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Khloe's DUI Excuse: Dead Wrong

7/21/2008 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning -- and explained her DUI by saying: "Right around the time that I actually got pulled over was the anniversary of my father's death."Click to listen!
But there's a big problem: Khloe was arrested on March 4 last year. Her father died in 2003 ... on September 30.

Even the episode description of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in which her arrest was reenacted is: "On the anniversary of her dad's death, Khloe spirals out of control and gets busted for a DUI."


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Ohh yeah....and what a drag to have to spend like 80 WHOLE minutes in the office of the Jail ...that's PLENTY of punishment for yet another moron bideing her time till she kills someone...cuz rich,spoiled star-wannabe brats dont have to actually be held accountable like the rest of the country...Chrissie H sang it years ago..."they're special....sooo special"...please lord give meee strengthhhhh LOL :(

2249 days ago


Have lost alot of loved ones (7), including both parents, recently and if I was to use their deaths as an excuse I couldn't live with myself. Pretty damn sad little girl.

2249 days ago


she also said she would never drink and drive again because the whole jail thing has been wasting her time. bitch doesnt get it

2249 days ago


51. Man you all are stupid. She got her DUI 1-2 weeks after her father's birthday. She was taking his death hard, they celebtrated his birthday at his favorite restaurant, then she was drinking and partying for a week or so after that. That is what she meant. Get a freakin clue. No one busted Khloe out. Get some real news.

Posted at 3:09AM on Jul 22nd 2008 by publicservant

We are all stupid??? There is NEVER a legitimate reason for driving while intoxicated!!! It is understandable taking a death hard, but if she or anyone else wants to drink and party for a year straight for that reason or any other, go for it-but DON"T drive while you are impaired!!!! Many people DO have a "freakin clue" and they drink/party responsibly and have a designated nondrinking driver. #51 how would you honestly feel if someone you really cared about was serioudly injured or even killed by a driver under the influence of something???? What drunk drivers really need is a court system that will force them to take responsibility for their STUPID and SELFISH actions instead of just a slap on the wrist numerous times. Drunk drivers make enough excuses for themselves without having other people like you making excuses for them too. It would honestly be very sad to see it take someone you REALLY cared about to get injured or killed before you get a "freakin clue"!!!

2249 days ago


You know, I watched my dad die a slow death from cancer and heart disease for the last 3 years of his life. then on May 11th, I watched him take his last breaths after being removed from life support.

That was 2005. I don't celebrate my dad's birthday or anniversary of his death by getting drunk then driving putting other people's lives at risk.

I visit the cemetary and leave flowers, I look at photos, I talk to family and remember funny stories.

Using your father as an excuse for bad behavior is pitiful, and she's dishonering her father's memory.

She should be ashamed as should all those who make excuses for youth gone bad these days.

2249 days ago

steve tole    

Why do you give this FAT piece of Crap any press. What has she ever done besides be the sister of a fat ass whore. Boo hoo your dad died , id want to be dead too if i had these people as my kids too. Khloe is so FUGLY, Here's some choice for your life Slim Fast , Nutra System Weight watchers, but your face will always look like Chyna. I hope you od on some cheeseburger you skank. Maybe on your next dui you will slam your car into a tree , but they would need the jaws of life to get your fat ass out . Common HARVEY NO MORE OF THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

2249 days ago

steve tole    

Where's nick hogan when you need him, maybe when he gets out he could become her personal driver.

2249 days ago


Could it be that Chloe was upset about the death of her biological dad? It's obvious that Chloe does not have the same biological father as her siblings. I remember when that fact was reference at the beginning of Kardashian tv series. It was said then that Chloe's mom and her husband (lawyer Kardashian) were not getting along at that time -- mom had a boyfriend -- end result is Chloe -- Mom and (lawyer Kardshian) decide to give their marriage another try, that's when Chloe's Mom gives birth to her brother.

Long story short-- Chloe's dad is not the lawyer and her real dad could have died at the time she was arrested.

2249 days ago


Way to honor Dad! Put the lives of others in mortal danger....

Can we say classless, clueless Bitch?

2249 days ago


All the girls act like whores sex tapes dui the little ones dancing on pole at HOME. Lets all hope Mommy Kris is to old to have more kids she did so WELL with set. I am sick of all of them!!!!!!!!

2249 days ago


People will continue making mistakes till the day that they die. But you know what?? That still doesn't make driving while intoxicated okay by any means whatsoever-and never will! If people want to take their own life, that is their choice. But it's just plain selfish and wrong to risk the lives of innocent people when they choose to drink and drive. There could be a million reasons why people drink heavily, and that is their choice and right UNTIL they make the stupid/selfish choice to get behind the wheel and drive! Responsible drinkers will have a designated driver, call a cab or a friend, and if they don't do this, then they have no business drinking to begin with, and they prove that they aren't a responsible drinker and/or person. Other people can feel sorry for her and others, if that is their opinion; but they and the laws/courts are doing no one a favor when they make excuses for them, allow this to continue and/or give them a slap on the wrist-end of story!!

2249 days ago


I said this same exact thing last week when everyone was defending her actions! TMZ stealing my investigative work?

2249 days ago

New York    

whole family are IDIOTS....and fatties.

2249 days ago

Lana Caine    

I only hope the world has not forgotten that her father played a major roll in letting a murderer go free. And I can only hope that some other over-paid athlete chops the heads off of the entire Kardashian clan. And gets away with it. Good riddance.

2249 days ago


It was after her dad's birthday. Come on Harvey, You are supposed to be better than that. I think such a sensitive subject should be treated as such. Be a big man and admit to jumping to conclusions and apologize for you insensitivity.

2249 days ago
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