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Warring Videos at Center of Denise vs. Charlie

7/21/2008 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards both say they couldn't be happier with the latest courtroom custody battle -- a battle that has a lot to do with home video.

TMZ has learned Richards' lawyer, Neal Hersh, came armed with home video from Denise, showing her kids acting out in a way Denise found alarming. Hersh would not comment on the video, but we're told the way the kids have been acting is why she wants restrictions on Charlie's contact with the kids. We also know the videos were not shown in court.

And it gets better ...

On the other side, Charlie's lawyer, Fern Wender, brought her own video to court, courtesy of Charlie. We're told this video shows the kids acting just fine.

Hersh said, "Denise could not be happier with the order. She fully intends to support these orders and only hopes that Charlie will support those orders and follow them."

Denise Richards: Click to watchWender says Charlie was very happy the court commissioner only granted the innocuous portions of what Denise was asking for, and denied everything else. Hersh fired back, "It is shameful that he is trying to keep a tally on who won and who lost. The judge granted certain orders and denied others. This was about an emergency situation regarding her children."

Charlie's camp says the Commish did not find any emergency to justify changes to the current custodial arrangement. As for keeping score, Charlie's peeps point out that it was Hersh who invited the media to attend this morning's hearing, not them. They also add that all Charlie wants is what's best for his young children, including keeping these court hearings private.

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Charlie just seems to be a stubborn PITA. I'll bet he disagrees with
Denise on any chance he can get regardless if it is in the best
interest of his kids. Seems like he's the one who really needs to
let go of the anger. I'm sure "acting out" refers to something very
serious andthe kids immitating some inappropriate language or behavior of
Charlie's otherwise a judge wouldn't even give it merit. Denise
seems so laid back normal. I think he paints this horrible
inaccurate picture of hehr to suit his own purposes. Charlies

2248 days ago


#47............did you re-read your post? and she STILL married him and had TWO children with him. let's see....charlie is working a REAL job....just was nominated for an emmy? um...remarried to someone whom appears to be level headed and simple in a good way - which could be calming for charlie....denise? bitter...jr high school prom queen mode still....humiliates herself and those in her life on her whoreality show....and her kids are acting out on HER video in HER care...hmmmm. do you ever take a good look at the little ones when posing with a pic with mom? their eyes are cold and blank and their poses are insecure.

i'm sure when the girls are bigger and watch mommy's show - they'll be thrilled to see her talking how she loves bad boys with big c*cks and she is meant to be sexploited because of the body she was given.

she's white trash with money who finds it difficult to part with her designer shoes when she uses foul language.

her poor dad....

2248 days ago

just a bystander    

YOu need to get over Charlie. The worst part of all this is, you knew what you were getting into before you married him. You thought because his family was in the business you would acheive your DREAMS thru him. But since it did not happen, you want REVENGE. You made the choice of having children. Since you feel he is such a bad father, remember you made the choice to have these children knowing what type of man he is. Sad, but true. Maybe you should think twice before taking the monthly child support. A father who cannot see or interact with their children should not be made to pay for their support. Cut all ties, financial and such. Why take his money if he is such a bad influence. Then, once you do that, I can really say you are doing the right thing.

2248 days ago


So many misogynist men posting on one site. Denise, Your not a whore. Charlie would NEVER have let you go, if that was the case.

2248 days ago


#57haters...STFU and get a life, you are a serious idiot....

2248 days ago


She needs a shrink---------REALLY BAD.
take a look at the kids when they are with her. They do not look happy. This THING will do anything to get herself in the news. What a witch.

2248 days ago


Give the kids to me and they can each pay me support of $50K a month. That should about do it.

2248 days ago


Emergency meetings are not hard to get if you are a celebrity. Just like they have to spend 173 minutes out of a 30 day sentance. (not that Kloe K is much of a celebrity) The rich have it made.

2248 days ago


I'm sorry but is Denise crazy?? She does a great job of acting somewhat sane but she sure seems to be hell bent on tormenting Charlie Sheen... Especially since he's remarried!! One minute she loves him, then he's the worst person in the world, then she likes him again & then he's a freak that needs to stay away from her girls. It seems like when she has a man, she's fine, when she doesn't, he's satan. I don't get the woman!!

2248 days ago


You guys are being mean. It's clear from her show that's she is a loving mother and is just a woman going through a hard divorce with a pyschotic ex. How can any stick up for a man who has been caught with all of the child pornograhpy and hookers he has. I think he is just good at fooling the world.

2248 days ago


People keep blaming Denise, but all you people that are judging DON'T know what goes on behind closed doors. Charlie Sheen doesn't have the best track record either for decent behavior.

2248 days ago

Charlie Fan    

I find it funny that Denise has this "emergency" meeting with the judge on the same day Charlie is nominated for an Emmy for ""Two and a Half Men".. She said there is something that is psychologically damaging to her girls in his house. What is that, career recognition for Charlie.. Which Denise does not have nor will she ever get. The only acting job she can get is this lousy TV show. If anything is more damaging to the girls its living at Denise's zoo. She has too many dogs and cats. It must stink just like her TV show.

2248 days ago


the only thing good is that there are a bunch of animals not in a pound. as for supposed adults in this story give me a break. why is it that all we hear from is denise and yet she keeps saying "its for the children". well if its for the children lets get them out of the camera either on or off screen.

2248 days ago

Bengal Lady    

Hey # 60. What is STFU ??? I can figure out the last two letters.

2248 days ago

Louisiana Girl    

Denise seems to be nuts. Every week she is going to court for something. Surely the judge can see she is off her rocker?!?! She is only harming her children. They are probably acting out because of the constant fighting that goes on between the parents. I think she is the problem!! She is CRAZY!!

2248 days ago
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