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Raquel Welch Looks Good on Paper

7/21/2008 4:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Raquel Welch, 67, was looking well-preserved when pappers swarmed her outside Mr. Chow -- but the best compliment they could come up with was "I loved you in Shawshank Redemption."

Yeah, she only appeared in the flick on a poster for "One Million Years B.C." Her best work yet!


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She is just so beautiful-

First bitaches!!


2292 days ago


Who's That Behind Those Foster Grants?!! She still looks fabulous!

2292 days ago


she might look good on paper but she would look a lot better sitting on my face

2292 days ago


Sorry, Pam. Sorry, Coco. Sorry, Playmates. Nobody had a body like Raquel.

2292 days ago


Are you kididng ?

Take the wig off, hose down the make up and you have a 67 year old Hag

2292 days ago


Are you kidding me.........Try to say something negative about how this woman looks.....No matter what....She is the queen of all MILF's!!!!!

2292 days ago


OMG, she had one of the BEST bodies in the business, absolutely flawless, and all REAL!!! I mean, you might like Pamela Anderson's ways, but she doesn't even come close to that kind of an iconic body. Brigitte Bardot in her prime, yes, Coco, uhm, yuk, no. Even Angelina Jolie, who I believe is the most beautiful woman/star in the world, doesn't possess that kind of absolute radiant body perfection that Raquel had in her prime.

2292 days ago


She is a FOX now and B4 without makeup..Great Body.. Great Bone structure face and Body..She is NO Hag only older..She needs very little makeup..I feel sorry for men who do not understand true beauty in a Lovely Woman..Maybe they have had nasty, messy, un attractive women who stink and are ass ugly

2292 days ago


She was on Broadway...also she has been in some OK movies for the uneducated..She has a BIG WIG $$$$ Business and jewelry gig..She is a VERY Smart Bussiness womanand RICH ..She has staying power as she used her Brains and her Beauty in a decent manner...

2292 days ago


By the way, that was a poster of RITA HAYWORTH...not Raquel Welch. Don't you do any research at all? The movie was based on Stephen King's novella, "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption."

2292 days ago


OMG! are you people young and ignorant...don't get me wrong, with or without plastic surgery, Raquel looks doubt about it!!! But YES she has had plastic surgery. In fact, she has had a breast enlargement, despite the fact that even young, her breasts were larger. She has had a nose job as evident by her 1957 photos and todays. She has had a face lift and chemical peels. Long ago she stated she frowned on plastic surgery, but several years ago, I saw her on an t.v. talk show, where she stated even possible buttocks cheek implants.

She has always had great facial cheeks though, and those I'm sure are natural.

Raquel has ALWAYS been obsessed with her looks and maintaining the same. More power to her, especially at 67, but don't even be so ignorant to claim she is all natural. Most of you are obviously to young to know or remember.

2292 days ago


A face like a 50yr old = Not Bad
A body like a 67 yr old = Scary

2292 days ago


Victoria, actually you are wrong. Rita Hayworth's poster and video clip was featured in Shawshank, but Andy upgraded his poster after Rita to Marilyn Monroe and then to Raquel Welch.

2292 days ago


She looks absolutely stunning for age 67!

2291 days ago


She doesn't have a body like a 67 year old wtf is wrong with you? Hell she can STILL pull twenty something year old men and a few women also. The woman is timeless! I hope (I look as good when I reach her age!

2263 days ago
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