to get ahead in her early days--Spike Lee, Warren Beatty, Wesley Snipes, Larenz Tate...

I'm sure Nahla will grow up lovely and healthy.

2249 days ago

Slow day huh?    

dunno about her sleeping w/David and Eric on the first date...please...stop spreading rumors and who made you the moral police?

2249 days ago


Celebs can do whatever the want to do with their baby pictures. If they want to sell them, that is fine (at least the parents is making the money instead of doing it for free while someone else is getting rich) ; and if they want to do what Halle is doing ,that is fine as well. People are always trying to tell other people what to do with their children. shut up and worry about your own children.

2249 days ago

Desert Rose    

Yes, Ms. Berry is a class act. I am overjoyed that she has not sold the rights to photos of her child whether it be for personal gain or in the name of fame and charities.

Also, Halley has shown other women that it is okay to wear the same dress twice...

2249 days ago


Wow! A normal mother showing off normal baby pictures. Unbelievable. good for Halle.

2249 days ago

Two Women Beaters!!!    

That is one black baby!!! Are u sure Gabriel is the father?!

2249 days ago


That is one black baby!!! Are u sure Gabriel is the father?!

First of all, my husband is the complexion of chris brown and i'm the complexion of gabrielle union and both of our children came out w/ white skin and blue eyes. You do know that black people come in an array of complexions, right? Mixed or not. It's DNA "DEM NO GOOD ANCESTORS. lol

2248 days ago


She a very good mother unlike others celeb's try to make a quick money by selling they baby pic's.

2245 days ago


Hi All:

I see no harm in selling the pictures for an emotional chairtable cause. I think it is a wonderful ideal. There are children born everyday that are not as healthy and wealthy whose parents would love to have money donated for their child's worthy cause, for example, cancer research, cancer treatment, starving children with no clean water to drink. You see, if Halle's baby became very ill today, she would have the money and resources for treatment (s). Most people don't have that resource and love their children just as much and want to protect them. A child does not ask to be brought into this world, so why not share the joy of their birth by doing a note worthy thing!

You have celebrities that participate on game shows for the winnings to go to charity, yet, the celebrity does not have a clue as to the correct answers - of course his pride is hurt a little, but his ego stands out because it is for a blessed cause - CHARITY!

She can hide her child for as long as she can, but one day her daughter will be seen. So why not make it a day to remember by sharing a photo that might help to save a life via donation! You never know, her little one might be very proud of the donation that was given once she becomes old enough to understand the sickness and selfishness in the world.

Life is a blessing in itself and there are many who cannot enjoy the richness!

by: Tiny

2243 days ago
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